Is Tami Roman Married? Tami Addresses the Rumors

Is Tami Roman Married?

Tami Roman knows she found the one in Reggie Youngblood.

Although he may be much younger, Tami feels he’s been the best mate she’s ever had.

She wasn’t sure marriage was something she would ever want again, but being with Reggie has changed her perspective.

When the couple hopped on social media rocking tattoos on their wedding band fingers, many followers began to suspect they tied the knot.

But in a recent interview with Sister Circle, Tami confirmed that they haven’t made things official…yet.

No, it was henna. We still haven’t gone there.

We’re thinking about it. We’re actually going to take the step.

I’m 48 and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life by myself. And this man genuinely loves me. And this is something that he wants and never experienced. So I’d be selfish to not travel down that road with someone who I really love and who loves me.

Check out the video below.

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  1. I just hope they don’t fall victim to the reality tv curse after they get marred. I like them together.

  2. Who cares! Tami is a bully and a evil witch! he only with her cuz he is broke! Clearly she is the bread winner.

  3. So, now he doesn’t want a baby anymore, that was their storyline for years, so now he wants to get married. Oh boy, I wish them luck but I don’t have this ending well for her but stranger things have happened. She better keep her day jobs………

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