LHHH Season 5 Episode 11 Recap: Bad Grandmas


LHHH Recap: Nikki Clashes with Brooke + Teairra Calls out Moniece

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lhhh season 5 episode 11

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Bridget tries and fails to apologize to Teairra about Brooke and La’Britney ruining the interviews.

After she tries to speak to Teairra outside of the bathroom door and fails, she directs her anger at the other women. She calls out Brooke and La’Britney for ruining her interview.

But Nikki feels like Bridget was the one who agreed to interview with unprofessional bloggers.

Brooke doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong but they are able to get her to calm down after she starts crying.

They briefly discuss the fact that Akbar and K. Michelle were seemingly flirting with each other on Instagram.

Teairra comes out the bathroom and Brooke tells her what the blogger told them about K. Michelle and Akbar.

After Moniece tries to speak up for K. Michelle, Teairra tells her to be quiet because she will see K. Michelle out on the streets.

Moniece says that all she knows is K. Michelle told her she was going to meet up with Akbar because he has a studio for rent. But she wants no parts of the drama brewing between K. Michelle and Teairra.

Ray J. is celebrating the birth of his and Princess’ daughter Melody.

He enjoys some cigars with Roccstar and they talk about being parents. Roccstar has a two-year old son names Syre.

They then discuss how irritated Roccstar is with all the artists he’s dealing with. He brings up the fact that Moniece had a panic attack in the studio recently. He tells Ray that he’s still not convinced Moniece didn’t fake it because she had a hard time hitting a note.

Feeling great about fatherhood, Ray wants to link up with other fathers. But A1 isn’t someone he wants to deal with since they almost came to blows recently.

In a green screen interview, Roccstar says he slept with Lyrica but he wore protection. So Ray feels he has no idea who the father of Lyrica’s baby really is.

With a baby on the way, Lyrica thinks it’s important for her and A1 to get their mothers to bury their feud.

Both agree to have their moms spend time together over the weekend at the beach.

Lyrica G. and Pam aren’t happy when they see each other at the beach house. They learn that they have to share the beach house as A1 and Lyrica are staying at another beach house down the street.

“No, I can’t do this.” – Pam

Apple has her first therapy session.

She tells her therapist that she’s been in and out of about 30 foster homes. Apple confirms she ran away many times when she was mistreated.

Her history of being in the foster care system is one of the main reasons she can’t trust anyone, including her father.

Not too long after, her dad arrives. Both are hopeful they can have some sort of relationship.

He reveals he was with Apple’s mom but they broke up after they had Apple. Facebook made it possible for them to reconnect years later.

When Apple tries to explain why she feels uncomfortable with her dad, he says she shouldn’t be because he’s not trying to hurt her or have s*x with her like other men.

This irritates Apple and tension forms.

The therapist feels like it would be best that her father becomes more of a part-time father until Apple feels more comfortable interacting with him.

It’s tea party day for the ladies.

They are still enjoying their London trip and they want to make sure they take in all of the culture.

Moniece is irritated because her son hasn’t been picking up the phone she bought him since she’s been away. She feels like Fizz is responsible for this.

Ray J. is out driving go carts and other fathers including Roccstar. Marcus and Solo Lucci arrive there first.

A1 comes up during conversation and Ray says he wasn’t invited because A1 tried to fight him. Plus, he’s not sure the baby is actually his.

Marcus tells them that Brooke said there’s nothing but drama going down in London. Solo says that he has someone he’s messing with over there in London. Turns out that person is Nikki. He says they have fun together.

When Roccstar shows up, Lucci and Marcus make it clear that their loyalties remain with A1. But Lucci is going be open to hanging out with Roccstar because he’s worked with a lot of big time artists. Marcus isn’t feeling this at all.

Things get even more uncomfortable when Roccstar tells them that he slept with Lyrica.

“It was a bumpy ride. It was like driving through the Sahara Desert.” – Roccstar

After this is said, Marcus feels like Roccstar went too far and he’s broken the bro code.

At the fancy tea party back in London, the ladies agree to play Never Have I Ever.

Brooke asks who has slept wth Solo Lucci and Nikki gets irritated. She says she’s never slept with Lucci.

“Cut that fake sh*t out, bro.” – Nikki

Moniece then says it’s hard to know which friendships are sincere and which aren’t at times. In a green screen interview, Moniece says that Broke has some shady ways that bother her.

So she advocates that everyone puts their true feelings on the table going forward.

Lyrica G. and Pam have a conversation about the Safaree and Lyrica rumors.

While Lyrica G. thinks that K. Michelle caused all of the drama, Pam still has her own concerns. She really doesn’t like the fact that Lyrica G. has been blaming A1 for everything.

But both agree they can get along and be cordial towards each other.

Pam also admits that she likes Lyrica G. and that’s why they can get along.

The mothers get ready to heard to the beach together. They joke on their way out the beach house.

“Let me touch your forehead because something ain’t right.” – Pam

It’s the night of Bridget’s show.

Paris is the host and La’Britney comes on the stage to open the show.

In a green screen interview, Nikki says it’s hard to enjoy the show because she’s upset that Brooke and Lucci are spreading rumors about her.

Bridget comes on the stage to perform.

She’s been working on her new album for the last year and a half.

After the performance, La’Britney introduces everyone to Lady LeShurr. She’s from London.

They let her know that she can always come to LA and they will look out for her.

Nikki tells the group she’s ready to go home. She’s not feeling the rumors plus she wants to be around her family for the 3 year anniversary of her brother’s death.

Brooke is convinced Nikki is just leaving because they got into it.

Lyrica G. and Pam make it to the beach.

When they get there, Lyrica shows Pam video of the first ultrasound.

Pam isn’t happy that she wasn’t invited. She tells Lyrica G. to let her know the next time there is a doctor’s appointment. Lyrica agrees to do this.

But when Pam says she wants A1 to get a DNA test, this upsets Lyrica G. She feels it is messy but Pam says that A1 and Lyrica were separated. It’s possible the baby isn’t his.

They start arguing and Pam tries to throw her chair at Lyrica G.

Security comes to restrain them both.

“I’m going home. F*ck y’all!” – Pam

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  1. Anonymous

    October 2, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    These fake storylines really drag the show down.

  2. Queen

    October 2, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    It seems like most of the drama this season leads right back to K Michelle.

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