LHHH Season 5 Episode 16 Recap And Video Clips


LHHH Recap: Safaree Sets the Record Straight About Lyrica + Princess & Moniece Have Round Two

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lhhh season 5 episode 16

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Ray J and A1 call a truce.

It’s the day of the Sip and See for Baby Melody.

Ray J is hoping to hash things out with A1 there. When they talk, A1 explains that he felt like Ray handled everything wrong. Regardless, A1 still wants a friendship with Ray. And Ray can admit he was out of line.

Both agree to end the feud and work on their friendship.

A1 is also going to have another conversation with Safaree. He’s hoping the conversation will provide closure.

Miss Nikki Baby and Brooke are able to hash things out in front of Marcus.

They also discuss Brooke’s blowup with Amber Diamond and Shun Love.

“Her momma snatched her wig off and tried to hit Bridget with it.” – Brooke

It doesn’t take long for Marcus to walk off annoyed seeing as Brooke is still at the center of drama. Something he asked her to change about herself.

Minutes later, Lyrica and Princess join the conversation.

It’s still cold between Brooke and Lyrica. Brooke brings up the fact that Lyrica didn’t invite her to the gender reveal party. Lyrica makes it clear she has no regrets.

The conversation changes to Princess and Moniece’s beef.

Both agreed to met up and throw hands now that Princess is no longer pregnant.

Brooke is then told to apologize to Lyrica by Princess for spreading rumors.

But Brooke says she didn’t tell people Lyrica and Safaree actually slept together. Just that she heard they messed around. However, Brooke refuses to apologize again because she feels like that would be “kissing Lyrica’s a*s.”

Lyrica gets up and walks away after Brooke refuses to apologize.

Apple and John finally take a paternity test.

Once and for all both will learn the truth.

This will give Apple the closure she needs. Plus, it will determine her future with John.

Pam wants to talk A1 out of renewing his vows with Lyrica.

In fact, she doesn’t think they should even stay married.

So she tells him about the blowup between Lyrica G. and Patrice.

She explains that Patrice showed her the texts that A1 sent her about Lyrica possibly cheating.

A1 says that he never had proof but he feels it was messy for Patrice to bring that up now. Since things have gotten out of control, A1 says that he doesn’t want Patrice at the vow renewal ceremony.

At this point, A1 says he’s keeping everybody out his marriage and Pam will be removed from his life if she doesn’t back down.

La’Britney and JayWill make peace.

Both admit that they went too far with their misunderstanding. They congratulate each other on their success and hug it out.

K. Michelle is back in the studio after getting her reparative surgeries.

She feels like she’s getting closer to being healed.

Of course, she also has realized that she can only depend on herself. She’s over the drama and focusing on her music.

Safaree and A1 talk things out.

Finally, Safaree admits he never slept with Lyrica. As far as his conversation with Ray, he believes things were misconstrued. He only talked about music with Lyrica and Lyrica feeling like A1 wasn’t giving her enough attention.

He says he would never do anything like that.

They then discuss the infamous video that leaked of Safaree’s privates. Rumor has it he sent it to Lyrica accidentally. He says he didn’t send her the video but he takes full responsibility for everything.

A1 still isn’t ready to be friends with Safaree again. Honestly, he feels he needs more time to think things over regarding what the future holds for their friendship.

In a green screen interview, A1 says Safaree is still looking guilty.

Later on, A1 recaps his conversation with Safaree to Lyrica.

They also discuss how hard things have been with their families going at it about everything. For A1 to be 100% in, a DNA test is needed. Lyrica wishes he trusted her but she’s willing to take the test

She breaks down crying at the request.

Regardless, both agree to take things one day at a time.

Safaree tells Ray J how his conversation with A1 went.

He feels Ray has been very messy and misconstrued what he said.

But Ray feels all of this is actually on Safaree. Safaree could have cleared things up a long time ago by being straightforward. Regardless, everyone is ready to move on.

Apple and John discover the paternity test results.

It is revealed that John is not her biological father.

But he took the test many years ago but he just wanted to be a father figure to her anyway. Apple is weirded out by this and wants nothing more to do with him.

She calls up Shun Love and tells her what happened.

Shun picks her up and tries to console her. She also suggests that Apple keeps looking for her biological father. Apple isn’t sure if she wants to do that and breaks down in tears.

Regardless, Shun will continue to be there for her.

It’s the day of A1 and Lyrica’s vow renewal ceremony.

JayWill is there and he calls up Moniece to tell her that Princess is there too. He gives her the address.

Pam is upset she wasn’t invited and flies to Nigeria to meet up with a man she’s been talking to online.

Lyrica G. is there singing as the ceremony starts.

As Lyrica and A1 face each other, vows are said. It’s an emotional moment after A1 says he’s willing to be with Lyrica no matter what happens. This makes Lyrica break down in tears.

Not too long after, Moniece shows up.

Princess sees her and they have a standoff with security on guard.

“You said square up, right?” – Princess

“I never make the first move…I throw hands.” – Moniece

Words are exchanged and Moniece says she never throws the first punch.

As Princess tries to throw wine at Moniece, Moniece snaps and throws a cake her way.

Then Princess gets angry and throws rocks.

“You felt that, huh b*tch?” – Princess

This is when Moniece says she’s had enough and for Princess to get her number from Brandy to throw hands on another day.

Moniece then walks away.

Booby runs up on Marcus.

After Moniece and Princess clash, Booby pulls up to the event to confront Marcus.

As soon as Booby exits his vehicle, it’s on.

“I’m here to make sure Brooke good.” – Booby

They argue over Brooke as security keeps them separate. Booby accuses Marcus of trying to act tough because of the crowd.

“I’ll break your motherf*cking jaw.” – Booby

After Booby explains that he’s only looking out for Brooke because no other man in her life will, Marcus spits out all he does for Brooke, including watching her son and paying bills.

Booby questions how Marcus can pay all of Brooke’s bills when Marcus is living with her.

Tired of talking, Marcus tries to break free from security and run up on Booby. He’s not successful seeing as security is faster.

“Cute. I’m easy to find. I’ll find you.” – Booby

Both agree that they will throw hands on a later date.

End of season wrap up:

Both A1 and Lyrica are stronger than ever.

Paris isn’t worried about K. Michelle anymore because she’s glowing up.

Becoming a father has made Ray J extremely happy. He’s loving his family.

Moniece is happy that she and Fizz mutually respect each other now. She’s focused on her music and has no idea what will happen with AD in the future.

Apple is focused on her career and starting to trust Shun a little more.

Brooke isn’t sure if she and Marcus will ever make it down the aisle.

Marcus isn’t sure of what things are in store with Brooke.

Teairra is focusing on her true friendships and making music. She’s going to stay true to herself in the process and keep learning from her mistakes.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    November 6, 2018 at 9:59 am

    All Safaree had to do was say they didn’t sleep together from jump. He created this mess by not being honest from the get go. That’s because he loves the drama. He’s not A1’s real friend.

  2. Meesha

    November 6, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Moniece and Princess have such a petty beef. I feel like it started because Mo was trying to have Teairra’s back. But Teairra has never been a true friend to Mo. And all Princess has to do is apologize for calling Mo a bad mother. Senseless beef.

  3. Mo

    November 6, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    The acting from Rockstar is sooooo bad!

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