Fix My Life Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: My Father Killed My Mother


‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Iyanla Creates Bond Between Man and Father Who Murdered His Mom

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Fix My Life Season 6 Episode 4

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Iyanla meets with a family that’s been suffering for over 30 years.

The episode begins with T’nai arriving with her grandfather Bo and Uncle Shane.

“I’m here trying to build a better relationship with my son.” – Bo

The crime Bo committed was murder. Shane has never forgiven Bo for the crime he did. Shane’s there with his half-sister and Bo arrived with his sister.

Iyanla notes this crime had devastating consequences for the whole family. So Iyanla wants the to immediately re-live the family’s pain. As a result, when Iyanla leads the family to a casket, Shane can’t handle it. He didn’t attend his mother’s funeral. Iyanla is able to console Shane and he takes a seat.

As Iyanla speaks to them all, she asks them, “What would Daisy say?’

There’s not a dry eye in the place as Iyanla speaks.

Shane’s niece has a good reason for wanting to break the family’s cycle.

After this moment, Iyanla takes T’nai outside for a one-on-one. T’nai feels her family needs serious help.

She notes that Shane never came around the family. T’nai also can’t imagine the feeling of knowing her father killed her mother. It’s noted during their conversation that Bo abused alcohol and drugs.

Iyanla notes that she wants to break the family patterns for the sake of her son. Things get intense when Iyanla uses her to identify the demons that have been harming her family.

As T’nai cries, she calls out each of the demons Iyanla has in a cage.

Iyanla makes Shane realize he has his own demons to deal with.

Next, Iyanla sits with Shane and she wants him to openly face his feelings.

First she has him recount what happened the day Bo killed his mom Daisy. He wasn’t sure how it happened but he clearly remembers seeing three “sparks” in the home as his parents were at the front door.

Shane openly questions why Bo shot her if he loved her. Iyanla notes Shane’s pain from the loss of his mom Daisy is turning into rage towards his father. She begins to stem the change by showing Shane photos of him with his mom.

When asked if he know’s Bo’s story as a man, Shane says he doesn’t.

Bo struggles to discover the source of why he pulled the trigger.

While Shane works on an assignment, Iyanla meets with Bo. She asks Bo how he got to the point where he took Daisy’s life. Bo admits it was drugs and alcohol that led him to do it. He says he was addicted to cocaine and heroin.

Despite not being raised to see a man beat a woman, however, he experienced physical abuse as a child.

Bo says he was sad that his relationship didn’t work out with Daisy despite being involved with multiple women. Daisy moved on to another man and he was angered by that.

He originally went over to Daisy’s house at 5 am that morning looking to have s*x. However, he doesn’t recall pulling the trigger, despite Iyanla telling him, “your body knows.”

Iyanla says Bo wears his guilt and needs to acknowledge this. Next, Bo’s joined by his sister Wanda to dig deeper in his past. She revealed their father beat both of them.

“He even shot at us.” – Wanda

Iyanla still harps on the fact that something led him to “pull the trigger,” and to forgive himself for it.

“I don’t know is not enough for your son.” – Iyanla

Everyone is brought together once more with T’nai. T’nai tells them she wants to see Bo and Shane finally come together and talk for the sake of their family. But, before the conversation, Iyanla has them identifying their own demons and casting them into the cage.

Bo and Shane come face to face.

It’s the second day of their time with Iyanla and Iyanla wants Bo and Shane to come eye to eye to talk. But first, Iyanla talks to Bo. He gained insight into why he went to Daisy’s home. It was anger and rage, according to Bo. Iyanla also points out womanizing and handcuffs him to these demons. Iyanla also adds familiar violence to the handcuff.

Next, Shane meets with Iyanla and she does the same thing to him.

Finally, Iyanla brings Bo and Shane together to talk. Iyanla has them sit face to face within arms distance.

“Do you know what you did to me?” – Shane

“I got an Idea of what I did to you. I left you without a mother.” – Bo

“You left me without a mother and a father.” – Shane

Bo tells Shane that he loves his mom and he feels shamed and guilty for what he did to Daisy and to Shane. Shane revealed to Bo he wanted to take Bo’s life and that he was never comfortable to be around him.

Shane asked why he came to the house with a gun. Bo tells him he came to the house with anger and rage, and wanted to persuade Daisy to take him back.

“I didn’t care about nobody but me.” – Bo

Next, Bo tells him how his father was abusive and hated his guts as a result of it.

“He only treated me and my sisters the way he was treated as a kid.” – Bo

Iyanla points out that was a cycle of violence they had.

Bo asks Shane for forgiveness for not being there for Shane as a father and killing his mother Daisy. Shane says he sees a man who’s sorry for what he did.

This seems to bring both of them closer together as they hug it out at the end. Iyanla then has Bo and Shane take the shackles off their hands and place them into the casket with Daisy’s photo and close the casket.

Their time with Iyanla ends with Bo and Shane throwing a football and playing horseshoes.

After the show, Shane and Bo are taking steps in rebuilding their relationship.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Queen

    February 10, 2019 at 1:55 pm

    This was such an emotional episode and I love how everything turned out so positive in the end.

  2. Yoshi

    February 10, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    This was deep.

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