LHHH Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Three Years
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LHHH Recap: A1 Wants a Divorce + Moniece Discovers Fizz is Dating an Enemy

Teairra has a new boo.

She has her boyfriend Akbar around to help her direct her new music video. They met two years ago and reconnected after she left rehab.

She says she’s been all about her music since she left rehab.

Akbar is cautious about her friendship with Miss Nikki Baby because he feels Nikki doesn’t have talent like Teairra. He’s not thrilled that she plans on going to a party with Nikki later on.

“So how does Nikki know these people and she’s not even an artist?” – Akbar

After Akbar comes to the conclusion that Teairra doesn’t have enough on-screen chemistry with the model there, he decides to be in the video himself.

Donatella has Lyrica and her mom Lyrica G. on her radio show.

Lyrica is happy that they are in a good place now considering the clashed last season when Donatella brought a female artist to work with A1.

They then discuss Safaree’s leaked pictures and Lyrica G. says she’s not impressed.

Then the subject becomes K. Michelle. Lyrica G. sings that K. Michelle has some karma coming her way. She admits on the air that she tried to confront K. Michelle after one of her shows.

“She needs to apologize.” – Lyrica G.

But Lyrica isn’t happy about this and says that it looks dumb that Lyrica G. is trying to fight her daughter’s battles.

AD comes over to Fizz’s place to pick up some of Cam’s shoes for basketball practice.

They make some small talk and AD’s former bestie Tiffany walks down the steps. In a green screen interview, Fizz says he can really be himself around her. He says he was waiting for the right time to tell AD and Moniece that he’s dating Tiffany.

“Is this to hurt Moniece? Is it to hurt me?” – AD

It doesn’t take long for Tiffany and AD to start arguing. AD says Tiffany tried to make it look like AD cheated on Moniece which she didn’t.

AD leaves and Fizz says things are going to get messy because AD is going to tell Moniece what she saw.

Tiffany doesn’t care though and doesn’t want to hide their relationship.

Princess is supposed to be on bed rest but she’s up walking around the house.

She sees Ray J. trying to put together some baby stuff. He tells her he’s upset about his last conversation with Safaree. Ray says that Safaree said he “smashed” Lyrica and Ray is so disappointed in Safaree.

In a green screen interview, Princess say Ray J. needs to stay out of it.

“So stay out of it?” – Ray

“It’s not your business.” – Princess

Marcus goes with Brooke to the doctor to get her lumps removed.

She says him being there for her lets her know that he is her soulmate.

They discuss Marcus’ new boo Stassi and Marcus says they can figure everything out later. As Brooke goes in to have the lumps removed, Marcus waits on her patiently in the waiting room.

Akbar leaves a bad first impression, A1 upsets Lyrica.

Solo Lucci is still partying and blowing his advance money. A1 tries to warn him to chill out on his spending.

Lyrica texts A1 and goes off on him about being at the party. She saw on social media that there are a lot of dancers there being wild. She doesn’t feel a married man should be there.

A1 feels she has no room to call him out about anything.

He explains to Lucci what K. Michelle told him about Safaree and Lyrica.

Paris arrives to the party and speaks when she sees Teairra and Miss Nikki Baby.

Teairra talks about Akbar. She feels like she has a good man.

La’Britney walks up and Paris introduces her to everyone. She’s a singer and rapper from Detroit.

She says she knows Paris through some industry friends. She goes inside and introduces herself to A1.

Akbar pops up and speaks to Teairra. He’s not happy to see that Teairra is with Nikki and the party doesn’t have any industry executives.

This angers Nikki and they start arguing. Akbar also doesn’t like that Nikki is bringing Teairra around alcohol.

Paris feels Akbar is too controlling and he tells Teairra they are leaving.

“I don’t want this to happen again.” – Akbar

Both Nikki and Paris feel Akbar was way out of line to make Teairra leave.

Moniece fires some shots on social media.

AD, Moniece and Misster Ray all meet up for dinner.

Moniece recaps her conversation with Ray J.

AD tells Moniece about seeing Tiffany over at Fizz’s place. Moniece feels Fizz is taking 100 steps back in their coparenting relationship. So she grabs her phone to put Fizz and Tiffany on blast.

Tiffany is out with Fizz and she shows Fizz the long rant Moniece wrote on Instagram. But Fizz says the best way to deal with things is to sit down and talk.

Stassi drops a bomb on Marcus.

Marcus tries to make things up to Stassi.

He feels guilty that he’s been spending so much time with Brooke. He surprises her with rose petals on the bed.

She tells hm that she may be pregnant. She hasn’t taken the test yet but her period is late. Marcus isn’t sure how to feel and he tells the camera crew that they need to talk alone first.

They don’t really get that moment and Marcus says that he was caught off guard.

“So what’s the big deal?” – Stassi

After he gets quiet, Stassi asks if they are even official. He hugs her to stop the conversation.

Lyrica waits for A1 to get back home after partying with Solo Lucci.

“So this what we doing?” – Lyrica

A1 says he doesn’t have to answer to Lyrica because she didn’t give him answers when he asked her about Safaree. They start shading each other about wearing fake hair and fake jewelry.

It gets pretty nasty after Lyrica tells A1 his dreads are fake. He said her booty is lopsided just like K. Michelle said.

They agree they are done with each other and A1 says he’s getting a divorce.

“Then get the f*ck out of my face!” – Lyrica

After this is said, A1 storms out of the house.

Brooke gets some good news.

Marcus comes over to Brooke’s place because she tells him it’s urgent. She found out that the lumps were not cancerous.

She says she has a little pain but she’s healing. She also asks if Marcus could go ahead and dismiss Stassi. He admits that he doesn’t know what to do now.

But Brooke is ready to start talking about marriage again. She’s wants to make things official.

“How do I know that you’re serious just because you say that you’re serious?” – Marcus

Not sure he can trust that Brooke is serious this time, he decides not to tell her that Stassi may be pregnant.

Fizz calls Moniece, AD and Tiffany over to hash things out.

Moniece isn’t sure if the relationship is real or if Fizz is just trying to upset her. She also feels like every woman he has been with disrespected her. She gets up to leave but continues to argue with Tiffany.

“It’s a wrap for you.” – Moniece

“Roll up.” – Tiffany

As security restrains them both, Moniece breaks down in tears, and says that she wants their son to have a better woman around than what Fizz keeps choosing.

Fizz tells her he has always had her back.

Feeling like the conversation is going nowhere, Moneice decides to walk out. On the way out, she tells Tiffany to run up when they see each other again.

Moniece then hits below the belt.

“How many of your s*x tapes has your son seen b*tch?” – Moniece

Security has to restrain Tiffany once again.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. And What?

    August 14, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    Lyrica and A1 dragged each other. Is the check from this show worth it?

    • deb

      August 14, 2018 at 1:50 pm

      That was real ugly how Lyric & A-1 spoke to each other. Made me wonder if there was ever any love between them. Some things you just don’t say no matter how mad you are cause you never forget being dragged thru the fire.

    • foodgod

      August 17, 2018 at 4:21 am

      A1 looked hurt!! I hope they don’t mention his fake dreads on the reunion. She gave us that little bit of information smh for a check laaawd

  2. Jordan's Memory

    August 14, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    That’s exactly how I feel. Last night was hard to watch. these two people are married they wasn’t some flavor of the month to each other, they had an actually marriage before coming on the show. I truly hope this was planned and approved by each other that hey this is what we going to say. But I really think that food stamp comment really set A1 off and not only embarrassed him but pissed him off too, I also thinks he hates being reminded that she was the important one at first. You can never escape your past no matter how brand new you get but the last person you would expect to through it in your face is your spouse.

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