LHHNY Recap: Kimbella Goes off on Yandy + Juju and Anais Clash, Again

lhhny season 9 episode 2
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Kimbella is freaking out about the choice Juelz has to make.

So she calls over Juju so they can talk about it.

Juju says that her dad spent about 15 years in prison, so she understands that going to trial and even taking a plea deal can be shaky.

But Kimbella is convinced that Juelz is in the situation he’s in because he’s been on drugs. She’s feeling like if she was around more when everything went down, Juelz would have been okay.

The two friends hug.

Alexis is getting some help from her grandmother.

While she’s out working, her grandmother has been watching over her daughter. This touches Alexis because her grandmother raised her. This works out since her grandmother has lost the closest people in her life like her sister.

Alexis’ daughter’ brain swelled with fluid. So she requires a lot of therapy and surgery.

When her daughter was 5 weeks old, she stopped breathing. This was a very scary moment for Alexis. So she’s thankful that her baby is dong much better.

She also tells her grandmother about her new record deal and that Fetty is signed to the label.

“Do you care? You should move on.” – Alexis’ grandmother

Alexis says that Fetty isn’t claiming their daughter because people like Solo Lucci are being messy. Lucci has been claiming to be the father. But Fetty is the holdup, and all he has to do is take a DNA test.

Juelz is back in the studio.

The court allowed him some time to record.

So he meets up with Maino.

They discuss how stressful it’s been for Juelz to be on house arrest.

In a green screen interview, Juelz says he found out via the radio that a gun was found in his bag. Regardless, Juelz isn’t sure what to do. He knows he’s not guilty so he doesn’t want to take a plea deal.

Neither he nor Kimbella have told the kids that Juelz is facing time in prison.

Maino says he went to jail for drug related charges when he was 16/17 years old. He started rapping while he was locked up.

“I know what that pain feel like. Having hope though is real. Faith is real. You can live off that…” – Maino

Kimbella and Jonathan open up about their feuds.

Jonathan, Cyn and Kimbella meet up for lunch.

With Jonathan’s birthday coming up, he wants to plan something. But it’s tough to do since Kimbella is mad at Yandy.

In a green screen interview, Kimbella says she’s upset with Yandy because Yandy told her to go to Little Mendeecees birthday party to upset Samantha.

But at the reunion, Yandy denied that she knew Kimbella was going to the party. Then after they haven’t spoken in months, Yandy wished her a happy birthday on Instagram.

That was very fake and she’s over it.

Jonathan then reveals that he fell out with Juju. He says he pitched a radio show idea to Juju for them to do together, and she went behind his back and did the show herself.

Juju and Yandy catch up.

Yandy tells Juju that Jonathan is having a birthday party. But Juju is confused as to why she didn’t get an invite. Yandy tells her that she’s most likely invited and to go anyway.

They then discuss Kimbella and Yandy says that Kimbella won’t let her be there for her.

She realizes they may never be as close as they were again, but she wants to still be there during this difficult time for Kimbella and Juelz.

Joe tries to make things right.

Cyn is really angry and has been sleeping in the baby’s room.

So he provides breakfast in bed and claims he can do more to show Cyn attention.

He tells her that screaming at him doesn’t help the situation but he’s going to do better. They will have a romantic night.

Cyn says she doesn’t feel s*xy because she gained a lot of baby weight. But Joe tells her that she’s still beautiful and he’s still madly in love with her. He then apologizes.

Joe has taken off some time from work and they are going on a vacation to Cabo. This makes Cyn very happy.

Juju and Kimbella hang out.

Kimbella explains why she’s not talking to Yandy and why she wants Juju to stop bringing up Yandy.

But Juju says that they were so close and she’s just trying to understand why they can’t be close again.

Kimbella doesn’t believe for one minute that Yandy could be there for her.

When Juju asks if Kimbella could be cordial to Yandy at Jonathan’s party, Kimbella tells Juju she needs to hit up Jonathan because he’s upset with her.

In a green screen interview, Juju says she had no idea Jonathan had a problem and he should have told her himself.

Alexis tries to meet with Fetty again.

He tells her to meet him at the studio.

When she arrives, he’s not there. As she waits, she gets even more frustrated. She finally leaves feeling disappointed that Fetty never showed up.

Juelz is missing his kids.

But he tells them goodnight via FaceTime.

He tells his son to be the man of the house while he’s gone.

This is an emotional moment for Kimbella because their son is only 7 years old.

Jonathan comes face to face with Juju.

It’s the night of Jonathan’s party.

Cyn is already there and Anais arrives not too long after.

She takes the mic and sings happy birthday in a sultry manner.

This makes Jonathan laugh. But he becomes cold when Juju arrives with Kimbella. Juju speaks and tells him that she heard he was mad at her.

Jonathan then calls out Kimbella for telling Juju what he said and bringing her there.

Juju and Anais start arguing after Anais tells Juju it’s not appropriate to discuss beef at Jonathan’s birthday party.

“You doubted that I had class. So where’s your class?” – Anais

Anais also didn’t like that Juju got smart with her at the reunion.

“I’m telling y’all right now, y’all better get her.” – Juju

Security gets in position and gets in between them.

After Juju calls Anais a has been, Anais says Juju was a never was in a green screen interview.

Jonathan then tells Juju why he’s upset with her. But Juju says she didn’t stab him in the back. Kimbella gets upset with Jonathan after he says that Kimbella described Juju as secretive.

Kimbella explains that she said Juju is secretive and people have to earn her trust. She wasn’t being messy but she thinks Jonathan is being messy by bringing that up.

She starts yelling at Jonathan and he reminds her that it’s his birthday.

Juju says that at this point, she and Jonathan can remain friends or they don’t have to. She no longer cares.

Kimbella goes off on Yandy.

Not too long after, Yandy arrives.

After Jonathan says he feels his birthday was ruined, Juju kisses him on the cheek goodbye. He then heads back over to Cyn to talk.

Meanwhile, Kimbella tells Yandy why she’s upset with Yandy.

Yandy said she never told Kimbella to go to the party to try to fight Samantha. She just told Kimbella to attend. That’s all.

Kimbella gets angry and says Yandy is being fake and she knows the real her. She then storms off.

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