Gizelle Bryant Responds to Kyndall Douglas

Karen Huger is clearly waging war with Gizelle Bryant by inviting Sherman Douglas’ ex wife Kyndall into the RHOP circle.

And to top it off, Kyndall has a bone to pick with Gizelle because she feels Gizelle crossed the line by dating Sherman, and Gizelle should have at least called her to tell her about their relationship.

She even claimed that it was her son who informed her that he saw her “friend” Gizelle at Sherman’s house and that’s how she learned they were dating.

Interestingly enough, Gizelle says in her recent Bravo blog that she doesn’t even have Kyndall’s number: What do you think about Kyndall saying you should have called her about Sherman?

GB: I would never CALL Sherman’s ex-wife because I DON’T HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER. She is an acquaintance, someone that you say hi to at a party and keep it moving. I have never asked her about her kids because until I started dating Sherman I didn’t know anything about them. Out of respect for Sherman, I have nothing else to say about her except that the THIRST IS REAL. You say in the episode that Karen Huger telling you about Kyndall coming means she’s being messy – what do you think about that invitation? What was her motive?

GB: I’m living for Karen doing ANYTHING so that we can be distracted and don’t talk about her taxes. Karen being messy and inviting her just let me know that she and Monique Samuels have something in common. Their favorite thing to do is to think, eat, sleep and breathe GIZELLE.

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  1. It’s amazing how thirsty Kyndall is to be on this show. Her marriage ended years ago and her and Gizelle don’t even have each other’s phone numbers. No one owes her a damn thing. Pathetic.

  2. Kyndall is really desperate to use Gizelle to get on a show she couldn’t manage to get on by her own merits.

  3. It was obvious to me Kyndall was lying her a-s off. She’s doing all this to secure a spot on RHOP but she’s probably not going to get anything more than a few guest appearances this season. Gizelle and Sherman broke up. There goes Kyndall’s relevance.

  4. Oh well, that’s the end of that. I don’t get why Kyndell would even wanna be bothered with the drama as stated she & Sherman been broke up. Agreed, no need for her Gizelle and Sherman are done & she can go back to whatever she was doing………

  5. I think it’s very pathetic how Monique and Karen are scrambling to make Kyndall happen just to spite Gizelle. They know good and well they would be whining something serious if Gizelle stopped as low to get a one up on them. Gizelle’s shade is always light hearted. They wouldn’t like it if she played the same game they are playing.

  6. What makes anyone think that none of this is planned. The producers tend to suggest people things and behavior to get ratings. Everyone goes along big with it. Trust me, Uzelle knew Kyndall was going to be invited and on the how, well before taping occurs. That’s why it her reaction and everyone else’s wasn’t a surprise nor genuine. Just imagine how uncomfortable real life’s would have been Gizelle and robin would not even went to Karen’s event to send a message thinkpople. This is all calculated stories.

  7. She better enjoy her five minutes of fame now because she will have no purpose soon since Sherman and Gizelle ain’t even a thing anymore. I won’t lie though. The drama this season has been good. Much better than the last two seasons of RHOA. Scripted or not, I’m enjoying this.

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