Survivor's Remorse Recap: Allison Clashes with Cam's Female Fans + Rants About Black Community


Survivor’s Remorse Recap: Allison Clashes with Cam’s Female Fans + Rants About Black Community

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Missy ponders plastic surgery.

While taking a shower, Missy sings TLC’s hit, “No Scrubs” and Reggie comes in and sings along. She laughs and then asks him if he thinks she should get breast implants.

“Mm, I think you’re perfect as is.” – Reggie

Reggie doesn’t think Missy needs surgery and Missy is turned on by the fact that he thinks she looks good the way she is. She tells him to join her in the shower.

Allison clashes with a few of Cam’s female fans.

Cam and Allison are hanging out and Cam leaves a voice mail for Missy asking her to host his upcoming gala event.

While they share a kiss in front of some shops, some women interrupt and make a big fuss out of seeing Cam.

“That’s Cam Calloway!” – One of the female fans

They ask for a picture and Cam obliges. They even ask Allison to snap one with one of their phones. However, that doesn’t stop the women from making some inappropriate comments about Cam in front of Allison.

“Thank you with your fine a*s.” – One of Cam’s female fans

Cam tells them he has to be on his way, and one of them says he should come home with them. At this point, it’s clear that Allison is getting annoyed.

As they are walking off, Cam tells Allison he left his shades at the restaurant they had brunch at and he is going to go retrieve them.

The female fans then walk up on Allison.

They ask Allison how she was able to “bag” a man like Cam.

“Pardon me?” – Allison

The fans then make fun of the fact that Allison speaks proper English and dig even more.

“So what does Cam like besides these uppity chicks? You treat him right?” – Female fan

“You saw the smile on his face. He thinks so.” – Allison

One of them then tells Allison he won’t know happiness until he gets with a “real b*tch.” When they notice that Allison isn’t enjoying the conversation, they begin to insult her.

“She mad cause she basic as f*ck.” – Female fan

“Who you calling basic?” – Allison

“Who answered?” – Female fan

Allison then goes on to tell the women that she keeps Cam “more than satisfied.”

The fans then ask Allison if she “eats his a*s” which is also refereed to as “dead bugging.” Allison is stunned by the question. They tell her that she will lose Cam to a woman who does if she’s not doing so already.

“A real lady eats a*s, baby.” – Female fan

They tell her to take their advice before Cam gets himself a “real white girl.” They then walk off.

Reggie and Missy talk about Cam’s gala event.

Missy comes up with a pros and cons list for hosting Cam’s gala event. She says she has very few cons on her list and she thinks she’s going to go through with it.

Reggie thinks she’s referring to a boob job, but she tells him she’s actually talking about Cam’s gala.

She tells him that Cam wants her to be the chairperson for the gala event for the family foundation. However, Reggie isn’t feeling the possibility.

“I think it’s an idea that should remain an idea.” – Reggie

Missy then starts telling him all the pros but Reggie tells her that it won’t be smooth sailing because Cassie and M Chuck will make things difficult.

Missy assures Reggie that Cassie and M Chuck like her, but he tells her that they will like telling her what to do.

Reggie also thinks Cam might have another reason for asking her to help that he has not expressed.

Despite this, she really wants the job and Reggie reluctantly accepts her decision.

Cassie and Chen do a live podcast much to the annoyance of M Chuck who happens to be in the same room trying to study.

During the podcast, Cassie and Chen discuss the Calloway foundation.

Cassie gets off track and brags about all the blessings she has like her “big beautiful house” and “banging figure.” She also brags about having 12,000 podcast followers. She then goes on to say having a billionaire boo and multimillionaire son, and having a lesbian daughter are also blessings.

M Chuck interrupts her and tells her that being lesbian isn’t an accomplishment.

M Chuck then picks up her microphone and questions why Cassie’s blessings just sound like bragging.

At this point, Cassie tells her subscribers to leave some comments.

Allison lets the female fans get under her skin.

In the car, Cam whistles to cheer up Allison, who he notices is in a bad mood.

She then asks him a question he wasn’t anticipating.

“Do you think I’m a basic b*tch?” – Allison

“What?!” – Cam

She then tells him about the conversation she had with his female fans after he left to get his sunglasses.

He apologizes for the encounter and she tells him to turn around so she can go find them and “f*ck them up.” He tells her he’s not going to do this because he doesn’t want her to end up on World Star.

“You don’t want to end up on World Star. I don’t give a f*ck.” – Allison

“We don’t want to end up on World Star. Come on babe, you know that’s not you.” – Cam

“This is me when I want to f*ck somebody up. Because if that sh*t happens to me again, I’m gonna start sticking up for myself, and using these f*cking hands to crack some f*cking heads. Do you expect me to eat your a*s?” – Allison

“Wait, what are we doing right now?” – Cam

She tells him what the women said about what she needs to do in the bedroom and how he will “upgrade” to a white girl if she doesn’t.

Cam tells her he has no idea what she’s talking about and there’s no way he can upgrade from her.

“Sorry, part of being famous is having to deal with a*sholes.” – Cam

“And apparently eating them.” – Allison

Cam and Allison walk into to Chen and Cassie’s live streaming, and she asks them to join. However, Cam tells them that he and Allison are on their way to work out.

Allison tells him she wants to do it but he reminds her that Cassie is the same woman who asked her about “truffle butter.” Allison then tells him that after her conversation about “dead bugging,” she can handle questions about “truffle butter.”

Cam warns her again it’s not a good day for her to do the podcast.

However, Allison wants to join so she does.

Cam gets annoyed and walks away after M Chuck asks him what dead bugging is.

Allison grabs the mic and immediately gets controversial and says:

“You know lately I’ve been starting to ask myself, why is it that some black women feel like the only way for them to be somebody is to crap all over someone else?” – Allison

“What black women? Who?” – M Chuck

“What is with the black community tearing it’s own people down?” – Allison

Cassie tries to get everyone back on topic and reminds them the subject is blessings.

Chen points out that the “black community” mentality isn’t fair because there are many different communities in the black community.

He then starts venting about how people from Asia are all thrown into being in the “Asian community.”

“We are not a community. The people of our nations have been warring for centuries.” – Chen

M Chuck then grabs her mic and loudly proclaims that the black community was too slow to accept “gay folks.” She then says that religious black people say very mean things about gays.

Allison chimes back in and says that some of Cam’s fans do not feel she’s black enough.

Chen then asks her what constitutes as the black community.

“Well one would think all of the black community but there’s too many of us trying to kick each other out for one thing or another.” – Allison

Cassie’s podcast jumps to 5,000 active listeners. She then decides to keep discussing the topic and tells listeners to leave comments.

“Well maybe they can explain to me how does calling me basic as f*ck make you any blacker?” – Allison

Cassie tells Allison that her cleavage isn’t basic and it’s black and beautiful.

“Just lower your zipper a few inches and you’re good.” – Cassie

M Chuck says that Allison just had a run in with mean girls but Allison says that she has an issue with the black community as a whole.

“So I’m out because I’m not black the way you want me to be black. What do I have to do to prove that I’m black?” – Allison

Chen then once again asks Allison who exactly is in the black community.

“It’s not like we have meetings. But if you do the wrong sh*t, like support the wrong politician…”- M Chuck

“Or do the right sh*t, like get an education and a job…” – Allison

“Or if you don’t do sh*t, and they ain’t got sh*t to do…” – M Chuck

Cassie says that some black people have said she’s out of the black community because she’s with Chen. Chen says he doesn’t want her out of the black community but Cassie says she doesn’t care what they think about their relationship.

Chen says he does care.

They then suggest that black people only like black celebrities who are better at whites at “their own sh*t” like Venus and Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles.

They eventually start talking about food and Allison asserts her blackness by discussing her upbringing and growing up on ham hocks and black eyed peas.

As more comments roll in from listeners, Cassie points out that Allison was able to change people’s perceptions about her blackness. Allison says she’s done with podcast now that she achieve her goal and M Chuck then says she has something to add.

She comes on and says that black lesbians are the blackest because they have done a lot for the black community.

Things take a turn when an angry commenter has a not so nice hashtag for Chen when he mixed up some information about Harriet Tubman.

Cassie then goes off on the commenter.

At this time Reggie and Missy walk in to surprise Cam about Missy’s decision regarding the gala, but they immediately hear Cassie going in on her podcast listeners.

“You all are some f*cked up motherf*ckers. You are ruining this country!” – Cassie

They immediately turn right back around without being noticed and decide they will celebrate the good news on another day.

Cam and Allison have a passionate moment and Cam freaks out when she tries to put a finger in his butt.

“Baby, you can’t let women with low self-esteem get in your head. Knocking you off balance is the only way that they can feel like that they matter.” – Cam

He then shows her one of the nasty comments some man left on social media about him.

“Some people just ain’t good. Sh*tty people are everywhere. And in our world, there’s more of them being made every single day. The bad b*tches and their shade, the internet trolls who are uploading sh*t from their laptops. People who aren’t for people. Those people are in our world. I don’t think that the world was made for these people. I think it was made for people of goodwill. People who lead with love.” – Cam

“People like us.” – Allison

“People like us. We just gotta stick together.” – Cam

“So no dead bugging?” – Allison

“No.” – Cam

“Baby, can you do me?” – Allison

The episode ends on Allison’s request for dead bugging.


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  1. Anonymous

    September 11, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Wasn’t feeling this episode. Black people are not a monolith. The fact that it took the Asian man to explain this to black people bothers me.

  2. Elizabeth

    September 11, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    I have never heard of dead bugging before. Just yuck.

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