'Black Ink Crew Chicago' Recap: Rachel Confronts Kat + Kat & Ryan Make a Tough Decision


‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Rachel Confronts Kat + Kat & Ryan Make a Tough Decision

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Charmaine and Danielle discuss Lily and Kat making out.

“It’s the Kat effect b*tch.” – Danielle

They discuss the fact that Kat has hooked up with Phor, Danielle and now Ryan. They joke that people just can’t resist her.

Kat and Lily meet them at the restaurant, and Lily says that their hookup wasn’t a big deal. Kat then puts Charmaine on blast and says that Charmaine tried to hit on her too in the past.

The subject then turns into Charmaine proposing to Neek. She’s finally accepting that Neek will be away for six months to work in Africa, and she feels like their relationship can survive the time apart.

Don has a memorial for his sister.

Ashley and Phor attend for support, and it’s clear that Don is still taking his sister’s death very hard.

With everyone from the shop popping in, Phor hopes that Ryan will eventually come through despite the drama with him and Kat.

Cobra in particular feels the strong need to be there for Don since he’s been there for her as she continues to struggle wth depression.

Kat arrives and says she will keep her distance from Ryan to keep things peaceful.

Ryan eventually shows up to support Don.

“I’m glad you came. What’s up?” – Charmaine

Ryan tells Don he’s there because he knows what it’s like to lose a sister.

“When you need somebody to talk to, holler at me, you know I’m there.” – Ryan

Don says that his sister motivated him to stop complaining about life and find his path.

They head to the bridge where his sister took her life to release some balloons in her honor.

Don breaks down in tears.

The balloons are green, which happens to be her favorite color.

“She’s always going to be a positive light in my heart.” – Don

Ryan returns to the shop.

He says the death of Don’s sister has put things into perspective and he wants to see if everyone can move forward.

“I think we can get past this sh*t.” – Ryan

He proposes that the group takes a trip.

Van is confused about this and wonders if Ryan had a personality makeover.

Ryan suggests they have another lake house trip.

“Oh God, he hasn’t had enough. He hasn’t had enough.” – Van

He says the trip will be without Kat.

Ryan says that the group can also bring their significant others. The group agrees to the trip.

Lily and JR talk things out.

Lily is also affected by Don’s loss, so she asks JR to meet her at a restaurant to discuss what happened at the lingerie party.

JR is honestly over her at this point but decides to hear her out anyway.

“I just don’t understand why you treat me like sh*t. Like why are you so angry?” – JR

Lily says losing her dad has made it hard for her to be close to men.

“I’m sorry that I hurt you. I’m sorry if my actions pulled you away. It’s just that losing him f*cked me up.” – Lily

JR accepts her apology and says he still wants to be there for her despite their past issues.

“I’m here to help you get through it, so…” – JR

The group gets ready for the trip.

They all meet up in a parking lot.

Ryan is late and he’s not responding to anyone’s calls and text messages.

They decide to roll out after he still doesn’t pick up the phone.

When they pull up to the house, everyone is impressed.

“Yo, Ryan snapped on this!” – Charmaine

The group doesn’t waste any time to start drinking and enjoying the house. Despite this, they wonder why Ryan is still a no-show.

“It’s the same old Ryan bullsh*t. He didn’t come and I’m over it.” – Charmaine

Van comes up with the idea to call Kat and invite her to the house.

He calls Kat and she says she will be there in the morning. The group is excited that she will be there soon.

Not too long after they hang up the phone, Ryan strolls in the house with Rachel.

The group realizes it’s about to be some major drama when Kat shows up in the morning.

“It’s gon be messy as f*ck.” – Charmaine

Kat arrives.

Van pulls the group to the side and asks if he should call Kat and tell her not to come. But JR says she should still come so Ryan and Kat will be forced to work out their issues.

Phor feels guilty and tells Ryan that Kat will be at the house tomorrow. This upsets Ryan and he tells the group, “F*ck you” for inviting her.

JR gets angry and he tells Ryan that he’s tired of Ryan thinking everyone is against him.

“Man the f*ck up dog!” – JR

The whole situation puts Ryan at odds again with the group, and he gives Rachel a heads up that Kat will be there shortly.

Kat pulls up and Van gives Ryan and Rachel confirmation that she has arrived.

In a green screen interview, Kat says Ryan needs to grow some balls and get over their incident. But she feels like she has a right to be there because she is a part of the 9Mag family.

When Kat walks in the house, the group tries to address the tension in the room.

Don says life is too short and he hopes everyone can get through their differences.

After Kat says that she deserves to be there because she helped start 9 Mag, Rachel gets annoyed and checks her.

“Ryan started it. Stop saying we started it. Ryan started it with y’all.” – Rachel

“Well Ryan started it and brought me in day one.” – Kat

“What do you mean started it…What? by himself?” – Van

“No, with y’all, but this was him. 9Mag is his. If all of y’all leave, he is still there. Would y’all stop saying that sh*t?” Thank you.” – Rachel

In a green screen interview, Kat says Rachel needs to shut up because when they started 9Mag, Rachel didn’t want anything to do with Ryan.

“You don’t know what’s going on with 9Mag and you don’t know what’s going on between me and Ryan.” – Kat

This sets Kat off and she tells Rachel she left for LA by choice because Ryan kept pursuing her romantically.

“I chose to leave! And it wasn’t until I left that we stopped f*cking with each other. And when I came back, you got right back on that! So let’s talk about that.” – Kat

“Go ahead, Becky.” – Rachel

In a green screen interview, Rachel says Kat is delusional and somebody that everyone in the shop sleeps with and then discards.

“Not only is she desperate, she’s delusional too. You’re just someone that most of the men and some of the women at 9Mag have played with and thrown out.” – Rachel

Kat asks Ryan what would have happened if she didn’t leave for LA.

“Would you have kept pursuing me?” – Kat

In a green screen interview, Ryan questions why Kat is even saying all of this.

“Like, you’re over inflating what it was.” – Ryan

Rachel seems to think Kat is saying all of this to be relevant.

“What else she gon say? This makes her relevant, so let her keep on. Go head, go head.” – Rachel

“I ain’t never needed your man for a storyline, Rachel.” – Kat

Kat says that if she’s going to be in Chicago, she’s working at 9Mag.

“And that can’t happen.” – Ryan

Rachel agrees and that’s when Kat tells Rachel that she just returned to Ryan’s life and she can’t make that call.

Ryan gets angry and says that Kat needs to move on from the shop because the drama is too much.

Charmaine gets upset and says that she’s lost respect for Ryan because he disrespected her and everyone else in the shop.

Ryan tells her that they can’t tell him who he can hire and fire at his own shop.

Rachel says Kat needs to leave the shop permanently.

“At the end of the day, you just can’t be here no more.” – Rachel

Charmaine starts crying, Van starts yelling and Kat walks away to a bedroom to talk to Danielle.

Charmaine follows.

Danielle says that the shop is toxic now and she doesn’t want to work there anymore.

Ryan knocks on the door and tells Kat they need to talk.

They go on the patio to talk.

He tells Kat that neither one of them thought they would end up at the point they are.

He says that since they are both uncomfortable, they shouldn’t be working together.

Kat starts crying and says she thought that Ryan was her friend because he’s always been there for her.

“You used to be my friend.” – Kat

“And I was.” – Ryan

She says that it hurts that he now talks about her like she wasn’t even a friend.

He says that friendships don’t always recover when there are major blowups.

The consequence is they can’t be in each other’s lives anymore.

Kat thanks Ryan for everything he ever did for her and she apologizes for causing any pain.

“So I will literally gracefully bow out. I will never step foot in that shop again. I bow out.” – Kat

“Alright, man.” – Ryan

Ryan then walks off.

Kat walks back in the house and tells the group she can’t work at the shop anymore. Van hugs her and tells her she will always be 9Mag.

“I never thought it would come to this.” – Kat

She leaves the house and flashbacks of funnier moments with the group play back.

“I’ve had some of the best moments I’ve ever had in my life here.” – Kat

JR tells Charmaine that the whole situation has been tiring. Charmaine says that the shop was built on love but she knows that everything will work out because everyone has a bond.

Ryan says in a green screen interview that he’s now putting his family over the shop. Kat had to go to make that happen.

Kat says leaving the shop will motivate her to become bigger and better.

“Watch out Ryan Henry.” – Kat

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  1. Hater

    December 7, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    I laughed when Rachel called Kat Becky.

  2. mary core

    December 8, 2017 at 2:36 am

    Kat should never had told ryan woman,her feelings got caught up and she wanted him for herself and thought Rachel would dump him (dumb move)there is no way she could’ve thought she was going to still work in that shop (silly rabbit tricks are for fools)go grow a brain and prove to yourself that you are a boss,and Ryan needs to check himself and get that (Johnny bad a-s) van out of his shop van is not your friend and I’m pretty sure he is jealous of ryan .Van and Charmine are awful people,charmine is totally DISGUSTING she’s all about tacky a-s display….if she is acting that way to stay relevant believe me it’s not worth it.

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