Tom Joyner Promises to No Longer Play Any R. Kelly Music

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Sophia Nelson interviewed Tarana Burke. Tarana Burke is credited in created and spearheading the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements.

During the interview, Tarana revealed that it’s difficult to get people in the black community to take the movement seriously. However, there has been a swelling of support in protesting R. Kelly.

Tarana says that in the past six months, nine R. Kelly shows have been cancelled due to protests. Despite this, Tarana says this isn’t enough. In fact she says, “We need help. We need the Tom Joyner Morning Show to stop supporting R. Kelly.”

Tom Joyner instantly replied to Tarana, “Okay, you got it. I won’t play anymore R. Kelly music.”

A surprised Tarana than said, “Don’t invite him to your ship, either,” referring to Tom Joyner’s annual celebrity cruise.

“I wasn’t gonna do that either,” Tom replied.

This recent promise from Tom is on the heels of R. Kelly apparently struggling to find a legal and crisis team to help him amidst his many new allegations of misconduct with multiple young women.

Essence reports that his lawyer and publicist quit after the British TV network BBC released their documentary, “R. Kelly: S*x, Girls and Videotapes.” R. Kelly was also accused of giving a minor a STD.

Check out the full TJMS interview with Tarana Burke below.

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  1. We also need to get these greedy parents on board too. A lot of the girls he was with it was well known by the parents, they are enablers and promoted this disgusting foolishness to live a comfortable life then once they see how disgusting he is now they want out and ready to press charges.

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