GUHH Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Hard Times.


GUHH Recap: Angela Grieves + Sam & Egypt’s Brother Tyran Almost Come to Blows

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GUHH Season 4 Episode 12

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Angela grieves over Sutton’s surprising death.

The season begins with Angela speaking about the untimely murder of her ex-fiancé Sutton. 

This news affected Angela very much, as she’s raising their son. Over the course of the day, Angela’s visited by her brother JoJo and Romeo. 

They are interested in her well-being and want her to be okay. When Romeo tells Angela that he’ll be there for her, Angela seems distant. 

Of course most of the season was filmed four months prior and they jumped back in time. 

Angela and Vanessa are hanging out in New York at the Sugar Factory. Angela decided to settle in New York, not Los Angeles. She’s looking forward to this part of her life as she’s getting used to being single without her ex Sutton. 

Vanessa brings up how someone wants to partner with her and their former business Pastry. Pastry was the sneaker line Vanessa had with Angela. 

Vanessa also brings up how Romeo had a crush on Vanessa before she had feelings for Angela. Angela FaceTimed Romeo who gets sly with a response.

“Everybody had a crush on Vanessa.” – Romeo

He then invites them to Master P’s yacht party. 

Pepa and Aundre recap Egypt almost eloping.

Back in Cali, Pepa is in Malibu at her vacation home with Egypt. Egypt learns from Pepa she’s dating Aundre, her former bodyguard. 

Pepa and Egypt are talking about the almost wedding in Las Vegas. It’s been two months since then and Egypt hasn’t talked to Tyrann or Tee Tee. They hurt her feelings and she’s not looking forward to interacting with them. 

Dame tells Briana about Boogie relapsing and getting crazy in 7-11.

Meanwhile, Dame is with Briana listening to her new songs. She’s nervous to play Dame her music but Dame believes in her. Dame tells her she needs to have six songs and performances. 

“You don’t have time to be worrying about anything else.” – Dame

The conversation then turns to Boogie who had another relapse. Apparently, he had a situation where he got drunk, attempted to rob a 7-11 convince store and fell out in the street. 

Dame tells Briana that Boogie hasn’t had contact with him or anyone in his family. Briana tells him she’ll see him at the yacht party if he shows up. 

The next day, Briana stops by Egypt and Sam’s apartment. Egypt and Sam tell Briana how they almost eloped in Las Vegas. Briana reveals that she eloped once too, and that she’s still technically married. 

When Egypt tells Briana she’s not feeling Tee Tee, Briana was ready to reveal to her how she really felt about Tee Tee.

Briana tries to make Boogie jealous at the yacht party.

It’s the day of Master P’s Yacht party. Vanessa and JoJo arrived first, and she tells JoJo about Angela’s apprehension of Vanessa’s Pastry plan. Vanessa wants to revive Pastry and have something to leave for her daughter. 

JoJo advises Vanessa to tell Angela that she’s going to go through with her meeting and to do it even without Angela. 

The rest of the cast except Angela and Dame arrive to the party. Dame can’t show up because he’s hosting a graduation party for his daughter. His daughter Ava texts Boogie who’s at Master P’s party. 

It doesn’t seem Boogie is going to make Ava’s party. 

Briana shows up and she greets everyone, except Tee Tee. She gives Tee Tee a “pause” as she doesn’t want to talk to her now. Meanwhile, Boogie chops it up with Romeo as he sets up to DJ. 

As the Yacht takes off, Romeo takes the mic and thanks everyone for coming out. As everyone parties, Boogie notices Briana in the corner with her date. She brought him to make Boogie jealous. Romeo has Boogie play a few of his new songs that goes well with the crowd. 

Things get tense when Sam and Egypt can’t avoid Tee Tee and Tyrann. 

“I gotta watch my back because apparently there’s a bunch of people that don’t like me on this boat.” – Tee Tee

Sam and Tyran almost come to blows at the party.

Meanwhile, Pepa and Aundre are openly flaunting their relationship. Romeo realizes that he recognized him from their middle school days playing basketball.

“Do your thing Pepa. She got those claws out.” – Romeo

Ava’s impressing Dame and he feels like a proud father, calling her perfect. Dame says he thinks Boogie doesn’t want anything to do with him or their family. 

Back at the yacht party, everyone is talking again about Egypt and Sam almost eloping. Egypt is still nervous about talking to Tee Tee and Tyrann and is doing all she can to avoid them. 

As she’s avoiding them, Briana pulls Boogie aside to confront him about the 7-11 incident. He brushes off what Briana’s saying. Instead, he vents his frustrations with Dame.

“He’s good at manipulating.” – Boogie 

Dame’s appearing to be introspective as he’s disappointed when Boogie doesn’t show up to Ava’s party. But Boogie says Dame is just acting for the cameras. 

“He wasn’t trying to put me in rehab when the cameras weren’t rolling.” – Boogie

Eventually, Tee and Tyran interact with Egypt and Sam. Sam’s still salty of how things played out in Las Vegas and has his guard up. When Egypt and Sam walk over, they express how they felt misunderstood. 

Tee Tee frustrates Egypt and Tyran doesn’t like Sam’s tone. As they’re talking, Egypt notices Sam and Tyran getting tense with one another. Eventually, Tyran tells Sam he doesn’t have the right mindset. 

Suddenly, Sam takes off his backpack and he and Tyran almost come to blows. 

What are your thoughts of the season premiere?

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  1. Anonymous

    January 11, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    Was Kristinia fired?

    • And What?

      January 11, 2019 at 5:03 pm

      I think she quit. She was mad about them calling her a mistress on the show.

  2. Queen

    January 11, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    I like this show better than the Atlanta one.

  3. Cami

    March 25, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    How Angela’s fiancé death on this episode then again about 10 episodes later like it was new? I’m confused

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