LHHATL Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Do it For Finesse


LHHATL Recap: Tommie Clashes with Versace, Again + Shooter’s Friend Keely is Messy

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Shooter is still mourning his son, who was killed by gun violence.

His close friends show him support by spending time with him. Kirk is in attendance and says the situation makes him feel like he needs to make sure he’s there for his son with Jasmine.

Later on, Shooter says his son was shot multiple times in the neck.

Tabius just feels the whole situation is crazy.

They discuss what they should do to stop black on black crime.

Bleu from BMF says that now that he’s back from prison, he now realizes he has to be a role model now and encourage young guys to be better than he was when he was younger.

“We ain’t got to fight fire with fire.” – Shooter

Shooter says his split from Sierra has been hard and he hasn’t heard from her since the funeral. He says she should have been there more for him at this difficult time.

Tommie meets up with her mother Samantha.

Both are disappointed about how things went down between Tommie and Versace the previous night.

“I want y’all to get along.” – Samantha

But Tommie isn’t hearing it because Versace pressed charges against her in the past. She urges Samantha to talk Versace into apologizing.

Tommie says she will accept the apology if it’s genuine. So Samantha agrees to set this up but she also wants a family portrait.

“If I get the apology, then I can think about the family portrait.” – Tommie

Jasmine and Kirk have a civil conversation.

Kirk has a sit down with Jasmine at his attorney’s office.

“Been a little minute? How long has it been like over a year since I’ve seen you?” – Jasmine

He tells her that the media craze has kept him away. But he figured child support would make things easier for her.

Jasmine says that she’s no longer with Rod, so Kirk doesn’t have to worry about the bickering anymore.

But he stresses she can’t pop up at Rasheeda’s store unannounced.

Both agree that it’s important for the kids to have a relationship but she has to be respectful towards Rasheeda. Jasmine wants to apologize to Rasheeda but Kirk says she needs to let him handle that.

Kirk is surprised at how mature Jasmine is being.

She shows him video of their son. Kirk is touched.

“Isn’t he so handsome?” – Jasmine

Karlie gets some advice from her new boo Sean Garrett.

He surprises her at home with a serenade via piano. She also learns that his mom died from cancer.

She says that her dad left when she was two and they haven’t had a good relationship for years. After he had a heart attack, Karlie learned he has cancer.

Her father wants her to take care of him even though he wasn’t ever there for her. But Sean urges her to try to build a relationship with her father anyway. So they both agree she should fly him out to Atlanta.

They have a passionate moment.

Shooter gets some interesting advice from Keely.

Yung Joc and the rest of Shooter’s friends have been trying to keep Shooter busy.

They invite him out to a charity event at a local park, and he shows up.

Shooter and Joc’s mutual friend Botchey is also there for support.

Keeley, Botchey’s girlfriend, shows up. She’s in PR and is also one of Shooter’s best friends.

She moved to Atlanta and Shooter is happy about this.

They all discuss Sierra, and he says he doesn’t like that she hasn’t been there for him. He’s convinced now that divorce is what’s best.

Keely says Shooter needs a distraction, as in another woman. She was friends with Sierra, but she urges him to move on anyway because she feels like Sierra was grimy for not being there.

Rasheeda and Kirk talk about the future.

She agrees that it’s important for all the kids to have a relationship. But things have to be respectful.

He then tells her that he’s set up a business venture for her but she doesn’t like this because he didn’t talk to her first.

With them being separated, she wants him to run everything by her first. He agrees to this.

Kirk then asks if he can move back in the house since they still work together.

“Should have thought about that before.” – Rasheeda

Samantha’s family portrait goes left.

Samantha decides to schedule the family portrait and Versace’s meeting with Tommie in one place.

She invites everyone to the photo shoot. Tommie walks in and she is not happy when she sees Versace.

Regardless, Samantha tries to coerce Tommie into taking the picture. She refuses.

Versace walks over to talk and Tommie takes off her sunglasses and says she’s being ambushed.

Samantha says she can see Tommie has been drinking so this encounter won’t end well.

They start arguing and Versace says she will apologize for what she did but Tommie needs to apologize for what she did too.

Tommie gets angry and security has to restrain them.

At this point, Tommie starts arguing with Samantha. Samantha is not having this and snaps.

“Who the f*** you think you talking to, b****?” – Samantha

Security escorts Tommie out the building and she says angrily that she raised her little sister when her mother wasn’t around.

“F*** y’all.” – Tommie

She is driven away from the shoot.

Keely goes off on Botchey.

Just Brittany is performing at Botchey’s event.

After she finishes her performance, Joc has a conversation with Keely. Botchey has asked Joc to keep her company while he works the party and mingles.

She’s jealous and hates to see him interacting with other women.

They discuss Shooter and she tells Joc that she’s really sad that Sierra didn’t have Shooter’s back.

So she hooked him up with one of her friends.

Joc feels this is just going to create extra drama.

When Botchey comes by to speak to Keely and Joc, she questions why he’s being so friendly with other women.

“Get out of there with that bullsh**.” – Keely

She threatens to shut the whole club down.

“Don’t play with me.” – Keely

She tries to toss her drink on him before walking away, but misses.

“When you got the blood of Jesus on you…” – Botchey

Karlie’s father makes it to Atlanta.

While trying to take his blood pressure, her sister Katrina comes by with her children. She has another sister she doesn’t talk to.

Katrina says she doesn’t like that he lives by himself.

With Karlie being the youngest, Katrina says that Karlie should be the leader on this.

“I’ve never done this before.” – Karlie

Just Brittany meets with Keely to vent about Stevie.

Brittany is upset about what went down the other day with Stevie, Erica and Estelita.

She thinks it’s unprofessional for Stevie to cause so much drama for her. In a green screen interview, she says she’s never had to sleep around to be successful. So this isn’t something she wants to deal with.

Keely says she should convince Stevie to let her be the Project Manager over at Danger Zone so she can help Brittany out. Brittany feels like this is a good idea.

They agree to go to a mixer Stevie J is hosting together just in case any more drama goes down.

After things go left with Samantha and Versace, Tommie meets with Scrapp’s baby mama Tiarra. The episode ends before the conversation begins.


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  1. Anonymous

    April 10, 2018 at 8:30 am


  2. Shayla

    April 10, 2018 at 8:41 am

    I don’t like the Keely chick. She’s really out here placing all this blame on Sierra like Shooter doesn’t have a side baby.

    • Gloria

      April 10, 2018 at 10:13 am


  3. Troll

    April 10, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Tommie’s schitck has gotten really boring.

  4. Nicole

    April 10, 2018 at 9:21 am

    It’s messed up Shooter’s son was killed but that doesn’t erase the fact that he cheated on his WIFE and had a baby she didn’t even know about it. She went to the funeral but she doesn’t owe him anything else.

    • deb

      April 11, 2018 at 10:37 am

      Yeah, Shooter did a bit to much to his wife to think she wants to hold his hand while he grieves, she did her part and is done. She doesn’t owe him any more then that. He can cut the bull, his marriage is a mess he made, so now he got no wife.

  5. Peachy

    April 10, 2018 at 9:59 am

    So they must be bringing KK back too.

  6. HerHeartIsCold

    April 10, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    Tommies family has some serious issues not even Iyanla can fix. The way her mother talks to her explains a lot. Who calls their child a b–ch and ugly. Tommie has no respect for her mother because there I nothing to respect. The way she feuds with her sister like she someone from the streets. Man. I would have thought there was no way these women are related. Smh they need to get it together

  7. Jordan's Memory

    April 10, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    this show has really run it’s course. I mean yes Tommie has a major attitude but it’s like they are exploiting that. its like they push her buttons so she can go off. I am no Tommie fan but I do see a pattern here, and with her crack head looking mother (I’m convinced she is on something) always trying to start sh*t with her. She does try to walk away most of the time but she lets them pull her in every time. I can’t imagine having a mom like her or talking the way she does to her mom. You would have thought they were two strangers on the street.

  8. The Truth

    April 10, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    It’s cringeworthy to sit back and watch Mona exploit Tommie and her family’s dysfunction for ratings, especially when the ratings are horrible.

  9. Lay Lay

    April 10, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Y’all I’m about tired of Tommie. Can she get a new storyline? The whole fighting people because they pressed charges storyline has been done to death by her.

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