LHHMIA Recap: Young Hollywood Calls Amara Ignorant + Shay Finds out About Gabby

Bobby moves forward without Trina’s support.

Now that he’s trying to make it in the industry without his cousin Trina, he is now getting support from his boyfriend Jeffrey.

It’s Jeffrey’s first openly gay relationship and he credits Bobby for making him feel comfortable about not hiding who he is anymore. He has also tired of being in a relationship with someone who wants to keep him a secret.

Pleasure meets with his group Pretty Ricky and vents about Shay.

Pleasure P apologizes for what Shay has said to his group members and Baby Blue apologizes for the remarks he made about Shay. Although he cares about Shay, Pleasure says his ex girlfriend Gabby is heavy on his mind.

Baby Blue tells Pleasure that Gabby just wants to get some of the fame Pleasure has and Shay is the real deal. Pleasure is surprised to hear Baby Blue defend Shay.

Michelle Pooch and Malik are business partners but they aren’t in a relationship.

This hasn’t stopped people from assuming they are together and Malik says he doesn’t mind people thinking that because it helps his career.

Malik is actually gay but he wants to hide his s*xuality because it could hurt his career. Michelle think he needs to be true to himself.

Prince wants to becoming the king of Miami nightlife.

However, Liz (his girlfriend of three years) gets insecure about what he does for a living. So she’s always calling him and doesn’t trust him. He met Liz while she was bartending.

He admits he’s cheated on her before.

Jojo is a very successful stylist. She was born into wealth and father is very wealthy and “well connected.” He is from Mexico.

She asked her father to finance her boutique and he told her she has six months to get everything in order. So she’s been working hard to do just that.

Jojo wants to have a grand opening for her store but he dad doesn’t want to be around her mother. They are separated and have been married for thirty years.

Steph gives Amara an update.

Steph tells Amara that she and Veronica met Young Hollywood at the club and Young Hollywood said he would apologize to Amara if Veronica agreed to go on a date with him.

Amara is disappointed in Veronica and isn’t holding her breath for a real apology from Young Hollywood.

Liz surprises Prince at his job.

He gets upset when he sees her and tells her that he has to appear single for his career to pop off.

Liz gets annoyed and says he stays at her place all the time, so she deserves some respect. Prince feels she’s lucky he’s even with her and he gets his own money.

Out of frustration, Liz walks off after he voices these feelings.

Pleasure P has a sit down with Shay.

He brings her flowers after he decides to try to work things out with her.

He invites her to an upcoming Pretty Ricky event and says that Baby Blue wants to apologize to her. Shay is happy to hear this and accepts his invitation.

Jojo hangs out with her mother.

Her mother has been staying with her and she tells Jojo that her father sent her some divorce papers.

Jojo’s father also refuses to give her mother any money even though her mother sacrificed everything to be a mother and wife.

“My dad uses money like a weapon.” – Jojo

Jojo tells her mother she can continue to live with her and she will help her pay for everything.

Her mother wants to hire a lawyer and fight it out in court.

Jeffery spends some time with Malik, an ex from the past at a straight club.

Jeffrey says Malik and he were dating, and Malik just stopped talking to him for no reason. So he was happy to hear from him. Malik says they were both in the closet while they were dating.

Apparently Malik decided to stop communicating with Jeffrey once his feelings got strong. Malik wasn’t ready to be openly gay at the time.

Jeffrey says he’s now living openly gay and he’s happy not having to hide any parts of himself anymore.

They flirt the whole night and tell each other they missed one another.

Malik walks away and tells a producer that his feelings are too strong and he knows he really messed up with Jeffery.

Jeffrey finds him and asks him why he walked away.

“I love you and I want you back.” – Malik

“I love you too.” – Jeffrey

They start kissing and hugging.

Jojo has her opening party for her boutique.

Steph, Amara and Veronica show up.

Veronica invited Young Hollywood and they are each other’s dates.

He tells Amara he believes they had a misunderstanding. He also says that she looks like a strong woman so he figured he could make the comments that he made about her afro.

This doesn’t sit well with Amara and she tells his such.

“I feel like you’re being ignorant.” – Young Hollywood

Amara asks what his real intentions are and assumes he’s only apologizing so he can hang out with Veronica.

“Where does your true anger come from?” – Young Hollywood

“Because I know that you’re not being sincere.” – Amara

Young Hollywood gives up and says he’s leaving because he’s over the bad energy.

Amara tells Veronica that if she hangs out with Young Hollywood again, their friendship is done.

Jojo’s dad arrives and he exchanges some testy words with her mother.

Her dad tells her mom he will spend a million on an attorney to make sure he doesn’t have to give her mother another dime.

Jojo is concerned her party guests can hear the heated exchange so she walks outside and tearfully tells her father she’s stressed by their failing marriage.

He consoles her.

Shay attends Pretty Ricky’s performance and finds out about Gabby.

She has a conversation with Baby Blue. He tells her he was just lashing out at her because the group’s reunion has him extra nervous. She admits she was negative towards the group first.

He apologizes and they share some laughs. Shay mingles with the rest of those in attendance.

Baby Blue tells Pleasure P he thinks Shay is really cool.

Gabby then walks in the venue and speaks to Pleasure.

In a green screen interview, Gabby says that she came because she hasn’t heard from Pleasure in several days, and she’s confused about where they stand.

Baby Blue and Spectacular realize Pleasure and Gabby are away talking and try to deter Shay from discovering them together.

But she catches on and walks over to confront them.

“Excuse me, stranger.” – Shay

As security holds her back, she throws her drink in Gabby’s face.


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