Watch: Iyanla Confronts Three Women Who Were In Prison With Harsh Truths

iyanla fix my life season 6
Photo Credit: OWN

Tonight’s episode of “Fix My Life” focuses on women who served prison time. These women were directly involved or dated someone who sold drugs. One woman was sentenced to 30 years for narcotics dealing. Another woman served prison time as her boyfriend was caught with drugs.

Lastly, Iyanla meets a woman who she compared to a lady of the night, because she willingly stayed with her dealer boyfriend.

All of the women met in prison and became a “family.” However, the women struggle to cope and adjust to the outside world.

The episode promises to be explosive as Iyanla holds no punches, telling the women the truth of how and why their past which led them to prison, still affects them.

Watch out the preview clips below.

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