LHHMIA Season 2 Episode 2 Recap And Video Clips


LHHMIA Recap: Jessie Goes off on Amara + Trina Cuts Ties with Trick Daddy

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lhhmia season 2 episode 2

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Trick is spending time with his son, Jayden.

He’s done very well in school in Tennessee so he’s at his dad’s house.

Gunplay comes by and both rappers catch up.

They discuss Trina’s blowup at the show. In a green screen interview, Trick says Trina came late and tried to change up the set list. This did not sit well with him.

The topic changes and they discuss Gunplay’s breakup with Keyara.

Trick says that having a woman will keep a man grounded.

Spectacular meets up with Fizz and Ray J.

He’s engaged and he says that it’s not an easy relationship.

They then discuss the current status of Pretty Ricky. There is still friction and the group’s manager, which happens to be Spectacular’s father, isn’t the easiest person for Spectacular to talk to.

In fact, Spectacular feels like that his father cares more about being a manager than a father.

Prince has a meltdown.

Bobby is busy at rehearsal.

He’s working hard to secure a record deal.

Prince stops by and the two friends catch up.

Jojo comes in not too long after.

She tells them that she had a confrontation with Tip because Tip says that Jojo is instigating things between Prince and Bobby.

At this point, Prince calls Jojo out for thinking he would try to use Bobby. Especially when people question his s*xuality due to the friendship.

He starts arguing with Jojo and security restrains them.

This sets off Prince who then takes his anger out on Bobby and security. He pushes Bobby out the way and storms out of the building after having words for security.

“Men act like b*tches these days.” – Jojo

Meet rapper Khaotic.

Miami Tip comes by to hang out and get her hair done by his sister.

They all discuss how Khaotic started rapping. His older brother is the one who influenced him to get into music.

As they talk more, it is revealed that Khaotic has a crush on Joy, Trick’s ex wife.

Trina and her boyfriend Ray are taking things to the next level.

Ray is moving into her home.

The couple discusses Trina’s blowup with Trick.

Even though Trina just wants to end the business relationship, Ray says she should really tell Trick everything that’s on her mind.

Jojo fills Amara in.

Since Amara’s mom is doing better, she decides to get out the house.

She meets up with Jojo and they work out together.

Afterwards, they discuss what happened at Jessie Woo’s event.

Jojo replays her situation with Tip. Amara makes it clear that she feels Bobby can be messy. So she keeps him at a distance.

As Jojo talks about how Prince went off the other day, Amara is convinced Bobby caused all of the drama.

Jessie Woo then comes up and Jojo tells Amara about the accusations.

Amara denies that she tried to hit on Gunplay and Jessie’s ex boyfriend.

Miami Tip invites Jessie on her radio show.

After they wrap up, they discuss all the drama taking place.

Jessie says that Amara’s manager stole her talk show idea.

So that’s another issue between them.

Spectacular and his fiancée Jamee go back home.

He tells his mother that he knows he needs to make things right with the group and his father.

There’s also friction between Jamee and his mother. His mother feels like Jamee hasn’t been including her in some major moments. When they go off to the side to discuss planning the wedding, Spectacular and Baby Blue Whoaaaa talk about the group.

Blue is frustrated that no progress has been made.

So they both agree the group as a whole needs to sit down and hash things out.

Khaotic wraps up his performance.

Bobby, Joy and Prince are in attendance.

After Prince’s recent blowup with Bobby and Jojo, it’s a little cold between Bobby and Prince. However, they attempt to be cordial.

After Khaotic leaves the stage, Joy introduces everyone.

Prince expresses that he wants a music career, and Khaotic invites him to the studio after jokingly asking Prince to pay half of studio time.

Pretty Ricky has a meeting.

Pleasure says that he has issues with their manager.

Both Pleasure and Blue start arguing about a past situation that went down at a club appearance. This causes both to nearly comes to blows.

Tired of it all, Pleasure storms off.

Spectacular goes after him to convince Pleasue to return and he does. Realizing that things need to get better, Blue apologizes to Pleasure.

The group finally agrees to try to follow Spectacular’s plan of getting back out there.

Things only get worse for Trina and Trick.

Trina and Trick try to hash things out.

They go out to lunch and attempt to talk. It’s clear that Trick isn’t taking things seriously and Trina would prefer to just focus on her studio album.

Even the label is losing interest in the joint album.

When Trick continues to  make excuses for why he hasn’t been making it to recording sessions, Trina tells him that she’s over it all. She storms off.

Jojo brings Amara and Jessie face to face.

As soon as Amara strolls in, Jessie explains her beef. She tells Amara that her ex said Amara tried to hit on him.

Although Amara says this did not happen, she apologizes to Jessie anyway. But she stresses that Jessie doesn’t really know what was said because she wasn’t there. Jojo gets irritated with the way Jessie is talking to Amara, and throws her a drink on Jessie.

Security intervenes and Jessie ends up throwing a bottle at Amara.

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