LHHNY Recap: Bri & Bianca Almost Come to Blows at Sit Down + Jonathan Comes Clean


LHHNY Recap: Bri & Bianca Almost Come to Blows at Sit Down + Jonathan Comes Clean

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Jaquae walks in Karl’s boxing event with his new boo Kiyanne.

Sophia and Safaree speak to them and Sophia tells Jaquae she hopes they can be cool one day.

Jaquae says he is not interested in being cool with her, and she and Kiyanne exchange some words after Sophia is called a thot.

Kiyanne lounges across the table at Sophia and security intervenes.

Yandy calls for peace.

Juju catches up with Jonathan and Remy.

She tells them that she’s going to get her Master’s degree.

Yandy arrives a little late, and she tells them she wants to be able to help the hurricane victims in Houston. They all say they are down to take the trip with her and help out.

She then tells them that she also wants the younger ladies to come to Houston too but Remy says she’s not sold on that idea because she doesn’t feel like being around people who are beefing and trying to fight each other.

However, Remy says she will have a talk with Bianca and MariahLynn to see if they are interested.

They are hoping that MariahLynn, Bianca, Bri and Dreamdoll will be able to settle their differences so they can all help out in Houston.

MariahLynn asks Rich for a favor.

MariahLynn and Rich have a conversation over dinner.

She apologizes for everything that happened in the past when they were romantically involved.

In a green screen interview, she says that she was never honest with Rich about her true feelings for him.

“I’m sorry and I always will love you.” – MariahLynn

“So we good. I’m glad you called.” – Rich

They start discussing Bri and MariahLynn says that Bri is the common denominator in all of the drama. She wants Rich to separate from her professionally.

“Can you please let this b*tch go?” – MariahLynn

Rich says he will have a talk with her. He and MariahLynn give each other a peck on the lips.

Safaree, Self and Jaquae catch up.

They discuss the drama that went down at Karl’s event with Sophia and Jaquae’s new boo Kiyanne.

Safaree denies trying to be messy by encouraging Sophia to come to the event and talk to Jaquae.

Jonathan opens up.

He meets his sister Jasmine and says that the main reason he moved back to New York is because he felt so disconnected from the family.

He recalls their mom sending him to DR to get “treatment” because he was gay.

He says he was locked in the room by staff and interrogated for wearing dresses and makeup.

He also says he was literally shocked when his answers were not in line with being converted.

Jonathan says that during this time, their mom called and said he had to stay at the “treatment center” because she didn’t want him to get picked on for being gay.

Jasmine tells him to have an honest conversation with their mother so they can move forward.

Mo and Karl have another conversation.

She tells him that she doesn’t appreciate the fact that he has a secret Instagram account. He says his PR rep told him he needed to do it, and he wanted Mo to run it.

“But why did you actually block me?” – Mo

Mo says that it doesn’t make sense since he blocked her and she feels like he’s sneaky.

She tells Karl he needs to get his act together because she’s running out of patience.

Remy has a talk with MariahLynn and Bianca while shopping for new clothes.

She asks them about their beefs with Dreamdoll and Bri.

Both feel they aren’t wrong for their feuds, and Remy tells them that they need to end the drama and all move on.

Bri shoots a music video for her new single.

Trina is on the track and is also on set filming.

Rich is also in attendance and he pulls Bri to the side and asks her about what happened between her and MariahLynn.

Rich tells her she needs to stay out of drama because it’s a bad look for her career.

Bri defends her actions because she wanted to be loyal to Dreamdoll.

“Your career is in my hands!” – Rich

He tells her to cut it out and he doesn’t want to have this conversation again. Bri says she will bring it down a notch.

Jaquae and MariahLynn drop by Kiyanne’s studio session.

They tell her they are feeling the new track she recorded.

The conversation then changes into what went down between Kiyanne and Sophia at Karl’s event.

“I need to close out that part of my life.” – Kiyanne

Kiyanne says that she went off so quickly because she was attacked years ago and got badly hurt. She had to seek treatment in the hospital.

So now she’s always ready to defend herself but she doesn’t want any problems with anyone because she doesn’t want anymore negativity in her life.

She breaks down in tears.

Jaquae hugs and kisses her.

Rich speaks at the Diabetes Relief Center.

With his loved ones in attendance (including his mother, Yandy, Peter and Tara), he talks about the day he found out he has Diabetes.

He says it was scary because he always thought he was a healthy person.

He chokes up and says it’s not a weakness to take care of yourself because your loved ones want you to be around.

Yandy says in a green screen interview that she’s thankful he’s taking everything serious.

When Bri comes up to speak to Yandy, Rich and Self, they tell her that she needs to really drop her beef with Bianca and MariahLynn.

Yandy says she would like for all of them to show up to Houston, but she first wants them all to agree to sit down and talk out their issues.

Bri agrees to the sit-down.

Mo talks out her frustrations with Karl to Yandy, Karl asks for a second chance.

She shows up to the shooting of a music video of one of Yandy’s music artists.

Mo explains that she’s really upset about Karl having a secret Instagram account. Karl pops up with flowers and Yandy gives them some time alone to talk.

Karl tells Mo that he doesn’t want to lose her and he came to apologize.

Mo says that if the shoe was on the other foot, Karl would have left her. However, she doesn’t want to leave him because she loves him.

“I’m sorry. I want my best friend back.” – Karl

They hug and Mo sheds some tears as they kiss.

Jonathan has that important conversation with his mom.

He’s ready to discuss the gay conversion therapy he had to suffer through when he was younger with his mother and sister.

His mother explains that she sent him to the center because she was worried he would have to live a hard life being gay.

Jonathan says that he was injected with hormones and he had machines on his body that would issue shocks when he didn’t answer questions the way the staff wanted him to.

His mother breaks down and says she doesn’t want to hear anymore.

But Jasmine tells their mom to keep listening, and Jonathan says that he knew he couldn’t have a better relationship with his mother if he couldn’t get this off his chest.

His mother says what happened is in the past and she is so proud of who he is today.

They cry and hug it out as Jasmine smiles and looks on.

Yandy and Remy’s sit-down with Bianca, MariahLynn Dreamdoll and Bri is a flop.

At the door, Remy and Yandy demand all the ladies remove the shoes so they don’t toss them at each other in a fit of rage.

“I’m going to need those shoes.” – Remy

Bianca says that Bri came for her first and they start arguing. At this point, Bri calls Bianca a thot and accuses her of sleeping around and even trying to hit on a man she was involved with.

Bianca lounges at Bri and security intervenes.


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  1. Anonymous

    January 23, 2018 at 11:55 am

    I really don’t care about Bianca and Bri’s beef. This has been a terrible season.

  2. Peachy

    January 23, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    It was hilarious to see Remy and Yandy make them take their shoes off.

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