Claws Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Cracker Casserole


‘Claws’ Recap: Jenn Clashes with Her Mother + Dean & Virginia Take Things to the Next Level

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Desna delivers the bad news to Jennifer, and meets her mom Brenda.

The episode begins with a montage of sorts, which includes Desna reading a chapter in Zlata’s book called “Risk Is A D***. Ride it!” Meanwhile Jenn is with her mom Brenda. Jenn called Brenda to stay with her and help with the kids. As Jenn’s mom cooks breakfast, Desna stops by.

Desna stopped by to talk to her about the house. Not only does Desna tell her Zlata owns her house, Desna says Zlata gave her the house.

“She wants me to live like a boss.” – Desna

“You already have a necklace that says boss.” – Jenn

So Desna says she and Dean are moving into the house, and they’re going to be housemates.

“We’re gonna live like some boogie down Brady bunch?” – Jenn

“It’s either that, or get got.” – Desna

Bryce and Roller convince Uncle Daddy on a plan.

Meanwhile, Uncle Daddy meets with Bryce and Roller. As Uncle Daddy wants to attack guns blazing, Bryce and Roller suggest they dig up some dirt on Zlata as they wait on Greg and his crew to make a move. Bryce tells Roller he’s going to help them get intel since he lives with Zlata and Olga now.

Back at the salon, Poly, acting as a dance instructor, and Ann are pampering two of their dancers. Virginia is being distant as she is pregnant. Ann knows and when she and Virginia are by themselves, Ann reminds her she needs to tell Desna about the pregnancy soon. However, Virginia’s scared.

Bryce tells Jenn he saw another video of her and Hank.

Back at Jenn’s, Brenda gets disrespectful when Jenn tells her about Zlata’s plans.

“First you cheat on the father of one of your babies, and now you’re letting Dashica and Davonte take your house?” – Brenda

Jenn gets Brenda together but Brenda reminds her of who she is.

“You are a Husser, you don’t take orders from the KGB.” – Brenda

Zlata showed Bryce another video of Jenn and Hank. Bryce brings it up when he dropped the kids off at Jenn’s. Jenn denied it at first, but Bryce gave Jenn a key clue.

“He cries when he c***.” – Bryce

Jenn then apologizes for what happened and says it happened a long time ago. However, Bryce isn’t looking to hear this.

“Every time you wonder why your life went to hell, you look in the mirror. You did this!” – Bryce

Desna’s given another business target.

Zlata has Desna in the clinic. Kenneth tries to act as a tour guide, and suggests that the armed guards may be scaring some of the customers away. However, Zlata ignores him, and he leads them to his office.

She also sees the nurses peeping the pills, and Desna says they get the lowest prices around.

Once in Kenneth’s office, Zlata tells Desna that they are opening multiple clinics asap and Desna must get the clinic traffic up. She then gives Desna a pep talk.

“Did you know black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs?” – Zlata

Virginia tells Desna she’s pregnant with Dean’s baby.

Back at the salon, Desna returns and lets the girls know of Zlata’s plan. She then tells them they need to increase the foot traffic at the clinic. Everyone is engaged in the conversation, except Virginia. Virginia’s avoiding Desna because of the pregnancy.

Desna tries to get suggestions from the girls about the clinic’s traffic. But no one has a good idea, and Jenn’s had about enough of Zlata’s strategies. Desna asks Virginia for a suggestion, but she instead tells Desna she’s pregnant with Dean’s baby. This news stuns everyone at the shop, and Jenn yells to Virginia, “run!”

Virginia takes the advice and runs out into the parking lot, chased by Desna. Desna eventually catches up to her on the hood of a car.

“I can’t believed your mixed a** wasn’t on the pill!” – Desna

Virginia pleads with Desna, telling her that the birth control caused her feet to swell, and she couldn’t wear her heels. Desna asked about condoms and Virginia said they ran out of magnum-sized condoms. That just angered Desna even more.

“So y’all was riding bareback? You could’ve gave my brother anything!” – Desna

Virginia tells Desna that she doesn’t have any STD’s, but Desna doesn’t believe that at all.

“B****, you was giving happy endings behind the Steak & Shake! Yo little a** is a lot of things, but clean ain’t one of them.” – Desna

Virginia calms down and tells Desna that she and Dean found an abortion clinic in Sarasota, Florida. Desna flipped out, but Virginia tells her Dean made the abortion appointment. But that does nothing to calm Desna down.

“I told your a** one thing, and that was to stay away from my brother. You couldn’t even do that.” – Desna

She finally walks away from Virginia in anger. Virginia tells Desna she loves Dean and they just made a mistake.

Desna gets her inspiration to promote the clinic.

Later on, Desna walks into Dean’s room as he’s packing. Dean tells her that Virginia told him everything that happened. Desna asks him why he didn’t tell her about Virginia’s pregnancy. Desna says that they tell each other everything. However, Dean refutes that claim.

“No we don’t. When are you going to explain what’s going on with the Russian people you work for?” – Dean

Desna tells him that it’s complicated. Dean then tells him that they don’t want the kid.

“We don’t want it! This is our decision. Stay out of it!” – Dean

Desnsa falls asleep on the couch, waking up to a dentist’s commercial. This causes a light bulb to go off on in her head.

The next day, Jenn, Poly and Virginia meet up in the salon parking lot. Poly and Virginia are excited about the new living arrangements. Poly will ask Desna if she and Marnie can live in her house, now that Desna and Dean are moving in with Jenn. Virginia’s excited to be spending time with Dean in Jenn’s pool. But Jenn gets distracted when she spots Hank opening up his shop for the day.

Roller starts his mission.

Meanwhile, Olga is finishing up her morning’s intimate moment with Roller. When she finishes, she gets from atop of him, lays on her side of the bed and drinks a Yoohoo. They seem to bond over video games but that’s cut short when Olga has to tend to their son. Roller uses this as an opportunity to sneak away.

Desna stopped by Zlata’s place to pitch the commercial idea. They’re stunned by Roller in Zlata’s office, planting a listening device. Zlata pulls her gun on Roller but he says he’s getting her audio tape for his son. Surprisingly, she changes her tune, telling Desna to go out and film the commercial. But Zlata tells her it better be good.

“It better be good. You know how I feel about failure.” – Zlata

Desna smiles and walks away.

Jenn and Hank hang out in his shop and she breaks things off with Hank. However, Hank happily reminds her of the dancing competition. As this goes on, Roller and Zlata talk in her office. Zlata asks him what kind of job he wants, as she cuts and preps a cigar to smoke. Roller says he’s good with numbers, and Zlata brings up Desna. Zlata notes Desna’s presence and Roller agrees.

“She has that affect on people.” – Zlata

Ann reveals she has a daughter named Sofia.

Ann takes Dean and Virginia to the abortion clinic in Sarasota. Ann and Dean are dressed and prep for battle and they all encounter protesters outside their car door. Ann leads the way, and sprays them with a water gun when they get too close. When they make it through the protesters, all of them are still heckled. But Dean responds to them, telling the protesters about being passed around in foster care by multiple families.

“We lived on food stamps and… and we were abused, and not one of you was around to help us! You only care about babies in the womb. You don’t care about them when they come out. If you did, you’d be fighting to end human trafficking in Libya!” – Dean

This speech only served to rile up the protesters even more and they rush into the clinic.

Desna orders Kenneth to participate in the commercial, despite his efforts to not participate. Poly, however gets good news as Desna allows her to move into her house. When Desna learns that Virginia and Dean are at the abortion clinic with Ann, Poly tells Desna this happened because she’s judgmental.

Back at the clinic, Ann and Virginia share a moment before the procedure. Virginia asks Ann what they are saying at the shop. Of course, Desna is angry about the whole thing, but Jenn says she’ll be okay.

“Girl, she’ll be fine, I had two, I didn’t think twice about it.” – Jenn

“At least she can get one. Back in Texas, they were illegal. I had to go to the nice lady in the deli for mine.” – Client 1

“Oh my Lord., you are all going to h***.” – Client 2

“Where’s my dad going? He raped my babysitter. Thank God she could have one.” – Poly

“I think women should have the right to choose, but some need to choose a condom. I shouldn’t have to pay for it.” – Client 3

“You aren’t paying for anything.” – Ann

“My tax dollars are.” – Client 4

“That’s some alt-right bulls***.” – Ann

“Well, at least these women can have kids.” – Client 5

“It’s about a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her own body.” – Desna

Ann then shuts down the entire mood of the conversation, bringing some to tears telling them about her story. She got pregnant real young. She didn’t want her baby, but her parents forced her to have it. When she gave birth, her parents sent Ann’s baby, named Sofia to live with relatives in California.

Back at the clinic, Ann tells Virginia the salon has her back. Virginia asks if her seed will be the next Obama or Martin Luther King, and Ann politely says no.

Desna and Brenda clash.

Desna and Poly are at the salon with Brenda figuring out what roles they will take. Desna will take the director role, who they say yells at everyone and says action. Poly will be the producer, who hires everyone and doesn’t get any credit. Brenda and Desna begin to argue when Brenda says women should be lifting each other up instead of knocking each other off the monkey bars.

“Why it gotta be monkey bars Brenda?” – Desna

“Oh, goodness. Everything offends you people.” – Brenda

“‘You people?’ Really? See, That’s what I am talking about. Why you gotta say, ‘you people’?” – Desna

Poly jumps in, breaking Brenda and Desna up before things get more heated.

“Y’all, Y’all! Lets leave the racism to the hipsters.” – Poly

They get back to dishing out assignments and Poly assigns Dean to the art department. She also makes Ann the cinematographer. Lastly, Poly assigns Brenda to clothing design. Brenda then brags about Jenn’s dress made for the ho-down with Hank. At that point, Jenn walks in with her dress, bedazzled with the confederate flag.

“You’re gonna let the confederate flag fly, huh?” – Desna

“S***. I thought it was British.” – Jenn

Meanwhile, Brenda sheds tears at how “beautiful” Jenn looks. Brenda hopes this outfit wins back Bryce’s heart. But Brenda is disappointed to learn Jenn will attend the dance with Hank.

“Jennifer, Bryce is a white knight in Levi’s. He raised a baby who wasn’t even his.” – Brenda

She then says she will go home and make her famous “Cracker Casserole” to help Jenn win back Bryce.

Poly gets everyone back on track, asking Jenn what she wants to do for the commercial. Jenn says she wants to write the script, noting she took creative writing at the community college. But Brenda jumps back in saying she can’t do that, revealing she didn’t go to college.

“Fine. It’s just words and I know words.” – Jenn

Desna and Poly put her down on the list to write the script.

Dean proposes to Virginia.

Dean returned to the clinic with Virginia getting dressed. He presents a ring pop to Virginia, and proposes to her. She accepts, and he announces it to the crowd. When a protester say, “God heard my prayers,” Virginia clapped back. She let them know the abortion still happened.

“We still D&C’d that s***, B****!” – Virginia

This riled up the protesters and they hassle the trio back to the van.

It’s the day of the shoot and Desna has everyone in the Clinic. Desna comes across Virginia and gives her a pep talk. Virginia thanks her for the support and tells her Dean proposed. This quickly changes Desna’s mood, who finds her hand around Virginia’s neck, again.

“You stupid b****! Why would you have an abortion and then get married? What kind of ghetto s***…” – Desna

Dean jumps in and stops the assault. He reminds Desna she gave her blessing to him months ago. She finally calms down and hugs them both.

Zlata and Roller meet with Boris. She orders Boris to take Roller on a tour. When Zlata leaves, Boris takes his jacket off, asking Roller to do the same.

It’s time for the commercial to be filmed, but Kenneth and Jenn argue over the script. Desna comes over and reminds him that they need to get this right.

“If we don’t, you’ll be writing our obituaries, Jenn.” – Desna

Uncle Daddy and Bryce see Roller not living up to the “plan.”

Outside of Zlata’s, Bryce and Uncle Daddy are listening in for Roller on the planted devices. They hear Roller sounding like he’s in a scuffle, so they scale the wall. After a brief struggle with an armed guard and a few walls, they get to Roller’s location. That’s where they see Roller groaning out loud, but he isn’t fighting. Roller is getting a deep tissue massage.

“Baby boy played us.” – Uncle Daddy

After a struggle, Desna’s commercial is a success.

They are finally filming the commercial, and Kenneth struggles in front of the camera. Desna has many failed takes, and Desna worries. Everyone else sits back in horror as Kenneth struggles with his lines. Desna asks for some space and water. One of Poly’s dancers comes over with a bottle of liquor. He then spins away, and Desna gets an idea. She calls Poly over to get her She-She dancers into costume.

“I have an idea.” – Desna

She decides to have the dancers dance, along with Kenneth. That works much smoother and Kenneth does well.

Everyone is impressed with the commercial but they’re still nervous. They relax when Virginia got the commercial to go viral on social media.

“It’s viral now. Like my s**tape.” – Virginia

Roller strolls into Uncle Daddy’s place, and Uncle Daddy greets him with a punch to the face. Uncle Daddy thought he wasn’t getting any intel, but in reality, Roller learned the Russians will open up 10 clinics. He also learned their coke connection are the Colombians. The Colombians bring the coke in via fishing boats.

That news scares Uncle Daddy. He doesn’t want to get his salad tossed in prison, serving time for running drugs for the Colombians.

Roller doesn’t seem worried because he’s inside of the family now.

“Finna crush the whole operation.” – Roller

Just then, Brenda stops by with her Cracker Casserole.

The clinic is getting an increase of traffic as a result from the commercial and Zlata is impressed. She pulled with Desna up to the clinic and sees a long line of patients waiting to get in. Desna tells her she got the idea from her.

“I took a page out of your book. I found a d***, and rode it like a boss.” – Zlata

Brenda causes a brawl when Jenn catches her in between Bryce’s legs.

As Bryce eats the casserole, Brenda makes herself and Bryce a drink. She brings up Jenn, calling her a complicated butterfly.

Meanwhile, Jenn is with Desna and the girls at the ho-down. Kenneth meets a fan, who is impressed with him. He gives her a card and Poly is turned on. Poly then gets frisky with Kenneth under their table.

The dance begins with Hank and Jenn dancing. But as she dances, she begins to see Bryce in Hank’s costume. This causes her to lose her focus. She then runs off with Desna and the girls following her.

Roller and Uncle Daddy meet with Greg at the pool as Jennifer runs into the house. Greg tells them he has it under control. When Jenn runs in, she enters into Bryce’s room, where Brenda is between Bryce’s legs.

Jenn jumps on her mom, beating her up as Bryce struggles to get her off of Brenda. Desna and everyone else run into the room, and Brenda accidentally punches Desna in the face. This causes a full brawl, with Desna beating up Brenda. Jennifer gets busy with Bryce, punching him in the face on the ground. The brawl continues until Roller and Uncle Daddy break it up.

As they are walking out of the house, tending to their wounds and tattered clothes, Jenn wonders why this happened.

“She made me this outfit and did my makeup. Why would she do that?” – Jenn

The episode ends as Jenn cries and is consoled by her friends.

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  1. Anonymous

    June 19, 2018 at 3:49 am

    So here for Dean & Virginia being together 💕

  2. Anonymous

    June 21, 2018 at 10:12 pm

    I was a little confused by that exchange between Zlata and Roller. Was she merely making an idle observation about his relationship with Desna? Or was there a specific point to her line questioning?

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