Tyrese Blames His Money Problems on The Rock + Breaks Down on Instagram

Fresh from a court hearing concerning his temporary restraining order from his daughter, Tyrese is back to taking shots at The Rock. He’s already accused him of being the reason why there won’t be another “Fast and Furious” movie until 2020.

Now Tryese specifically blames him for the domestic troubles he’s been having and also blames The Rock for his financial issues. Tyrese says he can’t get booked for shows or movies consistently enough, since his ex ruined his reputation, and he is having trouble paying for his lawyers. So in other words, he needs the money he would have made for the upcoming spinoff film.

Tyrese aired all of this out on Instagram.

Tyrese writes:

Father God I see you and I finally get it…………… Life is confusing at times when you’re moving along and your “role” or “purpose” isn’t revealed to you………. Proudly I’m a Capricorn born Dec 30th 1978 Dr King was taken away from us April 4th 1968 and when I found out Dr King WALKED the streets of WATTS during the WATTS RIOTS it changed my life forever!!!!!! The King family it’s random but I just wanna thank you for love and thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for what your mother and “FATHER” selflessly did for us all……….. #VoltronStudiosHollywood coming soon……. I repeat coming soon…. Ok? Take care guys……God bless you….. ps Lee Daniels dude you’re a fellow Capricorn please listen to me don’t you EVER wear your facial hairs like that ever again Ok? And FYI I was never mad at The Rock – I was just mad that he was “pitched” an idea privately and said yes to it without thinking of what I’m dealing with personally I’m almost broke paying legal fees and is doing what we committed to doing for the #FastFans and #FastFamily cause the fast is tradition it’s not just another Movie Fast was created to COUNTER images of racism to counter that WE ARE NOT ONE RACE…… So the rock how does it feel bro?…. going home to your daughter every night…. it’s was 60 days before I seen my baby….. and all I asked you to do “privately” was NOT accept a role that would deeply effect us all……. You are simply NOT the people’s champ….. you are a selfish champ….. I’m almost broke swimming in legal fees CAA tried but couldn’t book me anything cause my ex wife killed my reputation so no one wants to hire me.. It’s not about I know I know I know right?? Says the man on the Forbes list.. Make sure you kiss your 2 daughters when you get home I wish I could but I can’t afford to fight for my baby anymore so they’re likely going to take her away……. Thanks Dewayne see you guys in 2020 and I will not delete this post cause the TRUTH of selfish people in Hollywood needs to be mentioned……………… to this day Dewayne has NOT called me back as u see me crying every 3 hours over my baby know #ShaylaRocks

Later on another Instagram post featuring Vin Diesel and The Rock, Tyrese decided it would be a good idea to throw out another jab at The Rock. This Time, he is saying he won’t be in the next installment of “Fast and Furious” if The Rock is in the movie.

Hello world………. hello loyal fans and loved ones from OUR fast universe…….. I’m sorry to announce that if Dewayne is in Fast9 there will no more Roman Peirce – You mess with family and my daughters survival I mess with yours……… close your eyes dude you’re a “Clown”…… #CandyA*sB*tchMade All my real one…. Men on integrity… my real ones out here stand UP…… folks that GP to the gym and get big naturally #NoJuice#NoOJ spin off huh? Spin off these nuts selfish champ…… pause notice who’s got his arms around my shoulder and who’s standing alone – #OurChildrenMatter

The Rock hasn’t responded, yet.

Lastly, in a recently deleted post, captured by TMZ, Tyrese breaks down crying, begging and pleading for his daughter to return home. He says he wants his baby back but no one is listening in the court room. He repeatedly cries out, “Don’t take my baby, don’t take my baby, don’t take my baby.”

Check out the replies to Tyrese below.

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  1. But he can’t blame anyone but himself for his money issues. If he can’t book movies outside of Fast And Furious, how is that The Rock’s fault?

  2. Tyrese really needs to get off social media and get himself some help. We are witnessing his breakdown and it’s sad to see.

  3. Does Tyrese not understand that he’s giving his ex wife more ammunition with these breakdowns on Instagram? She’s saying he’s mentally unstable so having breakdowns like this will only make things worse for him.

    1. Nope. He’s not thinking about any of that. Where are his loved ones? Wife? Sometimes you have to step in and just take their phone away.

  4. This is why Tyrese should have been humble when he had TGT. He broke the group up and acted like a diva because he felt like he was the biggest star out the group. They need me, he thought. But he could have still had that income coming in while the other movie was on halt. It always pays to be humble. I won’t say this is his karma because I don’t know him so I don’t really know.

  5. The Rock has kids and a family to support as well. As a man, he has to always do what he needs to do so they can eat. He works really hard and is always on the grind. He shouldn’t have to turn down movies for Tyrese.

  6. That video was so hard to watch. My heart was breaking for him. His wife is a social worker and I think she’d be wise to help him get some therapy. He seemed to be having an emotional breakdown. He should get off social media until he’s resolved his custody battle. He’s making moves out of emotions and not thinking logically. He’s doing too much. I wish Tyrese the best and I hope he can get his visitations back with his daughter. I’ve seen him in videos with her and it was obvious he loves her greatly and treasures their relationship. I hope his ex-wife isn’t being hateful and vindictive using their child as a pawn against him.

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