GUHHATL Recap: Jhonni Blaze and Deb Pop Up on Bow Wow + Ayana Drops Tea on Brandon


GUHHATL Recap: Jhonni Blaze and Deb Pop Up on Bow Wow + Ayana Drops Tea on Brandon

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Da Brat is furious and Ayana hasn’t heard from Zonnique after inviting her to the photo shoot.

Da Brat saw Bow Wow’s snippet of a new song on Instagram and is furious. She FaceTime’s JD, and he says he hasn’t heard it.

JD says that it was his idea for Pimpin to work with Bow Wow. This further agitates her and she feels JD needs to check him for straying from them.

Meanwhile, Ayana interrupts Amy’s video game playing so they can hash out a few things. Ayana hasn’t heard from Zonnique about the photo shoot, not knowing that Zonnique doesn’t want to do the photo shoot. Ayana is nervous about the shoot because she doesn’t want to disappoint her dad.

Zonnique is instead moving in with Reginae into their new apartment. She doesn’t have much time to enjoy the new place because she is getting ready to go out on tour. They are getting along, for now at least.

It’s time for the Ayana’s photo shoot and she’s behind schedule. Amy is driving her to the shoot and trying to calm her down. But that doesn’t work and they switch places. As Ayana is driving, the models keep texting her asking where she is.

During an interview, Bow Wow reveals Da Brat or JD aren’t involved with his latest project.

Bow Wow is at the radio station for an interview, and ignores Da Brat’s texts. He is at the studio premiering the new song he previewed. He’s excited about the track and his new mixtape, “Greenlight 6.” He lets everyone know that the project is coming real soon. He tells the radio host that he is a perfectionist and is working to make sure it’s the best. Bow Wow also shocks the show host when he tells him that Da Brat or JD aren’t on the project.

“You won’t hear a verse from JD on the album. This project is a different approach.” – Bow Wow

Jhonni texts him and tells him, “The track is fire.”

However, he ignores it.

Ayana scrambles to make her photo shoot a success for her father.

Zonnique is in the dance studio rehearsing when Reginae stops by. She tells Reginae that she changed her mind about the shoot, because she wasn’t sure if it was good for her “brand.”

She’s also real nervous about opening for Xscape. Lastly, she is excited to be working with Bow Wow on a song together.

Meanwhile, Ayana made it to the photo shoot and she’s getting her models together. DJ Hurricane stops by. Amy talks to him about Ayana’s surgery requests and they both agree she shouldn’t have it.

“I’m not paying for it.” – DJ Hurricane

“I don’t want her to.” – Amy

He then sees Ayana get each of the models photographed in her newest pieces. She asks if its worth the investment, and he says he isn’t sure. He also tells Ayana that she needs to hire people to help her run things smoother.

Although he wants her to stay focused on the fashion, he is impressed by everything. This helps her calm down.

Toya reveals details about her boyfriend.

Toya gets a call from her boyfriend Brandon. She and Brandon have been dating for over a year. She tells him that she’s excited about the book signing for the book she worked on with Reginae.

The next day, Shaniah calls Ayana to see how her photo shoot went. Ayana tells Shaniah that Zonnique did not show up to the photo shoot. Their mood changes when Shaniah tells Ayana about an interview Brandon did.

Ayana is sick of defending Brandon from the others after he says something crazy and this interview is something else.

Deb and Jhonni Blaze pop up on Bow Wow at the studio.

Jhonni stops by Deb’s house and Deb needs to see more from her to see if she is serious about her music career.

“We don’t have a problem with music. We have a problem with behavior.” – Deb

Jhonni is told this is a sink or swim scenario. This threat is taken seriously and Jhonni tells Deb she isn’t stripping anymore.

“I am now on the straight and narrow.” – Jhonni

Deb tells her she fired Brandon as her vocal coach. When they try to talk about her personal relationships, Jhonni asks Deb for help for closure with Bow Wow.

“I just want to be friends.” – Jhonni

Deb agrees, because she feels that Jhonni and Bow Wow may work together in the future.

Toya and Reginae stop by a venue to where Toya wants to host their book signing and party. Reginae wants the party to be lit.

Toya tells Reginae that they are inviting Deb and Brandon, but Reginae doesn’t care.

Bow Wow is at the studio and he is impressed with the reaction from the snippet. He hasn’t heard from JD so he’s just going to go forward with Pimpin to release more songs.

While on the way to meet Bow Wow, Jhonni schools Deb to the history between her and Bow Wow. According to Jhonni, she met Bow Wow as he was breaking up with Angela Simmons. Deb tells her they are just going to pop up at the studio and she’s nervous.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow is trying to get into the studio with Zonnique. However, Zonnique needs to have a chat with Ayana about missing her photo shoot, so she invites her over to her studio session.

After Ayana arrives, Zonnique seems to anger Ayana when she tells her she didn’t get a call about the photo shoot.

“Ok, I’m gonna cuss you out.” – Ayana

Ayana explains that she invited Zonnique to do it at the consultation. Zonnique apologizes and then tells her the truth which is she was worried about possibly hurting her brand.

“Working with me is going to affect your brand? What does that have to do with me?” – Ayana

Before things get bad, Zonnique tells her that she doesn’t want to have beef. After she accepts the apology, Ayana tells Zonnique about Brandon’s interview in which he speaks badly about the cast. She’s also going to tell Deb about it.

Back at the studio, Deb stops by with Jhonni.

“Oh h*ll no. I feel like this is like a set up.” – Bow Wow

So, Bow Wow decides to get up and walk out of the studio. Deb gets angry and comes to Bow Wow.

Deb feels like there’s something deeper going on and wants to get to the bottom of why they aren’t talking. When Deb goes back to tell Jhonni what he is saying, Jhonni gets angry and rips off her microphone.


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  1. Anonymous

    February 9, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    This is a boring season. We are getting less of Brandon and more of Jhonni Blaze. Who made this decision?

    • Im Sayin

      February 9, 2018 at 4:30 pm

      I’m sure WEtv thought she would spice up the show. But she isn’t.

  2. Debra

    February 9, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    I keep watching thinking it will get better. But it hasn’t. I think it was a bad idea to putt Jhonni on the show. It’s something about her that is very boring and try hard.

  3. Anonymous

    February 9, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    I think it’s been boring because Reginae and Brandon made up. I mean their whole beef made the show last season.

  4. Veronica

    February 9, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    I’m ready for BFV. The editing on this show annoys me.

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