RHOA Recap: Porsha & Shamea Clash + Carmon Comes for Porsha


RHOA Recap: Porsha & Shamea Clash + Carmon Comes for Porsha

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Cynthia is ready to date again.

She’s a little lonely at her lake house and she’s ready to fall in love again. Now that she’s 50, she doesn’t want to waste any time getting back on the dating scene.

Lauren moves in with Porsha.

New mom, Lauren, is having some issues with her child’s father, so Porsha suggests that she moves in. The both agree to some ground rules, but Porsha is excited to have Lauren under the same roof again.

“At the end of the day, friends come and go. The one consistent thing in my life is going to be my family.” – Porsha

Porsha recaps what went down at Cynthia’s party, and her confrontation with NeNe.

She’s convinced NeNe is a backstabber for saying she would remove Phaedra and Porsha from RHOA on WWHL weeks ago.

Cynthia goes on a date.

Cynthia meets a man named Evan for a date, and he convinces her to let him blindfold her so she won’t know her location just yet.

Since there are a lot of animals around, she’s confused about where she is.

When he takes the blindfold off, he reveals that they are in his studio and he wants Cynthia to do a photo shoot.

She thinks it’s a little weird for a first date, but he’s a photographer, and he surprises her with flowers and a candlelight dinner after she wraps up the photoshoot.

Cynthia is slightly impressed by this.

They discuss the fact that Evan is 29 and she tells him she wishes he was 10 years older.

“It sucks because you’re great.” – Cynthia

She tells him that his age is something she probably can’t ever get comfortable wth.

They toast to just having a mutual friendship.

Sheree talks with her life coach.

Jack Daniels (no affiliation with the liquor brand) is her life coach and she met him years ago through a mutual friend.

They discuss how her last reunion with Bob was very toxic and she breaks down in tears.

In a green screen interview, she says being able to talk about the abuse she suffered is therapeutic and helps her be a better person and mother.

“There was a lot of mental and emotional abuse.” – Sheree

She tells him that having three kids made her feel like she had to keep her emotions bottled up on the inside.

“I was ashamed.” – Sheree

“Shame is not an excuse. You owe them an explanation.” – Jack

Jack tells her to have a conversation about the situation with her kids, but to rehearse it before she does.

“It’s time to face it.” – Jack

Cynthia and Kenya catch up and discuss her marriage.

Kenya says it was a miracle she met her husband because they were not in the same circle.

She says she was in New York and stopped by Brooklyn and grabbed a bite to eat at his restaurant.

He has multiple businesses and he’s everything that she prayed for.

Cynthia says in her green screen interview that she wishes she had protected her marriage as much as Kenya is protecting hers.

Kenya says her husband, Marc Daly, does not like being a frequent topic on the blogs.

Shamea and Kandi get ready for her pre-wedding dinner.

All the guests will be dressed in African clothing, so Shamea is hoping to nail the look. Kandi is attending, and Sheree stops by, even though she’s only attending the bridal shower.

Shamea tells Kandi and Sheree that Porsha isn’t coming to the wedding and said she’s not coming because the flights are too expensive.

They all seem to think Porsha is just making an excuse because she doesn’t want to go.

Either way, Kandi is happy that Porsha won’t be in attendance.

Meanwhile, Porsha is officially a “Baby Vegan” after watching “What The Health.”

So she and Lauren get rid of all the meat from the refrigerator.

“I’m woke!” – Porsha

Kenya is struggling to live in a different city than her husband.

He has businesses in New York, and her businesses are located in Atlanta, so living apart is a must for now.

She gets a call from her bestie Brandon, and she tells him that she hates how her marriage has become a hot topic in the media.

“But Brandon it’s really scary how people don’t want to see you happy.” – Kenya

She’s also upset that some of Marc’s ex girlfriends have been sending him negative things about her and she’s afraid they could end up getting a divorce.

Sheree works on her assignment.

Kandi tells Todd that Sheree is coming over to practice coming clean to her kids about the abuse she suffered from Bob.

Sheree arrives and invites three of her good friends so they can critique her.

Kandi pretends to be Sheree and shows her how to start off the conversation.

Sheree then has a go at it and it’s clear that this is very difficult for her.

Despite this, her friends tell her she did a good job and she will be able to do this with her children.

Noelle is growing up.

Noelle tells Cynthia that she loves Charlotte, and she also has a boyfriend there. Cynthia is only comfortable with this because Peter is there to watch her.

Noelle is thinking about taking a year to travel, and Cynthia is going to be supportive.

They start talking about Cynthia’s recent date and Noelle makes it clear that she believes Evan is too young.

“It’s very hard to get used to Noelle growing up.” – Cynthia

Noelle heads back out to Charlotte.

“Call me!” – Cynthia

Porsha and Shamea clash.

On the way to Shamea’s bridal shower, Lauren notices that Porsha has on her wedding ring. Porsha admits to viewing it as costume jewelry.

When Porsha walks in, she greets Sheree and Kandi at their table.

They speak, but things are awkward, and Kandi gets up and walks away.

Porsha tells Sheree she’s not going to pay any attention to Kandi’s distant behavior as of now.

Sheree asks Porsha why she isn’t going to the wedding, and she says it’s expensive and she has low blood pressure, which makes it hard for her to travel on planes.

Sheree is not buying this.

Later on, Shamea sits at the table and tells Porsha that she feels like they don’t really hang out like that anymore. Despite this, she wants her at the wedding.

“You’re supposed to be there. You’re supposed to be in the wedding. Figure that sh*t out.” – Shamea

Porsha says she can’t come due to her health issues which prevents her from flying coach. And first class tickets are too expensive.

Shamea doesn’t really believe Porsha and she’s really annoyed.

Kandi’s close friend Carmon is now sitting at the table and starts shading Porsha after she hears Porsha explain why she won’t be able to fly to Shamea’s wedding.

“She got a doctor excuse for everything…let me pull it out, let me see, let me get one of these notes here. What note do I have today?” – Carmon

Carmon then starts imitating Porsha as she opens up her bag to look for an imaginary note. Kandi laughs.

“What letter, what condition do I got right now?” – Kandi

Shamea tells Porsha that it’s not about the flight, and Porsha should come to her wedding since they are close friends.

Carmon then throws another jab.

“Well she can’t. She can’t sit on a plane that long with her legs down. They used to being up all the time.” – Carmon

“I can’t with you.” – Kandi

Kandi takes a sip of her wine and laughs some more.

At this point, Porsha is very annoyed with Shamea because she says Shamea knew about her health condition for a good minute now. So she feels Shamea is just being messy intentionally in front of Kandi and Carmon.

Not too long after, all the ladies decide it’s time to wrap up their time together. Porsha is completely over it.

She walks out and Shamea follows her to her car. They argue about their friendship and Phaedra’s interference.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says she just feels like it was shady for Shamea to confront her at the table in front of Kandi and Carmon, so she’s not pressed to maintain a friendship with her.

After Shamea feels like the conversation is going nowhere and Porsha shuts down, they end the conversation so Lauren can go pick up her daughter.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    November 13, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    Kandi and her leach a-s clique get on my last nerves. Kandi is a grown woman. She can fight her own battles and needs to. That’s why I don’t feel bad about the Scott sisters tag team her. Her tears do not move me!

    • MISS D

      November 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm

      Carmen was soooooooooooo out of place b/c Porsha didnt do ish to her. Kandi and Porsha issue is between them – or at leaset is should be. But Carmen and Don Juan dont miss a chance to throw shade at one of the cast members.

  2. Nicole

    November 13, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Shamea clearly wants a storyline but she’s still not going to get a peach. So she should stop trying so hard.

  3. Ms. Jackson

    November 13, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    This show desperately needs Phaedra’s messy a-s. Kenya and her fake crying and fake a-s marriage are boring. Cynthia is out here going on fake a-s dates but still dry. NeNe wasn’t even in the got damn episode when she’s supposed to have her peach back. Sheree is still dragging this Bob sh-t out even though she has a felon bae. And let’s not forget we also have Shamea’s thirsty a-s. She’s doing the absolute most for a storyline and Porsha sees right through that sh-t as she should. They hyped this season up something serious and it’s dry as f-ck. Hell Married To Medicine is much more interesting right now.

    • Queen

      November 13, 2017 at 1:27 pm

      I miss Phaedra too.

    • Yeah I Said It!

      November 13, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      Phaedra should have never been fired. Imagine how lit this season would have been if she came back and had to deal with NeNe on top of everyone else coming for her. LOL.

  4. Viv

    November 13, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    So Shamea’s wedding is in Kenya, correct? My thing is, if you’re going to have your wedding out of the country, you can’t get mad if someone says they aren’t trying to drop the dough to buy plane tickets. Especially if Shamea and her man aren’t going to handle the costs.

  5. Gloria

    November 13, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Why is Cynthia ok with her 17 year old daughter going to Charlotte for the weekend to be with her boyfriend?

    • MISS D

      November 14, 2017 at 12:25 pm

      I said the same thing – graduating HIGH SCHOOL with all A’s dont meant you are grown and traveling to another state to see a BOYFRIEND… where is Leon b/c Cyn is tripping…

  6. Yeah I Said It!

    November 13, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    I just can’t force myself to care about this Shamea situation. I don’t think Porsha cares either. LOL.

  7. Im Sayin

    November 13, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Porsha hasn’t been a good friend to Shamea. So it’s weird that so many people have an issue with her and not Porsha.

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