LHHH Recap: Masika Snatches up Hazel-E + Brooke Confronts Bridgett


LHHH Recap: Masika Snatches up Hazel-E + Brooke Confronts Bridgett

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Moniece performs her new song at the club.

It’s therapeutic for her now that AD has moved out. Masika and Misster Ray watch on.

After Moniece wraps up the performance, Masika and Misster Ray catch up and discuss the fact that Hazel-E is accusing her of being a deadbeat mother on Instagram.

Moniece joins the conversation and tells Misster Ray and Masika that she wants to work things out with AD despite Alexis and AD getting cozy in the club recently.

They find out about Zell and Alexis’ diss track about about Misster Ray and Masika. They all listen to it.

“Alexis has now made a song about us.” – Misster Ray

“This is why you have friends like me. Let me do the dirty work.” – Moniece

Moniece alerts Masika that she plans to take care of Alexis once and for all.

Keyshia Cole spends time with her biological father, Virgil Hunter.

He’s a boxing trainer and it’s been confirmed by a DNA test that he’s Keyshia’s father.

She tells him she’s surprised she met him at 35 years old and they already have a good relationship.

Keyshia says she was going through a lot when she met Virgil, and he’s been very supportive.

Brooke meets with Donatella to do a “comeback queens” show.

She asks Brooke what happened after “Girl Fight,” and Brooke tells her she got pregnant.

Brooke texts her engineer and asks him to send her a track of hers for Donatella to hear.

When Brooke plays one of the songs the engineer sent over, she realizes that Bridgett is the one singing on the track.

Omarion’s ex Apryl updates Fizz.

Omarion’s ex Apryl throws a wine tasting event.

Both Brooke and Bridgett are invited, and Brooke plans to confront Bridgett.

Fizz walks in and he asks Apryl about Omarion possibly reuniting with the group.

She tells him that Omarion isn’t interested in reuniting because he’s more focused on his solo career. Fizz decides it’s probably best to try to move forward without him.

Brooke and Bridgett converse, and Brooke gets annoyed after Bridgett tries to shame her for juggling both Booby and Marcus at the same time.

In a green screen interview, Brooke calls out Bridgett for hooking up with James while he was married to another woman.

Brooke tells Bridgett that she is trying to work things out with Marcus and Booby invited her to Catalina but she didn’t go because she was fearful she would sleep with Booby. This surprises Bridgett and she quietly wonders if Booby invited her to Catalina just to get even with Brooke. However, she doesn’t tell Brooke about this.

Bridgett tells Brooke that James broke up with her and they discuss the fact that both of them were invited to perform at Donatella’s showcase.

The tension continues to grow between them.

Moniece serves Alexis.

Moniece meets Alexis and hands her a black folder.

She tells Alexis she has been served and she needs to return to Atlanta. Turns out Moniece gave Alexis a Cease and Desist letter. Alexis rips it up and tells Moniece she’s not gong anywhere.

Fizz tries to convince Ray J to replace Omarion.

Fizz tells Ray that Raz won’t be included because he’s too much of a risk.

Fizz says Omarion isn’t retuning his messages and now that Apryl confirmed he’s not down for a reunion, he wants to see if Ray J will replace him.

“Johnny Gill replaced Bobby.” – Fizz

“I’m down to try it, man. You know, I’m humbled by it.” – Ray

Brooke and Bridgett clash.

Marcus has an event for his new single, and Lyrica announces she’s having an album release party. She tells Lucci he can’t invite Chanel and that makes Lucci want to invite her even more.

Brooke and Bridgett both show up and Brooke has the DJ play Bridgett’s song that was supposed to be hers.

She confronts both and accuses Bridgett of stealing her song.

Brooke calls Bridgett a “shady b*tch.”

Bridgett gets mad and tells Brooke she was in Catalina with Booby and that should finally free up Brooke’s time so she can make things right with Marcus.

“If I didn’t f*ck with you so hard, I’d probably drag you.” – Brooke

Bridgett tells Brooke to try it and Brooke walks away after Marcus gets upset about the fact that Booby is still in the picture.

Lyrica and Keyshia catch up.

Lyrica comes to the studio while Keyshia is recording. Lyrica apologizes to Keyshia for gong off on A1 in her presence.

She explains that her twin sister died when they were three and her dad left. She starts crying and tells Keyshia she has no idea if he’s dead or alive.

Lyrica says she knows Keyshia just met her father recently and Keyshia confirms they are very close.

This motivates Lyrica to find her father and get to know him.

Chanel, Lucci and Alexis make peace.

Lucci and Chanel go out for a bite to eat and Alexis walks up on them. Turns out Lucci invited her and he wants to end the bad blood.

He tells them both that Lyrica is having an album release party, and he wants them to get on good terms so they can all attend the party.

Alexis says she has no beef with Chanel and everyone agrees to move forward.

Lyrica has her album release party, visits her twin’s grave.

After Lyrica wraps up her performance for her single “Don’t Take It Personal,” Ray J, Lucci and A1 try to catch up. They stop the conversation after they realize Chanel and Alexis have arrived to the party together.

Alexis and Chanel confront Ray J for what he did to Hazel.

They bring up the bet and he says he helped Hazel with her music, so he doesn’t see the issue.

A1 learns from Lyrica that she wants to visit her twin sister’s grave site and the album won’t be complete until she does. A1 agrees to help her do this.

A few days later, they go to the grave site and it’s a very emotional moment for Lyrica and her mother.

Masika and Hazel get into it at Donatella’s showcase rehearsal.

While Bridgett is on stage, Brooke recaps with Masika about Bridgett’s fling with Booby.

Donatella tells Brooke and Masika that Hazel is getting ready to come on the stage, so they will go on after.

When Hazel comes on the stage, Masika tells her to come over.

Masika then tries to run up on the stage to attack Hazel but security intervenes, but not before Masika almost pulls Hazel off the stage by her wig.


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  1. Anonymous

    October 10, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    Hazel cannot fight. So when people run up on her I can’t help but laugh. Masika and Moniece know who to try.

  2. Viv

    October 10, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    I’m really trying to be nice so I won’t say what I’m thinking. These “reality” shows are getting really boring.

  3. Troll

    October 10, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    Both Masika and Hazel really hyped that fight up.

  4. anon

    October 11, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Thank you there’s was no fighting just hair pulling

  5. Bee

    October 11, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Hair pulling is not fighting lol. People are too easily impressed.

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