LHHMIA Recap: Trick Daddy Clashes with Ex Wife Joy + Veronica Vega Betrays Amara


LHHMIA Recap: Trick Daddy Clashes with Ex Wife Joy + Veronica Vega Betrays Amara

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Pleasure meets with Shay to talk things out.

Both are upset and feel the other crossed the line the night before.

Shay says Pleasure’s group member Baby Blue disrespected her and he didn’t have her back. Pleasure feels like Shay is the one who started all of the drama with his band members.

Regardless, Pleasure is offended that Shay feels he doesn’t have her back when he was there for her breakup with Lil Scrappy.

“So through the whole Scrappy sh*t I ain’t have your back?” – Pleasure

Shay says that Scrappy always had her back and he would not have allowed anyone to disrespect her. Pleasure says he actually helped her get through her breakup with Scrappy and she should remember that.

He then hugs her and says they can get through their issues.

Prince meets up with DJ E Feezy.

They talk about how him being a successful club promoter helps him when it comes to getting women. But Prince says he feels like he deserves more respect.

Feezy says Prince’s only competition in the city is Michelle Pooch. She’s a DJ who is in business with her husband.

Prince and Michelle have clashed in the past. Michelle turned down working with Prince because she feels he and his circle are “ratchet.”

Feezy says they will force Michelle and others to respect them soon with the big moves they are about to make.

Veronica Vega has a photoshoot and Amara and Steph Lecor come through.

Amara tells them about her terrible run in with Young Hollywood. She also tells them about how often she has to deal with colorism in the Latino community.

As she talks about it, Amara breaks down in tears.

Veronica and Steph console her.

“You can’t let it break you down.” – Veronica

Trina’s cousin has to face her estranged husband, Trick Daddy.

Trina meets with her cousin Joy at a performance she has with Trick. Trina anticipates that things will be awkward between them.

Although they are not officially divorced, they haven’t been together in four years. Trina says they need to officially divorce but Joy thinks there may be a chance they can reconcile if he’s changed.

However, Joy doesn’t think he’s changed.

Trick isn’t happy to see her and they don’t speak when they see each other.

Joy realizes she needs to pull the trigger on the divorce.

Amara spends some time with her mother. She has decided not to tell her about Young Hollywood since she raised her to love who she is.

Her mom says that she wants her to end up getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Amara wants to succeed so her mother doesn’t have to work anymore.

She gets emotional when she tells her this. So does her mother.

Gunplay hangs out with Miami Tip and plays some pool.

His girlfriend Keyara still has no idea he slept with Tip in the past.

Tip doesn’t like the fact that Gunplay just got up and left Miami without telling her and now he wants to continue where they left off.

They flirt.

They start talking about their love lives and Gunplay says he is dating someone on a serious level.

Tip says that Keyara is not as bad as her and bends down in front of him to show him her backside. Gunplay tries to remember to behave.

Shay and Michelle Pooch catch up at the beach for a workout.

Michelle tells Shay that Prince came to her event with a crew and acted like he owned the place. She’s not a fan.

They then discuss Pretty Ricky’s reunion and Shay says she hasn’t been getting along with Pleasure P’s group members.

She also doesn’t like that he hasn’t been defending her when they speak ill of her.

“I can’t have a weak man on my team.” – Shay

Michelle says that Shay will have to go hard or go home when it comes to her relationship with Pleasure P.

Gunplay tells Keyara that he met up with Miami Tip and she came on to him.

“This is one of the issues as to why I did not want to come back here.” – Keyara

Gunplay says he turned Tip down and Keyara should be thankful he’s even telling her this. But Keyara says if he was really loyal, he would not have put himself in the situation.

Gunplay disagrees.

“Any other fool would have took that.” – Gunplay

They start arguing.

“We moved out here for this?” – Keyara

Gunplay still doesn’t tell her he slept with Tip in the past.

Veronica Vega and Steph confront Young Hollywood.

They show up to his single release party with the intentions of checking him for what he said to Amara.

When he comes up to speak, they get right down to it. And he says that the “thing” Amara has on her head is dope but she doesn’t have to wear it everyday.

He says he will apologize if Veronica agrees to go out on a date with him.

They start flirting.

“You’re cute.” – Young Hollywood

Steph gives them some alone time, so the flirting continues.

Shay plans a romantic dinner for Pleasure P but he ends up meeting another woman for dinner.

Turns out the woman Pleasure is meeting with is his ex girlfriend Gabby.

He says he hasn’t seen Gabby in years and he told Shay he had a change of plans.

“You didn’t miss me?” – Gabby

Pleasure says they were together for four years and he wants to know why she contacted him now.

She says she was hoping they could get a fresh start. Pleasure says that it’s always been “what if” when it comes to her. He wants to see where things go now that they are talking again.

Keyara pops up on Miami Tip with her friend Chinese Nicky.

They go to the club that Tip strips at. They approach her and Keyara asks her about coming on to Gunplay the other day.

“That’s what he told you? We f*cked around before.” – Tip

Tip says she doesn’t really see the issue anyway since Keyara and Gunplay aren’t married. However, she’s not trying to get with Gunplay but she finds Keyara attractive and tells her such.

This flatters Keyara and she flirts with Tip before leaving the club in a giddy mood.

Joy has a sit-down with Trick.

She surprises him at his house and his manager, Dawn, answers the door.

“Let me walk you to the lion’s den.” – Dawn

Joy says she does’t feel like she ever gave him an explanation for why she left. She says she left because she was unhappy.

Trick says she hasn’t been happy since she left because she’s the best man she’s ever had.

He tells her that he thinks she should do better now that she left him. He feels like the men she’s been dealing with can’t compete with him financially.

Joy says there’s more to happiness than money.

“That’s not all to life.” – Joy

Joy feels it takes more than money for her to be happy in a relationship.

“Money was never the problem. Love was the problem. Respect was the problem…” – Joy

Trick gets angry and ends the conversation.

“I don’t want to talk. I’m going to sh*t and take me a shower.” – Trick


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  1. Anonymous

    January 9, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Veronica Vega is trash.

  2. Anonymous

    January 10, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Trick’s wife is sooooo pretty.

  3. Morgan

    January 11, 2018 at 7:14 am

    They need plies on there. I thought the show was gonna be ok to watch. It’s just dry hopefully it will get better

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