Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Do The Hussle


‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Charmaine & Lily Make Peace + Ashley & Don Reunite for Medical Scare

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It’s still tense in the shop after Lily and Reese’s strike.

Charmaine and Lily are not speaking to each other and it’s affecting everyone. So Don calls a meeting and says that he wants everyone to come together to handle business.

He’s been going to therapy and realizes that people need to be able to listen and talk things out. Lily decides to be shady.

“So are you getting Charmaine therapy?” – Lily

Charmaine then says that Lily is the one who needs therapy. They then start arguing.

Annoyed by this, Don tells Cobra and Danielle to step outside the shop so the original Loyal Ink members can talk things out. Both oblige.

Don tells them he has his own personal issues, so work issues on top of that is too much. He tells both to listen to each other and makes Lily talk first.

Lily admits she’s bad at controlling her emotions and she needs to work on that. But she feels Charmaine is bossy and never thinks she can be wrong about things.

Charmaine says that she got the LLC because she was afraid that no one else saw her value. She admits getting the LLC and firing Lily was wrong. But Lily admits she understands why Charmaine did it.

Since they were able to hear each other out, Don points out that they have more in common than they realize.

Charmaine says she’s getting rid of the LLC documents and they set fire to them.

For now, the shop is peaceful.

So Don says they need to have a real grand opening now. They want everyone to know that they are not 9Mag anymore.

A phone call forces Phor to reconsider not going to LA to make music.

Phor hits the studio.

He’s regretful that he didn’t go to LA record music.

Producer London On Da Track calls him and tells him he should have traveled to LA to make music with him. London also says he can help Phor do the networking he needs to do.

Phor says he knows he needs to fly to LA, so London says he’s gong to buy him a flight. Phor reluctantly agrees to taking the trip.

A medical scare brings Ashley and Don back together.

Ashley is panicking because her youngest son is hurt and must be rushed to the hospital. Don comes out to support and check on their child.

The whole right side of their son’s body is red. Their oldest son accidentally splashed hot water on him.

Charmaine goes to her radio job and surprises everyone with cupcakes. She’s only been working on the weekends and hopes she can get work there during the week.

Her boss Johnny still isn’t fond of her.

She brings him a cupcake and he tells her he’s diabetic. He turns down the cupcake.

“Why are you here on your day off? You want something.” – Johnny

He also tells her that he doesn’t want her working during the week.

But Charmaine says that she can actually go outside on the street and ask random people questions on the latest hot topics.

Johnny says they don’t have any full time positions open but Charmaine can fill in when other people can’t show up.

Jenn and Van talk it out.

He’s still convinced that she cheated on him.

Van says he wants to talk in the car.

When they get in the car, he says that it’s hard to trust her because she cheated on him before. He believes what his brother told him, which is he saw a drunk Jenn leave the club with another man.

“Listen Jenn, I love you enough to let you go.” – Van

Van then exits the car as Jenn begins to cry.

Don and Ashley talk after Ashton’s scare.

Their son didn’t have to stay at the hospital long because the burns weren’t that serious. Ashley says watching Don be there for their son let her know that she needs to come back to Chicago.

She wants them to co-parent while living in Chicago. Don agrees with this but says that rules have to be set. However, the rules are pretty light, like bringing the kids pizza when she drops them off.

Ashley says her only rule is they can’t argue anymore.

They fist bump in agreement.

In a green screen interview, Don says that them being able to co-parent means they could get back together in the future.

He and Ashley hug it out.

Phor gets a visit from TJ for a tattoo. He’s been recording a lot of Phor’s moves, including his performances. He wants a tattoo in his deceased grandmother’s memory. Phor tells TJ that he’s thinking about leaving Chicago to pursue his rap dreams.

Charmaine fills in with Tone Kapone.

Nipsey Hussle is coming in for an interview. Tone tells her not to “kill” his show. This makes Charmaine nervous because it’s her first celebrity interview.

She takes charge of the interview and actually pleasantly surprises Tone.

“I killed it. Your girl got the gift of gab.” – Charmaine

After Nipsey leaves, Tone tells her she did a good job.

Phor is determined to move forward.

Back at home, Phor is packing up for LA. Nikki is sad but helps anyway. She asks him if he’s going to tell everyone he’s leaving but he says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

“Do you have to go?” – Nikki

Phor sticks to his guns and tells Nikki he knows she’s strong enough to handle it.

It’s the night of the opening party. It has an all white theme.

In a green screen interview Phor says he feels guilty because he’s getting ready to leave like Ryan did.

Charmaine spots Lily and Reese.

She tells them that she was tripping and she’s glad they can laugh about it now. She says that she got the LLC for shady reasons and she appreciates that Lily cares so much about the new shop. Charmaine apologizes and they accept.

The gang toasts to Loyal Ink.

A male dancer walks in and asks if they are 9 Mag. He then starts undressing while dancing.

Van is convinced this was orchestrated by Ryan so he tackles the man and throws him out.

Charmaine tells everyone it was just a joke she planned. So the dancer comes back inside after Van calms down.

Female dancers then arrive and start dancing. Van wonders why they weren’t there earlier.

The male dancer Van assaulted then whips his “manhood” out for the whole world to see. Phor just shakes his head at the madness.

Realizing it’s going to be his last shop party for a while, he gets a little sentimental.

He walks out the party reminiscing on his humble beginnings. He misses the old 9 Mag and admits all of them have inspired him.

“Got d*mn I’ma miss those motherf*ckers man.” – Phor

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Veronica

    July 26, 2018 at 10:09 am

    This episode was so boring. I’m just ready for the Jamaica trip.

  2. Jordan's Memory

    July 27, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    That’s because Ryan wasn’t in it. Or was he because I don’t recall seeing him. Ashley is pathetic. that’s all I got.

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