LHHNY Season 9 Episode 8 Recap And Video Clips
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LHHNY Recap: Cyn Reveals a Heartbreaking Secret + Rich’s Ex Gets in Serious Trouble

lhhny season 9 episode 8

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Yandy and Infinity get some good news.

They get an emergency hearing and the judge rules that Infinity can stay with Yandy as they go through the process of making it a permanent stay.

Both are thrilled.

“It’s just a huge burden off my shoulders. I feel amazing right now.” – Yandy

Infinity says that she’s feeling overwhelmed and she doesn’t want Yandy to give up on her.

Yandy assures her that she won’t do that but Infinity needs to respect her and adhere to the house rules.

Cyn reveals a heartbreaking secret.

Joe sees his therapist, Dr. Jen.

He catches her up on what’s been going on in his life with Cyn.

When they discuss Joe being hurt that his relationship with his first son is troubled, he breaks down in tears. With Cyn struggling with postpartum depression, he’s really concerned.

Dr. Jen asks Joe to see if Cyn will agree to meeting her and Cyn agrees.

She comes in and Joe leaves them alone.

Cyn says being a new mom isn’t easy and she’s dealing with depression as Joe works so much.

A nanny isn’t going to fix things in Cyn’s opinion.

It’s also revealed that Cyn’s mother left her in the care of people who hurt her.

When Cyn was five, she was molested by a woman.

So she doesn’t trust others with her child. Dr. Jen thinks this may mean she doesn’t have postpartum depression, but she’s holding on to the burden of the trauma may be weighing heavily on her.

They bring Joe back in.

It is recommended that Cyn gets individual therapy to confront what happened to her as a child.

Then they can have an extensive screening process to find someone to care for their son so they can spend more time together.

Sidney catches up with Jonathan.

The two friends met at a Pride Event. They have been cool since.

After Sidney says that she wants to become as big as Cardi B, Jonathan asks her to rap something for him. In a green screen interview, Jonathan makes it clear he wasn’t impressed.

Sidney says that she’s been working with Nya and Rich. She’s still offended that Nya told her she needs to switch up her look.

Judy has some concerns.

Yandy meets up with Mendeecees’ mother Judy.

They discuss Infinity.

Judy is skeptical of infinity’s claims of mistreatment at her foster home. In her opinion, Infinity looks like she’s happy and well taken care of on social media.

It’s also an issue that Judy doesn’t know Infinity and Yandy has Infinity around her grandkids. But Yandy makes it clear that she wouldn’t have anyone around her kids that she couldn’t trust.

Rich vents to his mother.

He explains that his ex Miracle shot her ex husband. His daughter was freaked out about this so he needs to figure out what happened.

Although Miracle thinks everything will be fine, Rich is concerned.

It is also revealed that his daughter Ashley is the one who took Miracle’s ex to the hospital after he was shot.

His mother tells him that it’s time for him to step up and ease his daughter’s concerns.

Yandy meets with Infinity’s birth mother Lorraine.

She asks if she can become Infinity’s foster mom.

Lorraine reveals that she has six kids. And she wants Infinity to go somewhere where she can be safe and happy.

It is also revealed that Infinity became a problem child after she became a teenager. She would even sneak out and come back to the house around 3am.

Infinity then accused Lorraine of being abusive and it was decided that Infinity should stay with Lorraine’s mother. So Infinity lied about being in and out of the foster care system.

Nya and Sidney clash.

After Jonathan wraps up teaching a masterclass on makeup with Nya’s help, Sidney arrives.

Of course, Nya is not happy that Sidney is rocking her clothes in a way that she feels doesn’t look good. But Sidney says she had to make it look right for her.

This angers Nya and she feels Sidney doesn’t appreciate the help she’s trying to give.

“You’re wasting my motherf*cking time.” – Nya

They start arguing and Jonathan tries to calm both down.

Realizing that things don’t need to get worse, Nya decides to walk away.

Infinity acts out.

After Yandy comes home after the meeting, Yandy’s assistant informs her that Infinity got a phone call and just ran off.

She’s missing and Yandy is panicking as she tries to locate her.

Seconds later, Infinity walks up to explain herself.

Infinity says she is upset that Yandy met with her mother.

After Yandy says Lorraine’s mother says that Infinity has only been in foster care for six months, Infinity says this is a lie.

She also says her mother is an alcoholic who is always with a new man. This makes Yandy break down in tears.

They hug and Yandy tells her she’s going to fight for her.

Joe and Cyn go on a double date with Remy and Papoose.

Cyn explains that their last date was a flop and they didn’t even have s*x afterwards.

“Where’s the romance?” – Cyn

Papoose says that they need to get married because having vows will force them to commit.

In a green screen interview, Joe says he disagrees. He needs the relationship to improve before they take that step.

Miracle’s charges have been lowered to aggravated assault.

She’s thinking she won’t have to serve any time, but Rich is convinced she will have to serve time.

He’s angry with her and doesn’t think everything is going to be okay.

While he’s not faulting Miracle for anything, he feels like he won’t be able to help her and this upsets him.

Later, Miracle has an emotional conversation with Ashley.

She has to go to court to see what kind of deal she will be offered. She may have to serve time behind bars. This saddens Ashley.

Miracle apologizes for all the hurt she’s caused Ashley.

Ashley doesn’t blame Miracle for anything, and she plans to be there for her mother.

Rich breaks down in tears and says he feels like he let both of them down by moving away from Mississippi.

He also wants Ashley to get some therapy.

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  1. Anonymous

    January 22, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Poor Cyn.

  2. Jordans Memory

    January 22, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    IKR, that was sad to watch and it explains a lot about her actions.

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