Mary J. Blige’s Divorce Documents Claim She Lost Money from ‘Mudbound’ Role

According to the Blast, Mary J. Blige filed new documents in her ongoing divorce from husband Kendu Isaacs. Mary is standing firm in her request for the court to deny Kendu spousal support. She feels that Kendu views her like an ATM and won’t get a job. She says she is massively in debt and currently struggles to find steady pay in music or Hollywood.

In fact, within those documents filed, Mary revealed she actually lost money from her role in the Oscar-nominated movie “Mudbound.”

She also claims television and movie roles aren’t lucrative.

The Blast writes:

Mary J. Blige just revealed that her estranged husband is crazy if he thinks she’s got a ton of dough for appearing in a Hollywood movie and getting an Academy Award nomination, because she ended up spending way more than she earned.

According to documents filed by Blige ahead of her upcoming divorce trial, she is arguing against paying Kendu Isaacs any spousal support and blames him for her financial downfall.

The singer reveals that her Oscar-nominated role for Best Supporting Actress and Song in “Mudbound” left her with expenses that far outweighed monetary compensation for the film. She says that it’s been necessary to seek out new projects to earn income, however, the roles in TV and film have not been lucrative and are instead intended to support her brand and image.

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  1. But MoNique needs to be quiet though, right? It’s a damn shame black women are out here being nominated for and winning Oscars but still not getting paid.

  2. Man f-ck the Oscars. If they still ain’t gonna pay you after you win one, then what’s the point of winning one?

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