‘Atlanta’ Recap: The Hit Show Returns with a Shootout, Katt Williams and an Alligator

Robbin’ Season begins with twists and shooting.

The episode opens up in an apartment complex and a man knocking on his friend’s door. When he gets inside, he tells the friend, named Drew, a story about a co-worker quitting his job to become a rapper.

“Last week, he was the hotep n****, now he wants to be hard.” – friend

The man then brings up wanting to buy weed, but the connect wasn’t available.

Drew brings up a Mrs. Winners location where they can order food and weed. When they get to the drive thru, they order food and order the weed via code.

Things change suddenly when the man and Drew drive up to the next window. This when their true plan is revealed; to rob the chicken joint. Donning masks, Drew’s friend shoots a gun at the manager and worker, then jumps into the window.

The worker frantically tells him where the drugs are and he goes for the stash. Just when the robber thinks he scored easily, the manager surprises him with a machine gun and a shoot out ensues.

When they get outside, the manger shoots up the car as they get away. Suddenly, the car stops, and a woman gets out of the car bleeding and screaming.

Earn got kicked out of the storage unit.

Meanwhile, Earn is awakened by a man opening his storage unit, picking off his items. The man tells him he has to leave the unit ASAP.

“They’re coming today.” – Storage Unit Worker

Darius and Paper Boi’s friendship is strained.

Next, Earn knocks on Al and Darius’ door, and things are suspiciously quiet. Earn jokes about them partying, and Paper Boi brings up the fact that he’s on house arrest.

Darius, the ever proper roommate, offers a slider burger to Earn.

Earn declines, but asks for a ride to his Parole Officer. Darius obliges. He asks Paper Boi whats going on regarding the tension between him and Darius. However, Paper Boi is mum.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” – Paper Boi

Suddenly, a woman walks in, and Earn greets her.

“Hey Regina!” – Earn

Tara looks at him crazy.

“I’m Tara.” – Tara

Earn talks his way out of Paper Boi getting in trouble with Tara by telling her he mistook her for a friend from high school.

Afterwards, Earn tells Darius and Paper Boi whatever they are going through, he loves them both. Earn’s honest moment causes Tara to break out in laughter.

Darius tells the story of “Florida Man.”

As they are driving, Earn asks Darius if he can stay over. Darius says he has to ask Paper Boi. He then asks about the apparent tension between the two. Darius replies, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Earn tells Darius his parents are driving to Florida for a funeral. Darius takes the time to tell him about “Florida Man,” who is someone who does crazy, headline-grabbing stuff in Florida.

This includes shooting an unarmed black man, running someone over at a Checkers and punching his ex’s new boyfriend in a hospital while she’s giving birth, and eating another’s face.

They get to Earn’s PO, and it’s revealed he must pay $375 for his drug classes. He got arrested for trying to sell a joint. Before he leaves, he takes a urine test.

Paper Boi calls, asking Earn to check on Uncle Willie.

At a gas station Earn and Darius witness Dekalb Police arresting a guy. Darius says “it’s Robbin’ Season.”

“It’s Robbin Season. Christmas approaches, and people got to eat.” – Darius

“Eat or be eaten.” – Earn

Paper Boi calls him, telling them to head over to Uncle Willie’s to check on him and his significant other Yvonne. Yvonne says she’s been kidnapped and called the police. So, Earn and Darius head over. When they get there, Darius asks to come in.

“The vibe here is just so intense.” – Darius

Earn’s Uncle Willie, played by Katt Williams, answers the door.

When they get in, they learn Yvonne is locked in the room. They go get her and learn there is an alligator locked in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Darius introduces himself in his own way.

Willie locked Yvonne in the room, apparently, because she stole $50 from him while he slept. Earn gets a key from Willie but Willie warns about the alligator in the bathroom.

Earn goes to check on her and she says she didn’t call the police. However, Willie’s neighbors may’ve called. To diffuse the situation, Earn hands Yvonne $100, telling her to give Uncle Willie the $50 she took from him.

Willie and Earn clash while police arrive outside.

Eventually, two officers knock to talk to Willie and Yvonne. However, they aren’t interested in coming outside. The officers demand they come out, but Willie resists. He tells them if they try to come in, he’ll release his alligator.

At this point, neighbors come out and tell the officers he is the Alligator Man.

When Willie closes the door, Earn opens it right back. He pleads to give him 5 minutes to calm down things and get his uncle outside. They ask if Willie really has an alligator. Earn casually nods.

One of the officers asks if the alligator is friendly with Earn and he says no.

Meanwhile, Earn wants to leave but Darius is fascinated by the alligator he sees with dead chickens.

“S***’s like an Azealia Banks’ Snapchat.” – Darius

Earn pleads with Willie to go outside and cooperate, because he is on probation. However, Willie isn’t budging. He claims Yvonne stole from him while he slept. Yvonne goes on and hands him $50. She tells him to go outside to keep Earn from getting in trouble.

The two of them start arguing again over the $50 and she walks out. As she walks out of Uncle Willie’s, she yells out, “ He kidnapped me!”

At this point, Earn and Willie begin to argue. When Earn brings up the fact that Paper Boi owns the house, Willie taunts Earn.

He tells Earn that he needs Paper Boi financially and he’s afraid of being let go as the rapper’s manager.

Willie’s mood changes when Earns brings up how Willie messed up in his life. He tells his uncle that he was a smart man who did nothing with life. Willie quiets with disappointment, walking towards his room.

Darius leaves too, mentioning the vibe feels like a prison. He then heads to the car.

Earn gets wise advice from Willie.

Willie goes to his bedroom and goes under his bed. He gets a gold gun and hands it to Earn. He tells him he will need it. Earn apologizes to Willie for saying what he did. He also tells his uncle that he’s angry about Willie’s fallout with his mom.

“I mean what I said but I’m sorry I said it.” – Earn

Earn then admits he’s scared of Paper Boi no longer needing him anymore.

Before Earn leaves out, Willie gives him a piece of advice.

“If you don’t want to end up like me, get rid of that chip on your shoulder s***. It’s not worth your time.” – Willie

Earn walks out with the gun in his backpack.

At this point, the cops are getting angry and walk towards the door. However, the door opens again, and the alligator walks out casually. This stuns the officers, which gives Willie a chance to go out the side door.

The scene ends with Willie sprinting down the center of a back street.

Earn realizes Paper Boi won’t have space to crash.

At night, Earn and Darius return to the crib. Paper Boi asks what happened to Willie. Earn says, “He’s not in jail.”

Although they may be beefing, Paper Boi offers Darius a hit of his blunt. He accepts.

Earn shows the gun Willie gave him. Darius and Paper Boi start laughing. At this point, a man named Tracey, who just got out of jail, walks in. He tells Earn to get rid of the gun.

Paper Boi tells his cousin that Tracey is a friend he is looking out for. He will be staying there.

Earn realizes he must find somewhere else to go. Darius still asks him if he’s good, and Earn lies and says he is.

When he walks outside, he takes a long sigh, and then walks off.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. This is easily one of the best shows on TV. It’s the perfect balance of the real, comedy and darkness. I’m glad it’s back.

  2. Now this is how you come back with a bang. I always worry about the second seasons of shows because that’s when they start to fall off but I can tell this season is going to be so good.

  3. That alligator scene was so hilarious and Katt sprinting like he was in the Olympics right after had me hollering! I love this damn show!

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