Cardi B Responds to Latest Offset Cheating Rumors

It’s been said that Cardi B’s rapper boyfriend Offset of Migos has not been a faithful man.

In fact, he’s been accused of sleeping with other women, and these rumors have intensified on social media.

Weeks ago, a video of Offset appearing in a hotel room with a woman rocking her “birthday suit” caused quite the stir in Cardi and Offset’s relationship.

Cardi was spotted without her engagement ring and she even told a crowd during one of her performances that if he cheated again, he’d lose her.

Hours ago, another video began to make rounds on social media.

In the very blurry video, a man who some are claiming is Offset, happens to be “pleasuring” a woman from behind. We can’t post the video since it’s basically a s*x tape.

Despite this tape causing Offset to become a trending topic on Twitter, Cardi took to Instagram to make it clear that she’s going to focus on her career despite all the drama:

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  1. Cardi b is the it girl when shes not what’s hot anymore offset gone. Lately all the stuff that’s coming out i believes is fake attention seeking. I also believes all this extra drama cause she got a album to drop she wanna stay irrelevant if it dont sale.

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