K. Michelle & Moniece Slaughter Throw a Little Shade

The ever out-spoken K. Michelle is now addressing another controversy surrounding the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” This time, she’s calling out a cast member who may possibly be pregnant.

However, K doesn’t believe one word of it. Apparently, K feels is faking it for a story line. To make things even more interesting. K suspects that the cast member lying about the pregnancy will only flip this into a “miscarriage” for sympathy.

She jokingly revealed her opinion on the newest LHH rumor on her Twitter account. She started the rant by saying, “Next they’ll be claiming Jesus came and sat at the food of their bed!”

Check out the shade-filled posts below.

Interestingly enough, K. Michelle’s co-star Moniece Slaughter added her two cents to the revelation. Apparently, K took Moniece to church and threw some praise over her way.

Now it isn’t clear who K. Michelle and Moniece are shading at this time. But as the premiere gets closer, more details about this tea are sure to drop.

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  1. Umm neither one of them can talk though. K has had multiple plastic surgeries and Moniece is a fake lesbian for pay.

  2. Sigh…K. Michelle confuses me. So is she too good for the show or not? If so, she needs to stay away and stop returning every other season.

  3. While I’m also annoyed by all thee fake storylines, neither one of the women can say anything because neither one of them are real. K had plenty of fake storylines on her spinoff and Moniece has had fake storylines on LHHH too.

  4. Kimberly was literally on IG Live crying about how people weren’t there for her surgery. Well this may be why. When she’s not making music and running all those businesses she brags about, she’s being messy. And I can see now that’s never going to change no matter what she goes through. Sad.

  5. K. needs to figure out why she can’t stay away from reality shows when her career is supposed to be popping. LOL.

  6. I wouldn’t brag about my life being so full of drama that I’m not faking storylines. IMO it’s better to fake a storyline than have a bunch of real drama in my life. I’d rather have peace and fake it and pick up my check.

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