Dr. Heavenly and Toya Beef on Twitter, Heavenly Then Comes for Mariah

dr heavenly from married to medicine
Photo Credit: Bravo

Fans of “Married to Medicine” have probably stopped hoping for Mariah and Heavenly to end their feud.

Last season, Heavenly crossed the line with Mariah when she had one too many “yo momma” clap backs.

Then the insults Heavenly made about Miss Lucy only got worse. She called Miss Lucy ugly and infuriated Mariah even more.

Although Heavenly attempted to apologize to Mariah, it would only be a matter of time before Miss Lucy became a target again.

But Mariah has gotten even. She accused Dr. Damon of stepping out on Heavenly. And that is one of the main reasons Heavenly is ready to go to war.

Even when Heavenly had some back and forth with Toya on Twitter recently, she still had some venom for Mariah as well.

Check out the tweets below.

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