‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Don Cheats on Ashley, Again + Ryan Trashes the Shop

Ryan wants change.

Ryan has really had enough of the drama at the shop. He feels like he’s been taken advantage of and everyone has turned on him.

“Something has to change.” – Ryan

Charmaine is still working at the radio station and is thankful to have a backup plan outside of 9Mag.

She says Ryan hasn’t been at the shop to work in weeks.

As for her personal life, Charmaine and Neek are still going strong. He’s currently in Africa for work. Although Charmaine is still upset Kat is gone, she’s going to stay focused on her radio career. She plays a new single from Phor.

Things are going great for Phor and Nikki. They just had a two-year anniversary. With her hair company going well and his music career going great, he’s in a good place in life.

He tells Nikki that he’s performing at the Big Jam. He’s on the lineup up with Chris Brown, Rick Ross and others. He’s very excited that his song “Chi Town” blew up.

“I guess I got to give my girl Charmaine a little credit. She got some pull at GCI.” – Phor

Don cheats on Ashley, again.

Charmaine throws a dinner party.

Van, Lily, and Jenn stop by.

They discuss Ryan.

With him not really talking to anybody, they are really confused by his actions because he’s never done that before.

He’s nowhere to be found and everyone has bills to pay.

Lily tells everyone that Don just posted a Snap story of another woman “orally pleasuring” him and it’s definitely not Ashley.

“This is on his Snap right now.” – Lily

“Who gives h*ad and keeps their socks on?” – Jenn

Ryan trashes the shop.

When Phor, Van, Lily and Charmaine go to the shop on a later day, they notice that the 9 Mag sign on the outside of the building is missing.

They walk inside and see that the shop has been trashed.

It doesn’t take long for them to find bullet holes and see that all of Ryan’s things are gone.

With Ryan’s booth being the only one untouched, Charmaine is convinced he’s the one who trashed the shop.

“This is some crazy a-s sh*t. This is a message for us.” – Charmaine

Van is heated and feels Ryan is acting out because of his situation with Kat.

“Y’all think this n*gga a boss? That n*gga don’t give a f*ck about y’all!” – Van

Ashley has had enough.

Ashley is devastated by Don’s actions and has decided to stay in a motel with the kids until she can figure out her next move.

She’s embarrassed and upset that everything went down on social media.

Her cousin was the one who notified her about the video.

Ashley tells her son  DJ that they are going to be without Don for a while. She starts crying and hears a knock on the door.

Her cousin walks in and tells her that the woman in the video who “serviced” Don has been texting her saying she has been messing around with Don for months.

She’s had enough of him cheating on her and she feels like she got played “again” since he’s cheated in the past.

With them just recently having another baby, Ashley feels completely betrayed.

But her cousin assures her that she’s going to be okay.

Charmaine recruits Van to confront Ryan.

Back at the shop, the gang is still discussing Ryan’s actions. Cobra says that she still loves Ryan as a brother.

When Don walks in they immediately ask him about Ashley. He says she’s angry and doesn’t want to see him.

They switch the topic back to Ryan and Van is convinced the drama with Kat caused Ryan to snap.

Charmaine elects Van to be the one to confront Ryan.

“I really ain’t trying to do nothing crazy.” – Van

But Charmaine insists she doesn’t want things to get violent but with Van being on parole, he knows he has to be calm.

Jenn tells Van that the shop is his business too. So he agrees to confront Ryan.

Phor has his big moment.

Charmaine has been tapped to host Big Jam and she takes credit for Phor being in the line up for performances.

Phor is a bit nervous about performing because it’s going to be the biggest crowd he’s ever performed in front of.

But he hits the stage with confidence and enjoys every second of it.

Van and Ryan meet up.

“What the f*ck wrong with you bro?” – Van

Ryan doesn’t take too long to admit he trashed the shop.

“Alright, I did that sh*t. I can own that.” – Ryan

Van calls Ryan out for trashing the shop and leaving everyone else to deal with the aftermath.

Ryan accuses Van of not being loyal for siding with Charmaine, Kat and the others on the situation.

“I got a family to feed. You took that sh*t away from me bro.” – Van

But Ryan says that Van and the others were supposed to be his family but turned on him. So he’s not going to be loyal anymore.

“The lease is up. I’m not renewing it…I can’t continue. I’m walking away from y’all.” – Ryan

Before walking away, Ryan says that Van and the others need to figure out what they plan to do because the lease will be up in a week.

Van is heated.

Ryan and Rachel check out a hotel suite to use to tattoo clients in the near future until Ryan can find a new spot for a new shop.

There’s a knock on the door and Push from the Miami Heat comes by for a tattoo.

He wants a hand tattoo inspired by the movie Cool Runnings.

Don and Ashley discuss their future.

Ashley goes back home to get her things.

Don isn’t at home, so Ashley returns to grab her belongings.

Now that she knows it wasn’t a one time fling, she’s really upset by Don. Before she can leave, Don walks in. He tells her they need to talk.

In a green screen interview, Don says he made a mistake and did something that will affect his family.

He tells Ashley it was just a one night stand.

But Ashley isn’t hearing this and says she knows thanks to texts that he slept with the woman multiple times.

“Shorty is lying like a motherf*cker just to break us up.” – Don

Don still denies this and Ashley then goes off.

“She says she’s been sleeping with you for over a year!” – Ashley

“Ashley whatever you do, don’t ever take my kids away.” – Don

Then Ashley says she won’t take the kids from him because he’s a good father. And she’s even accepted his daughter as her own. But she can’t take the disrespect anymore.

When Don says he’s hurt too, she reminds him he put them in this place.

She tells him they are done and leaves.

Back at the shop, Van tells everyone about his conversation with Ryan.

He lets them know that the lease ends in a week.

“This is some wack a*s sh*t.” – Charmaine

“Y’all all gotta find a place to work.” – Van

Everyone is in shock and outraged by Ryan’s actions.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. He cheated on her the day before they got married. What did she think he was going to do once they were married?

  2. Don is begging to be set free of that woman so he can run the streets, but news flash She not going nowhere!!!

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