'Tamar and Vince' Recap: Tamar Finds an Apartment + Vince Ends Up in the Hospital
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‘Tamar and Vince’ Recap: Tamar Finds an Apartment + Vince Ends Up in the Hospital

Michael gives Tamar advice.

The episode begins in Los Angeles with Michael and Tamar at dinner. Michael is regretful that he got Tamar and her sisters involved in the drama between him and Evelyn.

He also tells her that if she is frustrated in her relationship, she needs to do something serious. Tamar tells him that she and Vince need to take a break.

“I feel it’s too much. I need space.” – Tamar

She does tell Michael that the need for space could lead to more if things don’t change. She also doesn’t want to feel like she is doing all of the conforming and compromising with Vince.

Despite this, she still doesn’t want to divorce Vince and go down the path Michael and Evelyn travelled.

Later on, Tamar invites James out to shop and to recap what’s happened over the past few days. She’s going to Atlanta for a walk-through for a performance. While she is there, she tells James that she is looking forward to talking to Tiny. She also tells James that she is at her wit’s end fighting with Vince.

She’s also going to call Vince’s bluff and find a new manager.

“I feel like the same person you met. I am just grown up. During their outing, she gets a phone call and then mentions that she needs something extreme to happen in order for things to change.”

Back at the house, Vince is still upset that Tamar is looking for another manager. He’s looking for another client and he gets a call for a new artist.

In his interview, he runs down the artists he worked with in the past, emphasizing he discovered Lady Gaga. He also shades his wife.

“5 years ago, no one knew who Tamar was.” – Vince

Tamar goes apartment hunting, for space from Vince.

Tamar is walking with a realtor in a new apartment, as she is contemplating executing her extreme plan of moving out.

She feels that this is something that has to be done in order to save her marriage. She is going to hold off on telling Vince about moving out until she is sure she is making the right decision.

Tamar makes it to Atlanta for her show walk through. She is with her main band and they have to prepare for multiple performances in Atlanta and New York. However, she has plenty on her brain as Vince is still her manager and will be arriving in Atlanta later on.

James stops by to style Tamar’s hair and she’s happy to see him. Back in LA, Vince is spending quality time with Logan. Vince says Tamar is more than capable of handling and managing her rehearsal and he doesn’t need to be involved in this part.

Another argument leads to Vince taking Tamar’s phone.

The next morning, Tamar calls James to her hotel room to debrief about an argument with Vince. She tells him that during their argument, Vince took her phone. She also tells James that during the argument, he said, “I made you.” All of this happened because Vince accused her of having an affair.

This whole encounter made Tamar realize that she needs to begin the process of getting space. James asks what kind of separating will she be doing.

“It will be all of the above.” – Tamar

As friends reunite, Tamar gets advice about her quest for space.

Later that day, Tamar and Tiny reconcile and meet for lunch. Tamar is really excited for this meeting especially with everything that went down with her and Vince.

She’s also glad she and Tiny were able to save their friendship.

“You pick up right where you left off when it’s real.” – Tamar

She spills all of the tea involving her marital and professional issues with Vince. Tiny tells her that she needs to get another manager “before you need another husband.”

Tiny then explained to her how her marital issues worked out. She talked about how she moved to the home she was in during the final season of ‘The Family Hustle.’

Tamar uses this time to tell Tiny that she is planning to move out of her house and how their most recent argument sealed her fate.

“I decided that I don’t want to be a kept woman.” – Tamar

EJ is in town for her performance, and Tamar has an idea to take him to a spin class. James is there too but he struggles to hang with EJ and Tamar.

Tamar gets a disturbing phone call about Vince.

Afterwards, they all go to the club with Tiny and have a good time. James and Tamar head back to hotel, and James notes that she is a much different person when Vince is not around.

While heading back to the hotel, Tamar gets a phone call that Vince is back in the hospital. She breaks down into tears on the phone.

She tells James that Vince hit a tree. She tries tot call Vince but he doesn’t pick up.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Deedee

    December 22, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    That story line worked for TO & Tiny Tamar really smdh

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