'Married to Medicine' Recap: Heavenly Strikes out with Miss Lucy + Jackie Ponders Reunion with Curtis


‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Heavenly Strikes out with Miss Lucy + Jackie Ponders Reunion with Curtis

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Quad vents to Simone.

After her explosive argument with Gregory, she calls up Simone to vent. Simone says that men speak a language that is different and that’s something she’s learning right now in her marriage.

Simone asks Quad if she knows that Gregory loves her but Quad says it’s not what he says, it’s what he does.

Simone then asks if Quad has done everything in her power to get what she needs from Gregory, and Quad says she feels like she has.

“Okay, but don’t give up. Giving up ain’t in your nature.” – Simone

“But being a damn fool ain’t either.” – Quad

Dr. Heavenly gets a visit from Jewel, her spiritual advisor.

“I always call her when I feel like I need to hit the reset button on my spiritual journey.” – Heavenly

She tells Jewel that people like to keep bringing up her religion when she makes mistakes.

She also tells Jewel that she went off on Simone in New Orleans when she tried to convince Heavenly to learn about voodoo.

Jewel says that Heavenly needs to not get involved with the “demonic spirits” of Voodoo.

Heavenly says that she tries to make sure she always apologizes when she does something wrong. She brings up the fact that she apologized to Mariah about what she said about Lucy. She is now convinced that she should apologize to Lucy as well.

“I hope Miss Lucy accepts my apology and she don’t beat my a*s.” – Heavenly

Simone gets a visit from her sister Carmen.

She is happy to see her but quickly tells her that she and Cecil are headed for divorce if they don’t work things out soon.

Simone feels the issue is that they are arguing over “basic sh*t” all the time since they are living in two different homes.

Carmen reminds Simone that her and Cecil used to be inseparable.

Simone says the issue also is that Cecil is hostile all the time.

Carmen tells Simone to focus on getting herself right.

“Kindness is the biggest strength.” – Carmen

Simone breaks down crying and says it’s hard to deal with someone saying mean things to her, as she feels Cecil does.

She’s not even sure if Cecil still loves her.

Mariah is putting together a Mother’s Day event.

She is planning the brunch at her home and she’s inviting all the ladies because she’s not sure they are buying the fact that she really wants to move forward.

She meets with her assistant and event planner.

Dr. Jackie meets with Cecil to figure out her next step with Curtis.

Since Curtis and Cecil have been friends for years, she meets Cecil to figure out how she can move forward with talking to Curtis.

Curtis told Dr. Jackie that he wants to talk because he wants to show her how much she means to him.

“As angry as I have been, it’s odd how I miss Curtis.” – Dr. Jackie.

She doesn’t want to give Curtis the idea that she accepts bad behavior but she’s willing to forgive him one time since he’s owned his cheating ways.

Cecil is happy to hear that Jackie is open to talking to Curtis.

They then start talking about Cecil and Simone’s troubled marriage.

Jackie tells Cecil that she thinks Simone needs to hear that he loves her. Cecil says his parents were never that way so he’s having to learn how to be vocal with his love for her.

Cecil agrees to send Simone some flowers the next day.

“We need you to show out.” – Dr. Jackie

Quad asserts her independence.

Quad picks up Toya and tells her that she’s looking for a new place to live without Gregory.

“I need some space.” – Quad

Gregory then calls her cell phone, and she puts him on speakerphone.

He speaks to Toya and then has a heated conversation with Quad. Quad says she won’t be able to make dinner and Gregory gets loud and says he figured that much.

Quad hangs up the phone and the situation makes Toya tear up.

In a green screen interview, Toya says she’s always known that Quad and Gregory had their issues, but lately she can tell things have been worse by observing the way that they talk to each other.

Turns out Quad was just pulling her leg and she’s actually going to look for a new Benz. She wants a new car for her birthday,

The car is quoted as being $170,000.

Toya tells her she should talk to Gregory about the car before she makes that step but Quad says she doesn’t have to because it’s her money. Plus, he didn’t talk to her about the car he just bought.

They drive off in her new Benz.

Heavenly’s son Damon, Dr. comes by the house to visit and agrees to intern at Heavenly’s office to get some experience as a Pre-Med major.

Toya’s mother Vanessa visits.

She’s in town for Mother’s Day and Toya is thrilled to see her.

Toya tells Vanessa that she and Eugene are only having s*x once a month because they are so focused on Eugene working more to pay taxes.

Vanessa says that things will get better with time.

Toya tells Vanessa that she spoke to her dad about this and he brought up his past with Vanessa.

“Why did he bring me up?” – Vanessa

Vanessa is remarried, and says she has a man who knows how to be a husband.

Mariah has her Mother’s Day brunch, Heavenly strikes out with Lucy.

Mariah has asked everyone to wear either white or yellow. They are all allowed to bring their mothers. Contessa brings Ms. Renee.

Jackie and Simone arrive together.

Heavenly also shows up.

Jackie says that Mother’s Day can be hard for her and Contessa says she lost her mother to Breast Cancer. In her green screen interview, she gets sad.

Heavenly says she knows she needs to talk to Simone about their blowup in New Orleans, but she will do it later.

Toya arrives with her mother.

Miss Renee has some drinks and says she likes to read Contessa when she gets out of line. She even says she has a certain nickname for her.

“A black doctor b*tch.” – Miss Renee

In a green screen interview, Heavenly throws some shade.

“That would be about right.” Heavenly

Miss Renee jokes that she does what she wants even though Contessa pays her.

Everyone laughs.

When Mariah makes her grand entrance, Simone and Heavenly get annoyed that she’s wearing blue.

Heavenly says that Mariah always does the most to stand out.

“That’s why she was about to trip.” – Heavenly

Miss Renee speaks to Miss Lucy and goes on another rant about how Contessa is not better than her because she’s a doctor. At this point, Heavenly and the others wonder why Contessa won’t check her.

“Why do you take that?” – Heavenly

Contessa says that she doesn’t want to disrespect her elders.

While everyone is eating, Mariah confirms to them that Quad didn’t tell her she wasn’t coming. Toya says Quad clearly didn’t feel the need to tell Mariah she was going out-of-town for her birthday.

They start talking about Jackie’s meeting with Cecil and Simone says she’s basically married to someone who can’t say he loves her.

As Miss Renee continues to cut up and curse, Contessa swears she’s not the same way around her kids.

Mariah gives a speech and says that she wants to give out some awards.

She gives Toya an award for being an amazing stay at home mom.

She says that no matter what they have been through, Toya has never said anything disrespectful about Miss Lucy.

Heavenly takes this as shade.

After giving Toya an award, Mariah tearfully gives Lucy an award, who is still recovering from a stroke and walking with a cane.

Heavenly later tells Simone that she’s ready to apologize to Miss Lucy but she’s nervous it will go left.

Simone says she’s only nervous because of the shade Mariah threw. Despite this, Heavenly decides to take the big step and asks Simone to come with her.

She finds Lucy.

Heavenly says that she’s apologized to Mariah already in New Orleans and she’s so sorry for what she said.

Lucy says that she can’t forgive Heavenly right now because it’s not Godly and she’s not ready to.

Heavenly accepts this and wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day anyway.

After this, Mariah does a tribute to the mothers who are in Heaven, and releases butterflies to the sky.

She accidentally steps on a butterfly and kills it. This makes the other ladies laugh.


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  1. deb

    December 23, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Quad is doing to much & it’s sad. It’s Mariah’s party she can wear what she wants, DUH. Glad Jackie going to talk to Curtis before she kicks him to the curb. Simone getting on my nerves acting like a wouss, what is all the drama about after 20 years if you need to know if he loves you then ask him, what they need to do is get rid of that extra house, right now…. Some things after decades you just get used to.

  2. Anonymous

    December 23, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    I don’t care for Mariah and her mother like that but I can understand why Ms Lucy didn’t accept Heavenly’s apology. She knew it was some bullsh-t. It’s insane how she wanted to call voodoo evil when she’s evil her damn self. I can’t stand Heavenly. She’s the only one of the show who makes me side with Mariah.

  3. Jordans Memory

    December 24, 2017 at 10:58 am

    I agree! Dr. Heavenly is an mean and evil person. I get sick and tired of hearing about her so called spiritual Journey. That woman is full of sh*t and irritating as hell! Even her own family seems annoyed by her. For some reason I don’t think Simone is as innocent in this situation with her husband as she appears to be, we all know she has a mouth on her as well. Quad buying a $170,000 is just down right foolish! Yeah its her money but that’s a house in Georgia! You don’t even know if u gonna be with ur husband atleast make sure u can take care of urself on ur own first. I really like Contessa she seems like a genuinely nice person. She brings a lighter side to the show but that maid or nanny whatever she is gives me the Florence off of The Jeffersons Vibe. she is so disrespectful and so embarrassing! I was hurting for Contessa last night. I am a firm believer that when people get drunk they speak the truth and that woman really feels she is a Dr.b**** who thinks she is better than her. that woman is bitter and jealous not to mention lazy for not cooking or doing hair etc when u suppose to be the nanny. One episode contessa literally came home from work and had to cook for her kids because the nanny claim she doesn’t cook that would have been her last day of work. If she worked for me.

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