LHHH Season 5 Episode 18 Recap And Video Clips


LHHH Recap: Moniece & Princess End Feud + K. Michelle & Paris Get Nowhere

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lhhh season 5 episode 18

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Teairra continues her face-off with Akbar, Sade and Alejandra.

The episode opens with Moniece being held back by security as Bridget and Teairra argue with Akbar and his harem.

While being restrained, Moniece takes off her shoes and tries to throw it at Akbar, Sade and Alejandra. Akbar taunts Moniece from the stage.

“Don’t pass out Moniece. Daddy’s got you.” – Akbar

Nina tries to get back control of the segment and then brings up the fact that Akbar says he likes to get with women while they are lost and broken down. She asks Alejandra if this was true of her situation.

Alejandra admits that she was feeling lost when she met Akbar.

Sade says Akbar has changed her entire life. He’s done more good than bad when it comes to her.

She doesn’t believe that Akbar is a controlling womanizer. Yet, she tells Teairra that she needs someone to take control of her life.

“Yes, you do baby. You’re a drunk.” – Sade

“You don’t even have a green screen.” – Teairra

Akbar interjects and says that Teairra is in love with him and that’s why she has been flying back and forth to Texas to see him.

Bridget then asks why Akbar wasn’t sensitive to Teairra’s emotional issues. But Akbar says that Teairra knew about his lifestyle from day one and dealt with him anyway.

But Teairra says that’s not true and he lied to her the whole time.

They then discuss the leak.

Akbar still denies that he’s behind the leak.

Alejandra is then asked why she said earlier in the season that she leaked it. She then says she said it because Teairra refuses to take responsibility for her actions. And she witnessed Teairra leaking the tape.

Teairra says this is a lie.

Regardless, Alejandra says that she loves Akbar so much that she will take the charge for him.

Brooke then says that Akbar showed her friend the video before it was leaked.

Frustrated that the trio isn’t being truthful, Teairra decides to walk off the stage.

When she gets backstage, she tells producers it’s her or them. She doesn’t want to film the segment anymore and wants them removed from the stage.

K. Michelle joins the conversation.

Teairra returns to the stage.

From backstage, K. Michelle joins in on the segment to discuss why she had a sit down conversation with Akbar.

Teairra thought they were cool and can’t understand why this happened.

But K. Michelle says she wasn’t trying to be messy and she apologizes for upsetting Teairra. K. also says she has no beef with anyone involved and would love to orally pleasure Sade. She says Sade is her type.

K. Michelle then excuses herself to get some edibles.

Nikki and Solo Lucci dish it out.

Brooke explains why she brought up Solo Lucci while playing Never Have I Ever.

Nikki gets upset and says that she never slept with Lucci.

“You’re a lie. I f*cked you on multiple occasions.” – Lucci

But Lucci says they did sleep together and Teairra was around that night. Teairra says she didn’t witness Lucci and Nikki have s*x.

“At the end of the day, Nikki gon still f*ck with me.” – Lucci

Nikki denies this and says she hasn’t spoken to Lucci since she heard he told people they slept together.

He then says that Nikki was just at his house two weeks ago. Regardless, Nikki still says they never did anything.

Shun Love defends snatching off her daughter’s wig.

They then discuss Amber Diamond and Shun Love nearly coming to blows with Brooke and Bridget.

Of course the wig incident is discussed. Shun says that she decided to grab Amber’s wig because it was loose and she had nothing else to throw.

Since the whole thing was over Amber communicating with Marcus, Bridget wonders why Brooke didn’t just check Marcus.

But Amber says that if she wanted Marcus, she could have had him already. She feels Brooke was petty for no reason.

Brooke and Marcus discuss their issues.

It comes out that Brooke allowed Marcus to sow his wild oats because she was trying to get her mind right from a past relationship.

Booby is then discussed.

Paris defends telling Booby where Marcus was. She says they are friends and she has to be loyal.

Regardless, Marcus says no one has a right to question him about Brooke.

Nothing is resolved between K. Michelle and Paris.

K. Michelle and Paris discuss their issues.

They are the only two on the stage during this segment.

Nina asks K. Michelle if she’s still going to press charges. She says she is. K. Michelle says that she was recovering from surgery when Paris threw the drink in her face.

Paris says that K. Michelle is a punk to press charges. But K. says that she took a lot from people over the years while doing the show. But it was low for Paris to throw a drink at her while she was recovering from surgery.

“I found you on Twitter.” – K. Michelle

They argue and K. Michelle says Paris was just a fan on Twitter when she gave her a job.

Frustrated that the conversation is going nowhere, K. Michelle walks off the stage and says she is done talking.

After K. Michelle leaves the stage, Paris says she regrets using K. Michelle’s card to get the Uber. But she doesn’t understand how it went from she stole $50 to $300.

Princess and Moniece end their feud.

Moniece, Princess, Ray and K. Michelle take the stage.

They discuss Moniece and Princess almost coming to blows when Princess was pregnant.

At this moment, Moniece apologizes and says that she should have never allowed their beef to take her there. She was wrong.

“I want to apologize to Princess and Ray for losing my temper. Nothing and no one should ever get me to that place to have no regard for an unborn life…is not normal. And I recognize that.” – Moniece

Princess then apologizes for coming for Moniece’s motherhood. Now that she’s a parent herself, she gets why Moniece was upset.

Moniece accepts her apology and they hug it out to everyone’s surprise.

What are your thoughts on the reunion and the season?

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  1. Old School

    November 20, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    I’m glad Moniece and Princess were able to be mature and end their senseless beef. It’s about time.

  2. Anonymous

    November 20, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Season started off good then became fake and too trash.

  3. Just Saying

    November 20, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    I’m watching these shows just out of habit now. All of them are boring now.

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