Friends and Family Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Clips


‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: Tiny’s Hair Catches on Fire + Domani Crosses the Line with TI

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friends and family season 1 episode 7

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Tiny and Zonnique get some fresh air.

Tiny bought King a golf cart, so she suggests they ride around the neighborhood with it.

Zonnique has been inside the house recovering from eye surgery.

TI’s 38th birthday is coming up. Tiny usually plans a big event for him. Since they have been through a lot this year, she wants it to be a big one.

They then discuss Zonnique’s career. Tiny wants her to work with Sean Garrett.

When Zonnique was with the OMG Girls, she worked with Sean but he was really tough on her. But Tiny thinks Zonnique can handle it now that she’s older.

TI surprises the crowd at Trap Karaoke.

He gets on the stage and tells the crowd that trap couldn’t have lasted as long as it has without their support.

With his next album coming out soon, TI has to prepare for a busy promotional schedule.

Toya, LeToya, and Monica take the kids to the Farm House for a play date.

They chat and do some painting.

LeToya says she’s in a better place with her mom.

Her parents are divorced but her dad has remarried. Since her mom hasn’t dated in years, Tommi thinks she should be set up on a blind date.

She’s going to let Tommi do it.

“I mean I trust his judgment.” – LeToya

Monica invites the girls to her first event for her upcoming album.

The event will focus on breast cancer awareness.

Toya says that she’s happy her boyfriend is such a great father to all his kids.

This turns her on and the others notice how much Toya lights up when she talks about him.

Zonnique meets up with Sean Garrett.

He tells her that he was hard on her because she lacked confidence. She agrees that she wasn’t comfortable with her voice.

But he can see that she has matured.

They listen to some of the music she’s been working on.

In a green screen interview, Zonnique says music is all she really knows.

“Your voice sounds so strong.” – Sean

He tells her she needs to be more confident. Sean wants her to create new music.

Monica stop by Kevin Gates’ show.

She says they met for the first time to record music and talked all night. They never recorded the song.

He’s spent time in jail and she’s a mother figure to him.

Of course she tells Sean about her upcoming event.

Domani is in the studio.

The studio is located in his grandmother’s basement.

He’s just been putting out EP’s and mix tapes.

In a green screen interview, Domani says he wants to get out of TI’s shadow.

With TI being out of town, he wants to throw a listening party that TI doesn’t know about.

Tommi introduces his uncle to LeToya’s mom.

Turns out Tommi’s uncle is the blind date.

They do a little salsa dancing and afterwards, his uncle brags about being 61 with no kids.

After Tommi’s uncle leaves, LeToya’s mother says that Tommi’s uncle isn’t her type. He cursed a little bit too much for her liking.

Domani has his listening party at TI’s house.

However, he’s hesitant to play his music for the guests.

But he gets over it, and plays the music to see the crowd’s reaction. They appear to enjoy it. This gives Domani some more confidence.

Things go left when TI pulls up the house.

He gets angry when he sees an active party going on.

Domani is startled to see him and TI drags him upstairs for a stern lecture.

“Get the people out my house, sir.” – TI

After Domani tells everyone they have to leave, TI reminds Domani that it’s not his house. If he wants to have parties, he needs to get his own place. So there will be no studio time for a while, plus TI reveals he bought Domani a new car he’s no longer going to get.

Monica has her breast cancer awareness event.

Tommi’s mother is a breast cancer survivor. She reveals this to Monica.

When Monica takes the stage, she thanks everyone for coming out. She then plays a new song.

Survivors speak on their experiences and Monica donates $5000 to the cause.

TI says that it works living in a different house from Tiny.

But they are still on good terms.

With Tiny touring and TI filming a movie in Africa at the same time, someone has to be there for the kids.

Since TI will make more money from the movie, it’s looking like Tiny may skip the tour.

It’s the night of TI’s birthday party.

When the family gets together in front of the cake to take a family picture, Tiny’s hair catches on fire.

A party guest quickly steps in and puts out the fire as everyone is startled.

Regardless, the party was still a success and TI is thankful for his friends and family .

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  1. Precious

    December 4, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Monica’s relationship with Kevin Gates is just weird. She said he’s no different than her other kids. They are only a few years apart :-/

    • Labrittany

      December 4, 2018 at 7:27 pm

      For some strange reason I like they bond like he said they deserve each other perfect fit if they like it I love it at least her stable is by one man and he’s a provider if she feels she deserves his short coming and vise versa well by the powers invested in me I may call y’all husband and wife

    • Bee

      December 7, 2018 at 9:31 am

      You know Monica may seem innocent but she herself stated that she came from a family of hustlers and thugs…she definitely could be close to KG as far as relating to each other. She was a little fast…remember those signature upper arm bands she’d wear? Well it strategically covered a tattoo she got done at 14… Lil fast butt!

  2. Morgan

    December 4, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    I also thought their relationship was weird like mom really nope something definitely off

  3. Sheika

    December 4, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    The body chemistry between Monica and Kevin is…interesting

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