Married To Medicine Season 6 Episode 11 Recap & Clips


‘Married To Medicine’ Recap: Mariah & Aydin Are Over It + Simone Clashes with Contessa

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married to medicine season 6 episode 11

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Aydin and Mariah are over it.

After Mariah and Aydin walk away from the blowup with Heavenly and Damon, Quad once again makes it clear that she wants to share what she wants to about her divorce.

As for Aydin, he’s furious about what just went down.

Dr. Simone follows behind the couple and tells Mariah that Heavenly brings up Lucy because she knows it hurts Mariah. When both Aydin and Mariah make it clear that they feel it’s messed up the rest of the group doesn’t check her for it, Simone says that it is wrong. She feels it’s out of line that Heavenly continues to say “yo momma” each time she clashes with Mariah. And in a green screen interview, Simone says both Mariah and Heavenly were wrong when it comes to their most recent blowup.

Feeling like Simone is making excuses as to why the group hasn’t checked Heavenly, they storm off upset.

Back at dinner, the rest of the group feels things went too far. And Heavenly thinks she needs another round of therapy.

Toya isn’t ready to be friendly with Contessa again.

Contessa tells Scott that she’s feeling better. The swelling has gone down tremendously. But she feels it’s messed up Toya never contacted her to check on her since she’s the one who caused the pain.

The next day, the couples reconvene in the kitchen.

Toya and Eugene hope a little barbecuing may make up for what happened on the previous night.

Some of the ladies go out to the pool.

Mariah doesn’t want to discuss the fact that she broke glass during her disagreement with Heavenly. Jackie feels things got out of hand.

At this point, Contessa, Quad and Heavenly arrive.

When Contessa tries to speak to Toya, Toya ignores her. In a green screen interview Toya says it’s hard for her to speak knowing that Contessa believes she hit her in the boob on purpose.

In a green screen interview, Simone says she has an issue with Contessa because she’s assassinating Toya’s character. She feels Contessa doesn’t “own her sh*t.”

Damon and Aydin make up.

The fellas catch up. Damon tells Aydin that he feels bad that he and Aydin clashed. He doesn’t want to end their friendship.

Cecil says that he was confused by Damon’s reaction because all Aydin told Damon was to keep Lucy out of the drama. Although Damon realizes he was wrong in that moment, he does admit that it hurt him that Mariah accused him of cheating.

Aydin then reminds Damon that Heavenly came for him, first. She said he has a small p*nis.

Back at the pool, Heavenly admits she said some things she shouldn’t have.

“I probably shouldn’t have gotten that angry. I’ve been doing well.” – Heavenly

In a green screen interview, Mariah says it’s the same old, same old.

Mariah says that she understands that the issue is she tried to get Quad to open up about her marriage. She apologizes to Quad and Quad accepts her apology.

“But don’t push it.” – Quad

She then tells Quad she won’t ask her about her marriage again but Quad isn’t buying this.

Damon tells Aydin that he’s going to tell Heavenly to stop talking about Mariah’s family. They dap to it.

Also, Mariah says that she shouldn’t have responded to Heavenly coming for Lucy. She feels like she needs to stop falling for Heavenly’s bait.

Mariah says she accidentally broke the glass. She then says that it’s a mistake just like it was a mistake she Damon broke a glass on the previous trip.

Felling like Mariah isn’t owning up to her actions,Heavenly walks off.

Contessa and Toya make some progress.

Toya follows behind Heavenly to try to talk to her.

Heavenly is mad Mariah broke the glass and Toya says that it’s hard for her to even be around Contessa. Toya suggests they pray jokingly and they both return to the pool.

Contessa then calls out Toya.

She wants to know why Toya didn’t check on her after hitting her in the boob.

In a green screen interview, Contessa says that Toya clearly did it on purpose.

This angers Toya and she yells at Contessa to stop playing victim.

“You’re trying to play victim, b*tch.” – Toya

Simone says that they have to figure out all of their issues in the group. And Toya has to make things work because she’s hosting the trip. Contessa says she thinks they can at least be cordial.

Toya realizes Simone is right and she promises to move on for the sake of the trip.

The group eats barbecue for lunch.

It’s peaceful…for now.

Later on that night, the group heads out to a candlelight dinner.

The scene is very romantic.

Toya and Eugene want the group to discuss s*x and intimacy.

It doesn’t take long for Heavenly to go there.

“Well Daddy likes me to put it in my mouth, so…” – Heavenly

Cecil and Simone open up. Simone says that she likes to keep things basic. When Toya criticizes this, Simone goes off and reminds Toya that have been married for 22 years.

“Eugene, you were m*sturb*ting! So please! Whatever she was dong wasn’t working.” – Simone

Toya says that basic is a lame word to use to describe one’s s*x life. Simone then says that m*sturb*ting is a lame word as well.

This leads to Eugene and Toya clashing. They go off to the side to argue. Toya wants people to be more open and Eugene tells her she’s being too bossy.

She then yells at Eugene for talking while she’s trying to talk. Toya breaks down crying and Eugene tells her that she can’t run everything. People can’t be controlled.

Knowing that the conversation is going nowhere, they go back to the group but Toya is still tearful.

Mariah tries to make her feel better but Toya continues to cry.

In a green screen interview, Toya explains that the trip has been very stressful. Simone then walks Toya to the bathroom to talk.

Confused as to what’s going on, Eugene says he doesn’t understand Toya’s behavior.

Toya explains her behavior.

In the bathroom, Simone tells Toya that Eugene is the last person she should be fighting with on their 10th anniversary. She then jokingly tells Toya she will stop being basic in the bedroom.

They laugh and hug.

When they get back to the table, Toya explains that her hormones have been awful due to new birth control.

The cast jokes about this in a green screen interview.

“If I hit Heavenly in the throat, you would know that the birth control caused me to do that.” – Mariah

“It make a b*tch crazy right?” – Heavenly

“If this is a result of birth control, I’m glad we’re beyond that.” – Curtis

“An occasional birth control may cause a psychotic break.” – Simone

Toya wants Mariah and Heavenly to end their feud.

But Toya also admits that she’s trying to live up to the high standards of planning a group trip. However, her feud with Contessa has really been upsetting.

She tells Contessa that she hopes they can get back in a better place in the future. Thankfully, Contessa is open to this.

Then Toya tells Mariah and Heavenly that their beef is petty and it’s affected their husbands.

Mariah gets upset and says she refuses for her and Aydin to share any of the blame.

“It’s time for us to go.” – Mariah

Simone steps in and asks if Mariah can refrain from speaking to Heavenly. Mariah says she can do that with both Quad and Heavenly. Quad says she’s cool with that.

She gets annoyed that they still haven’t called Heavenly out for the “yo momma” comebacks.

Quad then says that no one should say anything about family at all. But she thinks Mariah came for Damon first.

This upsets Mariah but Aydin tells her that he’s her only real friend in the group.

Eugene calls them out for having a side discussion. He says that the group just doesn’t want Heavenly and Mariah fussing anymore.

Mariah and Aydin the get up and leave the table. 

Toya follows behind them to see what’s going on. Both then explain that they don’t fit in with the group anymore. They hug her and leave.

When Toya explains how Mariah and Aydin are feeling, Eugene says that he feels that everyone should be able to be cordial. He also wants to be able to be friends with everyone without it being a problem.

At this point, Toya is realizing that she can’t fix everything.

The next day, Mariah tells Aydin they have to dig deep and try to have a good time.

She is tired of running away.

Simone and Contessa clash.

Mariah and Aydin chartered a “Love Boat” for the group. Both Eugene and Toya are thrilled.

The group boards the boat.

When the ladies have a seat, Simone welcomes Contessa back to the group.  Contessa then brings up the fact that she was away from the group due to surgery.

This annoys Simone who tells Contessa that she doesn’t have to keep bringing back up the fact that she had surgery. Everyone knows that.

In a green screen interview, Simone feels like Contessa may be using the surgery to avoid being around Toya.

They stat arguing and Contessa doesn’t understand why Simone is so angry. After getting up in each other’s face, they are broken up.

“F*ck you, Contessa! F*ck, you!” – Simone

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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  1. anonymous

    November 11, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Quad is so fake. Heavenly came for Mariah from day one. And Heavenly talked about Mariah’s mother as well as Aydin before Mariah said anything about Damon. Quad knows this but she will lie because her hate for Mariah trumps everything.

  2. Deja

    November 11, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    None of them are going to ever really call out Heavenly. And what is Jackie’s purpose? She really has nothing going on and doesn’t say anything when things pop off.

  3. Queen

    November 11, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Why is that Mariah is expected to be the bigger person and no one calls out Heavenly?

  4. Lauren

    November 11, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Not feeling the season. It’s way too dark. I’m tired of all the fighting every episode. And it’s sad that the men are fighting now too.

    • Guest

      November 12, 2018 at 8:02 am

      Agreed. I don’t know why there has to be so much backbiting, shade and arguments among “friends “. These shows on Bravo are becoming worst than the Love & Hip Hop franchises and Basketball Wives. It’s so disgraceful and dreadful that people can’t get along and resolve conflicts as adults. Whose reality is this? I can’t relate. Do people really behave this way with their real friends and keep them? Then you read all the comments people make and they’re so harsh. People talk about them like they know them personally when they’re just watching a show which has been edited and may not show the complete interaction with all the facts. But people will speak disparagingly about the person. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Ms. Jackson

    November 11, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Are we really supposed to believe that Damon is attracted to Heavenly s*xually? Sh-t he always looks like he just tolerates her and he calls her buddy. He can’t even stomach when she talks about s-x.

  6. Lay Lay

    November 11, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Aydin was right when he told Mariah that he’s her only true friend in the group. I mean none of them are really true friends. They all shade each other in confessionals and they are very petty. Eugene checking them instead of telling them that they are friends and cared for just proved Aydin’s point.

  7. blackrose

    November 11, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    sigh, Mariah said Damon needed his teeth fixed First
    Heavenly said Aydin had a small member
    Then Mariah said Damon was a cheater. Do we not all watch the same show

    • Anonymous

      November 11, 2018 at 6:55 pm

      Heavenly shaded Mariah’s teeth first. Mariah then said Heavenly and Damon need their teeth fixed. Heavenly then said Aydin had a small p*nis. Mariah said Damon cheats. And if we’re gonna do this, you can’t forget that Heavenly came for Mariah first. Let’s not forget that she brought her cousin on the show like season 3 to take down Mariah after Mariah pulled strings to get Heavenly on the show. Then Heavenly started coming for Lucy. Mariah finally says something in retaliation about Heavenly’s family members this season and now people are rewriting history. Mariah didn’t start this but I hope she finishes it.

  8. Shady Bootz

    November 12, 2018 at 2:12 am

    Someone pointed out on Twitter that the executive producers of the show are team Heavenly. I went to their twitter and all I seen was a bunch of retweets they did of ppl tweeting good things about Heavenly. GTFOH! That ugly b-tch is the devil in a mashed potatoes shaped body. (In other news Simone liked 2 of my tweets where I shaded Quad the Fraud)

  9. Ignat Albany

    November 12, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    I am also annoyed with the show’s attempt to cast Mariah as a villain. Yes, she, Mariah, has faults, but it’s sickening to observe the rest of the cast act as though Heavenly’s juvenile behavior doesn’t deserve checking. What is wrong with Jackie? Where is her sense of fairness and decorum? Has Curtiss’ return muted her ability to call an end to the nonsense. Or, maybe Jackie is calling this her last hurrah, since she’s been a totally ineffective contributor, to hell with the occasional one liners.

    There is something seriously psychologically wrong with Heavenly, it’s more obvious after visiting Miami. It’s what we don’t see about Dr. Himes that’s disturbing. I believe her early years are a Lifetime Horror movie just begging to be produced.

    Quad is straight up BS. Social climbing, spoiled and fake as hell. She knows Heavenly worships the ground she walks on.

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