Fix My Life Season 9 Episode 10 recap: Bad Girl of Gospel, Part 2


‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Le’Andria Johnson Makes Tough Decisions With Erica Campbell By Her Side

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Fix My Life Season 9 Finale

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Le’Andria is given ultimatums from her manager and label head Phil.

“You need rehab because, you’ve been doing this too long. I need you clean, in your right mind.” – Iyanla

She also hears she needs to change out the people around her. To drive her points home, Iyanla go gets her brother to sit with Le’Andria and point out how she’s an addict.

Her brother reveals that he went to A.A. meetings. This news surprises Le’Andria and Iyanla thanks him.

After showing up late, Le’Andria hears that she must fire Robert.

The next day, it appears Le’Andria fell back into old habits, including showing up to the second day hours late. So Iyanla calls in Robert, Le’andria’s booking agent.

Despite Robert saying showing up late is a bad habit, she checks Robert for not keeping Le’Andria on track.

“Do you understand that she’s destroying your reputation?” – Iyanla

Robert says he can’t make Le’Andria do anything and Iyanla tells him he needs to cut Le’Andria as a client.

He brushes it off and in the nick of time, Le’Andria shows up. Iyanla brings up showing up late and Le’Andria says she needed extra time but Iyanla isn’t hearing it.

Iyanla harps on the fact that Le’Andria is blaming all of her problems on the church and isn’t taking any responsibility for her actions.

She has suspicions behind Le’Andria’s behavior and believes her enablers are maintaining this behavior.

Next, Le’Andria reveals to Robert that she doesn’t want to sing Gospel music. At this point, Iyanla had enough, and encourages Le’Andria to fire Robert.

“Fire him!” – Iyanla

Robert doesn’t agree with it of course but, Iyanla stands her ground. Iyanla believes Robert is not looking out for Le’Andria’s best interest or listens to her. She gets Robert to finally admit he influenced her addiction.

Iyanla shows Le’Andria a video of support from Kirk Franklin.

Later on, Iyanla gets Le’Andria in a one-on-one session and Le’Andria admits that she has an addiction to alcohol. It was hard to say this out loud. It’s even harder for Le’Andria to read aloud the definition of a functional alcoholic.

Next, Iyanla plays a video Kirk Franklin who tells Le’Andria that her story will be an inspiration to her fans and others who are going through their own struggles.

Le’Andria says she felt loved after watching the message. Iyanla points out that Kirk had his own struggles and her critiques of the church are valid; it’s just how she conveys her critiques that must be worked on.

To drive home the point, Iyanla gives Le’Andria a plate of uncooked food.

“There’s an African saying; To eat well, you have to speak well.” – Iyanla

Finally, Iyanla gets Le’Andria to admit that Robert and others let her dive deep into her addiction because they “were eating” off of her name. Iyanla says that as she deals with her addiction, people are going to be coming around adding to her instead of just eating off of her.

Iyanla offers Le’Andria a chance to go to Inpatient Rehab and Le’Andria mulls the question. Le’Andria isn’t sure if she can go.

Erica Campbell shows up and lends a supportive ear.

To drive her to a yes and to provide support, Iyanla brings in Erica Campbell into their session. Erica met Le’Andria while she was a judge on “Sunday’s Best.” Erica notices that Le’Andria needed support for her as a person instead of just people keeping her singing.

Iyanla and Erica talk about her rant against the church and Erica can relate. Erica reveals that Gospel artists aren’t paid as well as they should be and the stress from that can leave them jaded.

Iyanla wants Erica to talk to Le’Andria and she agrees. When they meet with Le’Andria, Erica explains how she can relate to how Le’Andria feels.

Erica asks if Le’Andria is mad at the church or the people in the church. Le’Andria says she’s mad at the people. Next, Erica drives home Iyanla’s point of how she delivered her valid point publicly.

Le’Andria begins crying because she’s surprised Erica came. The tears really flowed when Le’Andria admitted to Erica that she’s an alcoholic.

“And you’re also called, and you’re also loved, and you’re also anointed.” – Erica

Le’Andria accepts the ultimatum.

Iyanla asks her again if Le’Andria wants to go the 30-day inpatient rehab. The facility will hold the bed until Friday but she needs to go to an A.A. meeting first.

“I will drive you to the meeting today if I need to.” – Iyanla

Le’Andria says she will go to treatment.

Lastly, Iyanla has Erica and her coaches lay hands on Le’Andria and pray for her.

“God, I don’t want to drink no more.” – Le’Andria

Afterwards, Iyanla and Le’Andria head to the A.A. meeting.

Since filming, Le’Andria entered the inpatient rehab with help of Music Cares and The Gospel Foundation.

What your thoughts on the episode?

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