RHOP Recap: Karen Drops a Bomb + Monique Denies Having a Drinking Problem

The drama continues at dinner.

After Candiace and Gizelle end their argument, all the ladies go to pick their rooms.

They are very impressed by their options.

“This is so nice.” – Monique

Gizelle tells Karen that she’s done with Candiace. She feels that her going off on Charrisse was “left field.” Karen feels Charrisse deserved it even though the “geriatric granny” bit was too much even though it was funny.

Candiace calls Chris and tells him about the blowups.

Chris says she needs to keep standing up for herself.

Ashley and Monique say they weren’t expecting Candiace to react the way she did towards Charrisse and Gizelle

But Candiace tells Chris that she has no regrets.

“I don’t need the approval of old, thirty a*s bitches to be complete.” – Candiace to Chris

After Candiace hangs up with Chris, she has a conversation with Monique. Monique warns her to be careful about how she handles things because she could be isolated off the show. Candiace says she understands this but she wanted to defend herself.

Monique says that Charrisse is her girl and she doesn’t want Candiace to burn that bridge so soon.

Gizielle tries to call Sherman but gets no answer. She hasn’t been able to get in touch with him and she feels like this is really weird behavior since they used to talk a lot.

Regardless, the ladies all get dressed up to hang out.

Robyn and Gizelle discuss Monique’s drinking. They don’t think it’s a good idea that she’s already drunk after her car accident.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says that she thinks there is a deeper reason Monique crashed her car. In her opinion, being tired isn’t enough of an excuse.

The ladies have a four course dinner. At the table, Ashley is disturbed by her mother text messaging her for money. She’s reaching her breaking point.

Gizelle asks Ashley how things are going with Michael and she says that Sheila has to move out of her house next week. She’s not sure where Sheila is going to live.

Ashley is stressed by this and Gizelle says that Ashley need to give Sheila some tough love by cutting her off.

“You need to think like what mother would put her child in this position. So you know, I agree with Michael. You need to practice some tough love and cut her off.” – Gizelle

Candiace says the whole situation shows her she needs to set boundaries with her own mother.

The mood of the conversation then changes.

Karen calls out Gizelle and says she should apologize for shading Ray so much in the past.

“Karen, I thought we were pass that!” – Gizelle

“I can’t get past it.” – Karen

She gets a little feisty.

“I don’t touch your husbands. Get the f*ck off my husband and apologize to him.” – Karen

Gizelle says she will apologize to Ray.

Robyn then interjects and asks for Karen to clarify what Gizelle is apologizing for her.

“I dragged her in the corner and you followed. Roll up off my man…Robyn, shut the f*ck up. I just want you to grow up and get your own panties.” – Karen

In a green screen interview, Robyn says Karen is the oldest woman in the group and she needs to “grow the f*ck up.”

“Don’t make silly a*s comments.” – Karen

“You are the dizziest b*tch sitting at the table.” – Karen

Charrisse tells Karen to apologize to Robyn for using the b word. So she does apologize.

“I’m not going to lose the dizzy, but I’ll lose the b*tch.” – Karen

Eventually, Karen says she’s also sorry for calling Robyn dizzy.

Monique throws Candiace under the bus and Ashley spills tea on Karen.

Later that night, the ladies get in a jacuzzi.

The next day, Monique says she is dealing with whiplash from the crash. She’s convinced she needs to hire more help for the house.

Charrisse tells Gizelle that Karen was so drunk she told her something she couldn’t believe. It’s not yet revealed what that was.

Everyone gets in the cars. One group is going fishing, while another goes clay shooting. Gizelle is relieved Candiace is not in the car. Charrisse does an impression of her voice and everyone laughs.

Monique tells Charrisse and Gizelle that she told Candiace that she needs to tone it down but “she’s not listening.”

Gizelle, Karen, Charrisse and Monique have a quick picnic. Gizelle asks Karen if Ray would accept her apology. Then Charrisse says that Karen told her that she’s going to set her up on a date with Blue Eyes. Everyone is stunned but Charrisse laughs.

Karen says that is not what she said and she will set Charrisse that she will set her up with a fake Blue Eyes.

It is then said that Ashley said her stepson saw Karen at Oz canoodling with Blue Eye.

In a green screen interview, Karen says that it’s nothing scandalous going on and Blue Eyes is just her driver. She also says she and Ray are solid. And the other ladies are jealous they don’t have a driver.

Ashley, Robyn and Candiace discuss Monique’s drinking on the way back from clay shooting. Ashley says that Monique definitely had like four martinis before she got in the car and crashed. They wonder if she has a drinking problem.

Both groups then meet up for the obstacle course.

“This is team building.” – Ashley

Karen sees how tall one of the obstacles are and refuses to participate.

Gizelle and Karen decide to just do the kiddie course instead.

Robyn and Ashley have a bonding moment and Robyn says in a green screen interview she’s actually been enjoying her time with Ashley.

Michael FaceTimes Ashley to ask her how the trip is going. She tells him she’s having a good time. The whole trip is reminding her about her grandfather who is deceased. She remembers that her mother put men before her, so her grandparents had to look after her a lot while she was young. She now thinks it may be time to do like her mother and put Michael first.

Monique denies having a drinking problem, Karen clashes with Ashley.

After a long day of outdoor activities, the ladies get together for food and drinks.

They discuss how great the day was for all of them.

Monique tells Candiace that she was reserved at first and now she’s been doing the most. She thinks Candiace needs to bring it down a notch.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says Monique is throwing Candiace under a bus.

“I think she followed our advice almost exactly.” – Ashley

Candiace then says that Monique told her that Charrisse may not like her because she’s jealous that Monique has a new friend in Candiace.

Monique says that she was just joking and Gizelle accuses Monique of flip-flopping. Robyn says Monique is putting seeds in Candiace’s head.

Candiace then defends confronting Charrisse after the fact and says she didn’t feel the moment was right. Despite this, she apologizes for calling Charrisse a geriatric grandma. Charrisse says she’s not upset about it because she’s not a geriatric grandma, and Candiace says she’s not a little girl.

The conversation then changes into Monique’s drinking.

Robyn says she’s concerned Monique may have a drinking problem. She says Ashley said Monique had four martinis before her crash.

“I said she had four?” – Ashley

Producers then flashback to a scene of Ashley saying Monique had four drinks.

Monique said she had three. One drink she sent back so she actually just drank two. And she can have five before throwing up.

Karen then gives Monique a warning and says that she has a DUI herself. She doesn’t want that to happen to Monique.

Despite this, Monique says that she doesn’t have a drinking problem and she crashed because she was very tired.

Now it’s Karen’s time to call out Ashley.

Karen confronts Ashley who is sitting next to her. She questions why she has been telling people that she heard Karen and Blue Eyes were coupled up in Oz recently.

Ashley then takes an opportunity to ask Karen if she and Ray have an open marriage.

“Karen do you and Ray have an arrangement?” – Ashley

This leads to Karen clapping back quickly.

“Um, Ashley, has Michael been physical with that man in London?” – Karen

This infuriates Ashley.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says that she’s tired of Karen deflecting and the rumor about Michael is not true. She says no one has ever seen Michael with another man, but people have seen Karen around town with Blue Eyes.

Charrisse then reveals that Karen told her that Ray asked her for a divorce.

“Yes.” – Karen

“What?!” – Monique

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Monique sounds ridiculous. If you’re already tired and have two drinks, what do you think is going to happen? Alcohol is a depressant. If you drink it while you’re already tired, falling asleep behind the wheel will likely happen. Either way you slice it, she made a bad decision. Calling a Uber is easy. She’s digging a hole for herself.

  2. It’s funny how worked up Ashley gets when Karen brings up Michael supposedly being caught up on Grindr. She’ll repeat rumors about other people’s marriages but can’t take when it’s done to her.

  3. Maybe the green eyes story is true and hubby wanted a divorce then maybe he realized it was cheaper to keep her.

    1. Yes. It’s like she’s desperate to stay on it. She noticed being messy has worked for Ashley so she’s doing the same.

  4. You can already tell the reunion is going to be a mess. It’s going to be Robyn, Charrisse, Gizelle and Ashley vs Karen, Monique and Candiace. I’m here for it too.

    1. Well as much as Karen goes at Gizelle and Charrisse, her only real beef is with Ashley. So it will really be Monique and Candiace on their own team.

  5. Okay Karen is hilarious. Now do I think she has a side piece with Blue Eyes? I mean it’s possible. But you have to question why Ray would be okay with that. Does he have someone on the side too?

  6. I just hope Candace has peeped how fake Monique is. That girl is not anyone’s friend. That’s why her and Ashley got along so well. They are all about surviving another season by all means.

  7. It’s funny that Monique was warning Candiace not to fall out with too many people so she won’t be fired after the season but Monique is pretty much falling out with people left and right too. I wouldn’t be surprised if both she and Candiace were on the chopping block after the season.

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