'Married to Medicine' Recap: Quad & Gregory Talk It Out + Mariah & Simone Make Peace


‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Quad & Gregory Talk It Out + Mariah & Simone Make Peace

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Mariah and Heavenly continue their explosive argument after Simone brings up Mariah’s speech at her Mother Day’s event.

“Simone started that sh*t.” – Heavenly

They get broken up by the rest of the group and Dr. Jackie takes Heavenly to the side to calm her down. Heavenly tells Dr. Jackie that she feels like Mariah invited her to her house just to shade her.

Mariah and Simone start arguing and Simone says she feels like Mariah never really apologized for her role in the group’s past issues.

Contessa then says that the rest of the group doesn’t feel like Mariah hasn’t apologized and Toya gets annoyed and says Mariah has apologized, as well as invited everyone to her house to move forward.

However, Heavenly isn’t the only one who feels like Simone instigated the situation. Eugene feels this way as well.

“You started all that sh*t.” – Eugene

“I didn’t mean to. Everything is all about intent.” – Simone

After it starts storming, they decide to end the 90s party early.

Dr. Heavenly talks to Damon about her blowup with Mariah.

He tells Heavenly that oftentimes her comebacks are very harsh. He says she needs to be more respectful about other people’s mothers.

She tells him that she wishes she was more even-tempered like him.

Heavenly also admits she should have handled the situation much better but she realizes she will never be perfect. Damon is optimistic and thinks Heavenly and Mariah can talk things out after both of them calm down.

“You’ll have a chance to redeem yourself.” – Damon

Contessa vents to her husband Scott.

They discuss the 90s party and both agree things went too far between Mariah and Heavenly.

The topic then switches to Miss Renee. She’s not going to be around for a while, and they have to figure out their new schedule.

Contessa hasn’t spoken to Miss Renee in a week and that’s the longest they have ever gone without talking.

Scott feels like Miss Renee is very disrespectful and he’s kind of to the point of letting her go permanently.

He tells Contessa to never allow anyone to come in their house and disrespect her.

Mariah and Simone talk it out.

Simone called up Mariah to meet her at a restaurant to talk everything out.

Mariah asks Simone why she feels like she’s not owning up to what she’s done in the past. Simone says that Mariah never asked for their forgiveness.

Simone says that Mariah talks behind everyone’s backs and she should stand by the shade she has thrown in the past.

Mariah says that the issue she has with Heavenly is that she apologized but later recanted by shading her mother again.

Simone admits that Heavenly was wrong to bring up Miss Lucy again.

However, Mariah says she would prefer to focus on mending their relationship. Simone says they can do that and they laugh and drink some wine together.

Dr. Jackie sees Curtis again.

He comes by the house and brings her a single rose and some food.

Dr. Jackie says she feels very frustrated about their marriage and he once again apologizes for cheating.

He offers to replace the light bulb of one of the ceiling lights and she watches on.

They sit down and start eating together.

He tells her that he has a lot of thoughts he wants to share with her and he hopes they can eventually work things out.

“But I want you to be well.” – Curtis

In a green screen interview, Jackie says that she really misses Curtis and wants him in her life. She’s just not sure yet if that’s what they will do.

After they finish eating, Curtis leaves and urges her to lock the door behind him.

Simone and Cecil discuss the app he is working on.

Simone says she is still upset he took $25,000 out the joint account to fund it without talking to her first. He doesn’t appreciate that she said he could have been using the money to spoil a side chick.

He denies this and tells her he really believes they can make a lot of money from the app. He owns about 16% of the app.

In a green screen interview, Cecil says he’s been feeling like he will be the next one to get laid off at his job. This app is a backup plan.

Simone reminds him that they are a team and he doesn’t have to worry about losing his job.

He says he was scared to tell her about the app first because he thought she would shoot hm down.

They agree that they will have a discussion beforehand the next time they are ready to invest.

Dr. Contessa is really busy at her office and feels like she’s not able to spend enough time with her kids.

She calls Scott and he says he’s been struggling to pick up the kids because he has a lot of patients to see. He was barely able to pick up their daughter on time.

He says they have to figure out their Miss Renee situation.

She overhears their daughter crying for her in the phone and refusing to go home if Contessa is not there.

This bums out Contessa and she sheds some tears.

Toya and Eugene have a romantic night.

Toya surprises Eugene in some very seductive lingerie.

When he gets home he sees her and laughs.

“I’m just not used to coming in and you looking like you want to dominate somebody.” – Eugene

The children are away, so they go to the bedroom and have some wine.

She tells Eugene that she wants him to wear a dog collar so they can do something different.

In a green screen interview, Toya says she wants it rough sometimes. Eugene is not comfortable with this.

He proposes they take a bath so he can clean up after work, and Toya says she will draw him a bath instead.

They agree to make love after his bath.

Quad and Gregory turn to their Marital Focus Group.

It’s a support group they have with married friends and they have sessions often to vent their issues.

When their friends arrive, Quad says they are really having some serious issues and they need support. Before they can say much, Gregory gets a phone call on his cell phone.

He walks away to talk, and this annoys Quad.

She tells the group she knew from day one she would always be second to his career.

When Gregory returns, she tells him this.

He tells her she’s number one in his life. She brings up that he had to leave them to talk to a patient, which makes her number two.

In a green screen interview, Gregory says he works hard so they can have a stable future.

She says she needs to feel loved and like he has her back.

She also doesn’t feel like he upholds her and honors her.

A friend tells Quad she made her point and it’s only fair for Gregory to respond.

Gregory says her whole statement just wore him out.

“Like Jesus Christ.” – Gregory

Quad says she’s emotionally empty at this point.

Gregory says that she vaguely tells him what she needs and that isn’t helpful.

Quad says she just wants to feel like he cares and it’s more to it than money.

Gregory says he busted his butt to be a success and he’s done more for her than any woman in his life.

A friend reminds Gregory that he fought to get Quad as well. The friend also says they are not friends anymore and that’s also one of their big issues.

Quad says that in the beginning Gregory acted like she just wanted hm for his money. He admits that is the case.

Quad starts crying and says she doesn’t need his money.

She says he never apologizes for anything and she feels like a “married single woman.”

“I been there for you and you don’t see it.” – Quad

“I see it.” – Gregory

They hug and their friends say they should end the session there so it will be positive.

In a green screen interview. Quad appears by herself and says she still feels alone emotionally and she shouldn’t feel this way when she’s supposed to be married.


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  1. Anonymous

    January 13, 2018 at 11:26 am

    Why is Mariah still denying that she shaded Heavenly? I mean it’s just not that serious. Everyone knew who she was talking about.

  2. deb

    January 13, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    I am sick of Quad, if she wants out of her marriage then so be it, but after 8 years of marriage and not having to share any of it she should have figured out by now how to get what she needs from her husband. This is just some crap. She figured out probably from the jump she wasn’t having kids, I think she’s a selfish trick who doesn’t think she needs him anymore & wants out. So, poof be gone.

  3. Anonymous

    January 13, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    Quad used the hell out of Dr G and Mariah. But she’s playing victim and making it seem like they did her dirty. Truth is both of them helped her get to where she is and now that she’s successful, she’s dumping both of them. Watch her file for divorce.

  4. Ms. Jackson

    January 13, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    Quad is so full of sh-t.

  5. Guest2

    January 13, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    I’ve noticed several comments about Quad using her husband. How? ? He should provide for her in every way.. physically, sexually, financially and emotionally. They should be doing these things for each other. Ppl are acting as if she’s not educated and doesn’t have her own career. Everyone’s “love language “ is different.

  6. Anonymous

    January 13, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    It’s time for this cast to be revamped. RHOA as well. The majority of these people are unlikable now.

  7. Jordans Memory

    January 14, 2018 at 9:56 am

    People think quad used her husband because she didn’t come into the marriage with the right intentions of wanting to build a family and have a long-lasting marriage. she came into the marriage trying to get herself back in a better situation than she was before she met her husband. I think it’s clear she wasn’t in a good place when she met her husband, cuz her husband is constantly saying that he’s never done as much for a woman than he did for her, he said he took care of her since the day they met. I believe when Mariah said that she was homeless. Now that she lost weight and back on her feet making her own money, she no longer needs her husband. she just wants out. She thinks she is the hottest thing poppin she wants to date the younger hot guys with more money and status That’s why she didn’t want kids cuz she knew she wasn’t gonna be with him forever just enough time for her to stack her money. I’m sure she sold him a dream and promises of giving him a family when they first met when she had no intentions on doing so. In my book that’s using someone.

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