Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: From the Pulse of Morning
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‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Charley Makes Moves, Ralph Angel is Threatened + Micah Finds His Voice

Ralph Returns to prison as a mentor.

The episode opens with Ralph Angel walking with two officers inside of a jail, silently. 

He’s talking to a group of men imprisoned, telling them his story of how he felt getting out. Ralph Angel tells them how he used to cry in the shower when he first got out, feeling institutionalized. 

“My family kept me straight. A lot of y’all ain’t got that. But, we got each other. And it’s our job to make sure we all straight all the time.”- Ralph Angel

His P.O. overlooks everything from a corner in the room as Ralph talks to the men. 

Ralph Angel then tells the men, “You’re worth something.”

“I want to see y’all get out of here. Live your life. It’s all we got.” – Ralph Angel

Kevin gives Ralph Angel good news about his parole.

Afterwards, his P.O. Kevin encourages Ralph Angel to talk to his friend who runs a re-entry program out of Baton Rouge. Kevin also tells him that his early release paperwork was approved.

“You’re gonna be a free man in a month. You earned it.” – Kevin

Later on, Ralph Angel joins Micah, Nova and their family at a gathering for the protest Micah’s setting up. Despite the showing, Micah’s friends didn’t show up. 

Micah gives a speech to the people at the preparation event, but his speech isn’t heard by the crowd. People in the crowd tell him that they can’t hear him. 

Noticing Micah struggling, Charley tales over giving out the information. 

This frustrates Nova and Micah.

Nova gets a keen warning about her book.

At home, Nova’s friend stopped by her home with thoughts on her book. She also told Nova that she got legal services for the protesters if needed.

When her friend turns to her thoughts on the book, she reveals she loved it. However, she’s concerned with the rawness of the stories about Nova’s family. 

It’s revealing and could cause tension with them later on. 

“It’s your best work, no question. But, it lays everything bare.” – Nova’s friend

Nova tells her she didn’t receive permission from her family to write this. Her friend tells her that telling her story the way she’s doing could have unintended consequences.

“The black community needs to be having these conversations.” – Nova

“You’re playing with fire.” – Nova’s friend

Charley and Romero grow their romance.

Charley’s over Romero’s house and she’s impressed with his food. Romeo turns the conversation to their rally and mentioned how he volunteered for a councilwoman supportive of immigrants.

Charley talks about how this rally is a world away from her life in Los Angeles. She tells Romero her mentality changed when she returned to St. Joe’s because of her father. 

Romero tells Charley about a time he was bullied over a dance when he was younger. 

When Charley asks him to show off the dance, this leads to a romantic moment between the two. Both of them re-enact the dance that he was teased over, then they lock eyes. Then, they kiss.

Micah’s speech inspires.

The rally begins with councilwoman Barrera speaking. She tells them that despite losing the council vote, their fight isn’t over against the prison. She then introduces Micah to the crowd.

Micah begins his speech, but it starts off nervously. He eventually shakes it off and speaks from the heart. Charley gives him a nod, and Micah tells them of his experience being assaulted by the police officer Randall Orson.

His speech inspires the group and his friends, who walked in late, raise their hands in solidarity. 

“If we allow this, St. Jo becomes another place that puts hope in cages and continues to systematically destroy the lives of black and brown people. But we can stop that,” he says. “I truly believe that we—we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.” – Micah

At the end of his speech, everyone chants, “No new prisons.”

The High Yellow is up for sale.

Aunt Vi meets with Mr. Rollins looking over locations for her pie store. She’s a little apprehensive as he brings up her Lupus hospital stay. 

He then surprises her when he tells her the High Yellow’s up for sale. Clive, the owner, is retiring and put it up for sale. Aunt Vi mentions she applied to work there as a 40-something year-old woman.

“Now this can all be yours.” – Mr. Rollins

Micah learns the reach and the power of his speech.

At home, Charley and Micah watch a news story form the rally. The speech got over 300,000 views on YouTube alone. 

“All I did was tell the truth.” – Micah

“If telling the truth was easy, more people would do it.” – Charley

More people came forward of assault claims from Officer Orson, which shocked Micah. But the plans to build the prison appear to be moving forward. 

“No matter what, I’m still proud of you.” – Charley

Blue’s parents continue to rebuild their bond.

Darla stopped by Ralph Angel’s home and he invites her to Micah’s celebration. He’s told by Darla that they were invited to build a project with Blue together. 

“I want to be okay, you and me. I want us to be okay.” – Darla

“We’re good.” – Ralph Angel

Trinh comes up. Ralph Angel tells Darla that he and Trinh are not together. 

“I want you to be happy…” – Darla

She tells him that she just wants them to be respectful towards one another for Blue. Ralph Angel respects Darla’s effort to stay clean and sober. 

Blue walks in excited to build his ocean with his parents.

Charley begins to set things right with Prosper and the other farmers.

Sam’s sister and Francis meet yet again. Frances and Charley feel like they still can stop the prison and remove Sam from being in charge. The both decide that it’s time to make Sam’s true accounting books open and exposed to the public. 

Charley wanted to leak them herself, but Frances says that would leave her exposed. So, she decides to do it herself. Frances then asks for a portion of Charley’s shares. This is where they begin to negotiate.

Charley tells Frances to give the farmers in the parish their leases back on favorable terms. She also asks for the Queen Sugar Mill back.

“The Mill belongs in the Bordelon family.” – Charley

When Frances demands more than 1% of Charley’s shares in Landry Enterprises, Charley asks for one more thing.

Prosper’s heading to Chicago to spend time with his children. He’s appreciative of what Charley and Micah have done for him.

“Prosper, you’re family. We take care of family.” – Charley

As a gift, Prosper gives Micah a record of Gil Scott-Herring’s.

“You’re a natural-born leader.” – Prosper

As they leave, Charley hands Prosper papers. It’s the deed to Prosper’s farm and home. 

“Your place is here.” – Charley

His voice breaks down in tears, telling Charley thank you and they hug. 

Nova’s at home watching Micah’s prison speech. The speech inspires her to change the title of her book to “Blessing And Blood.” She then calls Deborah to tell her the book is ready. 

Ralph Angel stands his ground.

When Ralph Angel returns home with Blue, two sheriffs are waiting on him. The sheriffs are from the rally earlier. They try to coax Ralph Angel to head down to the station.

They then try to scare him by threatening Ralph Angel’s freedom.

“I heard you had a month left on your parole. I could put you back in for dropping a piece of gum on the ground. I wouldn’t say no if I were you.”- Sheriff

However, Ralph Angel stands firm. He tells the officers the home has been lined with cameras that are recording them. 

When they realize Ralph Angel isn’t bluffing, they get into their patrol car and leave.

Charley receives a warning about Frances from Sam.

Sam Landry and Charley meet again after the contentious council vote at the parish meeting. Charley lets Sam know that she knows about his shady business dealings and wants it exposed publicly. 

Sam is aware of Charley’s business dealings with his sister and suggests that Charley does not know the magnitude of what Frances can do and warns her to watch her back.

“You made a deal with a woman who would stab her own brother in his back and watch him bleed out. In God’s name, what do you think she’s gonna do to you?” he asks her. “The devil you know, Ms. Bordelon. The devil you know.”

Charley takes Sam’s words in, but they don’t shake her. Un-intimidated, Charley leans in and responds to Sam.

“I appreciate the concerns, Sam, but I am not afraid of you or your sister. I have been a black woman for a hell of a long time, so, the devil I know, the devil I don’t—it doesn’t matter. I’ll conquer them all.” – Charley

Aunt Vi owns the High Yellow and marries Hollywood, ending the season on a high note.

Hollywood has a surprise for Aunt Vi. He had Aunt Vi close her eyes, inside of this place. When she opens her eyes, she realizes Hollywood bought the High Yellow. 

He set it up so that her name is the only one on the deed.

They then surprised the family with a small wedding ceremony. The couple didn’t want to waste time anymore with planning a big event.

Aunt Vi and Hollywood exchange vows in their backyard with their family present. For their reception, they invited more people out and the season ends with Aunt Vi and Hollywood dancing the night away, celebrating their marriage.

What are your thoughts on the season finale?


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  1. Anonymous

    August 23, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Ralph Angel and Darla still love each other. They need to stop trying to make Trinh happen.

  2. Nicole

    August 23, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    The only good part of the season was Hollywood and Aunt Vi getting married.

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