LHHNY Recap: Bianca Refuses to Make Peace with Brittney + Ashley Clashes with Anais
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LHHNY Recap: Bianca Refuses to Make Peace with Brittney + Ashley Clashes with Anais

Papoose is focused on his own music career.

He goes to the radio staton for an interview and also freestyles.

He’s also teamed up with Jaquae, an up and coming artist.

They then start celebrating Remy’s big win at the BET Awards.

Judy no longer trusts Yandy.

She feels like Yandy has been dressing too provocative on social media. Mendeecees calls her and she tells him about the fact that Yandy was rubbing oil on her artist during a photo shoot.

Mendeecees tells her he’s pissed off and Judy tells him she’s going to keep a close eye on Yandy. He thanks her.

Anais does a photoshoot and meets Rich Dollaz.

Navarro puts together a photoshoot for Anais, and Rich stops by to meet her.

He asks for Rich to help him out with managing Anais.

“So what’s going on? Are we having a 3some in the forest?” – Anais

She flirts with both Rich and Navarro.

In a green screen interview, Anais says that Navarro’s girlfriend Ashley is not confortable with his relationship with Anais because she sometimes texts inappropriate pictures to him.

Anais asks Rich if he’s single and he confirms he is but he warns her to keep it professional so things don’t go left.

Safaree meets DJ Self to help out with Dreamdoll.

During Dreamdoll’s rehearsal, Safaree stops by and DJ Self asks him if he can help guide Dreamdoll.

He tells Dreamdoll she’s attractive so that should help her career.

He admits that he’s feeling her too and she tells him he has good taste in women.

They agree to go out on a date.

Brittney gets some advice from Jaquae.

During one of his rehearsals, Brittney comes by to get some advice about how to deal with her beef with Bianca.

He tells her they need to end their feud because they were all in the same circle at one point of time.

“I need y’all to talk it out. Get it out your system.” – Jaquae

Yandy launches her new beauty line, has another bad run in with Judy.

Jonathan, a make up artist who is also a friends with K. Michelle, stops by to support.

JuJu also comes by and is surprised to see the half-naked male models in attendance. Yandy opens up to Jonathan and JuJu about the drama she had with Judy the other day.

Judy pops up.

She questions Yandy’s outfit and offers her a sweater to put on. Yandy decides to confront her about her behavior at the photo shoot.

“I’m really getting to my wit’s end with this.” – Yandy

Judy really isn’t trying to hear what Yandy has to say so Yandy just ends the conversation. Before leaving, Judy leaves Yandy the sweater.

Mariahlynn has a new boo.

Mariahlynn is dating James R, someone who is also in the industry.

They get cozy in a swimming pool and she tells him that she’s really happy in their relationship.

He gifts her with a new necklace.

She kisses him and invites him to her party for her new single. However, James isn’t thrilled about attending because he doesn’t like DJ Self.

She tries to convince him that she’s never slept with Self but James is convinced that Self has a crush on Mariahlynn.

“Give Self a chance.” – Mariahlynn

James tells her he will try to play nice.

Navarro’s girlfriend Ashley plans to confront Anais.

Ashley is working with models to grow their empire.

He FaceTimes and greets the models.

Although both have kids from other relationships, they have a blended family and work as partners in business.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she doesn’t care for Anais because she flirted with Navarro in front of her face. She plans on crashing his upcoming meeting with Anais.

Dreamdoll and Safaree go out on a date.

They go to a trapeze center and give it a go.

In a green screen interview, Dreamdoll says she thinks Safaree is very attractive and she likes that he’s also in the industry.

Things go so well they end up kissing.

Jacquae tries to convince Bianca to end her beef with Bri.

Despite being very close to Jacquae, Bianca tells him that she can’t be cool with Bri because Webstar is trying to make Brittney the new her. He also told Brittney that she will be a bigger star than Bianca.

Ashley and Anais clash.

Anais shows up to the office for her meeting with Navarro but Ashley is there instead. He told her to cancel the meeting but she chose not to so she could confront Anais.

Ashley tells Anais that she has to respect her and stop crossing the line with Navarro.

They start arguing.

“You not making no money you broke b*tch.” – Ashley

Anais tells Ashley she doesn’t have to respect her because she’s not even carrying herself like a real boss with her current actions.

This angers Ashley and when she tries to run up on Anais, Anais is unmoved as security intervenes.

James confronts DJ Self.

At Mariahlynn’s single release party, she hops on stage to thank the audience. After she finishes, James takes the mic to give a speech too.

Self quickly cuts his mic off and this angers James.

James calls over Self to question if he has feelings for Mariahlynn.

After arguing for a bit, Self challenges James to manage Mariahlynn’s career better than he has. Mariahlynn comes over and tells James he has to respect Self because Self has made it possible for her to feed her family.

This infuriates James because he feels like Mariah should have had his back.

He leaves the party in a huff.


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  1. IJS

    November 7, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    That wig Bianca is wearing is terrible.

  2. Anonymous

    November 7, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Anais is a fake a-s Joseline.

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