LHHNY Recap: Yandy Ends Business Relationship with Bianca + Jaquae Dumps Sophia


LHHNY Recap: Yandy Ends Business Relationship with Bianca + Jaquae Dumps Sophia

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Rich Dollaz is in a tricky predicament with Anais.

He meets up with DJ Self to get some advice. He tells him about the situation and says Anais is married with kids and really pushing up on him.

Rich says they ended up meeting at a hotel and sleeping together. He says that Anais told him she’s actually separated from her husband, plus he feels guilty for creeping with Navarro’s artist, who also happens to be his frat brother.

Lil Mo is still taking the fact that Karl cheated hard.

She meets up with Remy at a bar to vent about the situation.

Mo tells Remy about her son finding blogs about women accusing Karl of cheating on her, and that Karl ended up failing his lie detector test.

“That was like a low blow to me.” – Lil Mo

Remy says Mo has to put on her big girl panties and deal with the issue instead of running away like she usually does.

She also invites Mo to North Carolina with her to clear her mind. She’s opening up a clothing store in Raleigh.

“I’m not saying run away. You’re just going to take a little break.” – Remy

They hug it out and Mo agrees to going on the trip with Remy.

Yandy meets with Bianca to get some things off her chest.

Yandy tells Bianca that her behavior the other day was insane.

“Why did we have to take it there?” – Yandy

Bianca says she just didn’t appreciate how Jonathan did things. Yandy explains that her cutting up like that are burning bridges.

Bianca tells Yandy that she doesn’t have money like that because all her money goes to bills, trying to support her career plus going to school. This is why she’s so stressed out.

She feels like people are too quick to cut her off when she’s not handling things the way they want her to.

Yandy tells her that their business situation is no more and it’s all because of Bianca’s actions.

Bianca is upset about this development and feels that Yandy has been more understanding of her male artists.

Rich still doesn’t come clean to Navarro.

Rich and Navarro play some golf. Navarro tells Rich that he feels like his girlfriend Ashley isn’t as motivated as she used to be. They are supposed to be running a management business together, but she’s not working as hard as he is.

Navarro says his mother told him that his father passed out for two hours recently due to diabetes.

“They said it’s a coma and he should be responding in a few hours.” – Navarro

After hearing this, Rich tells him he has diabetes too and he had an episode recently. Rich decides to tell Navarro about Anais another time.

“I’m glad that he’s aight.” – Rich

Anais and Jonathan meet up again.

Anais isn’t sure she can ever be on good terms again with Jonathan. However, she misses him and decides to meet him at a bar.

“I’m so glad that you decided to come meet me.” – Jonathan

Anais tells him they have been through too much to end their friendship.

“I took it a little too far. I was such a bad friend to you.” – Jonathan

He tells her that he now feels like he picked his career over her.

He apologizes and sheds some tears. They hug it out.

They the start discussing their love lives, and Jonathan tells her he’s seeing Trent.

“He’s a great person and he has so much going for him.” – Jonathan

“You know we’re crazy…singers?” – Anais

Anais says that her husband is getting on her nerves because he’s not supportive of her career. She admits she’s feeling Rich now.

Jonathan warns her to be careful with Rich. He’s not convinced she can change Rich’s creep ways.

Karl surprises Lil Mo in North Carolina.

Remy opens her new store in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She’s thrilled because there are lines going around the corner.

Papoose is in good spirits and taking pictures with fans.

“I’m proud of you…you definitely got it done.” – Papoose

Remy and Lil Mo have some small talk and Remy assures her that all marriages are hard work. Karl then walks in the shop and catches Mo off guard.

Remy leaves them alone to talk and tells Papoose she thinks Karl may be a little stalker-ish. Turns out Papoose told Karl that Mo would be at the store opening.

Karl tells Mo he wants to put all their issues behind them and move forward.

“I had to tell you that to your face.” – Karl

In a green screen interview, Mo says she wants to keep her family together and she’s touched Karl came all the way to North Carolina to woo her.

Bianca catches up with Jaquae.

She feels like Jaquae really needs to know about what Sophia Body has been up to.

In the middle of her story about what went down with James R., MariahLynn and Sophia, Sophia walks in his shop.

He confronts her about what he’s heard and Sophia says that all she did was a video for James.

Jaquae tells her she went back on her word and made another music video when she said she was done being a video vixen.

“Me doing a video with James R. doesn’t mean I’m disloyal.” – Sophia

After Sophia calls MariahLynn a “scraggly rat,” Bianca gets upset and decides to walk out before she lays hands on Sophia.

Sophia says Jaquae needs to figure out if he’s secure enough for them to stay together. However, he puts the ball right back in her court.

“I’m gonna let you figure this whole thing out and I’ma leave it at that.” – Jaquae

Rich spends some time with his mom.

She asks him how he’s feeling and he tells her that he still hasn’t got used to being diabetic.

He really hates having to take insulin everyday.

She asks him if he’s eating better and he says he’s trying and seeing a dietitian every three weeks.

“I’m glad she’s married because you would try to date her.” – Rich’s mom

They talk about her brother’s death and she says that she was very close to him, and burying him was hard. His uncle died from diabetes.

“I don’t want to lose my son.” – Rich’s mom

“I’m not letting that sh*t beat me.” – Rich

He chokes up and says that he’s going to work hard to stay healthy and not lose his life to diabetes.

They share an emotional hug.

Jonathan tells Trent how he feels.

Jonathan sits in on one of Trent’s rehearsals and Trent explains that he has to work very hard because he’s a gay male R&B singer.

Jonathan offers to help Trent with his career but Trent says he wants to do everything on his own.

Jonathan wants to get married one day but he feels like Trent can be too guarded at times.

“All I’m asking you is to spend more time with me.” – Jonathan

Jonathan says he wants to feel like he’s in a real relationship and Trent agrees to do better.

James R. apologizes to Sophia The Body.

They meet up and James says he’s sorry for what went down with MariahLynn.

“I apologize for that.” – James R.

He also tells her that he has romantic feelings for her.

“I definitely don’t forgive you 100%.” – Sophia

He surprises her with a new dog.

“How did you know this was the dog I wanted?” – Sophia

James then asks if she forgives him and Sophia says she will go home and think about it.

He tries to kiss her but she turns her head away.

Jaquae goes off on Sophia.

When Jaquae gets home he questions where she got the dog from.

She explains James gave her the dog as an apology for the music video drama.

“But I’ve always wanted his dog.” – Sophia

“I already told you about the situation. You out here taking gifts from other n*ggas.” – Jaquae

He gets fed up and tells her to pack her things up and leave.

“Alright, peace out.” – Sophia


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  1. Anony

    December 5, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Another boring episode!

  2. Anonymous

    December 5, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Can Yandy really look down on Bianca when she was fighting with Mendeecees other baby mamas last season? I mean she even had her sister and gay male friend jump Samantha at the reunion. She is not any better than Bianca with her fake a-s.

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