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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Briana Has a Panic Attack and Goes off on Lil Eazy-E

GUHH Season 4 Episode 21

Photo Credit: We tv

Briana’s planning her birthday party despite what her gut is telling her.

The episode begins with Briana at Twist’s house calling Boogie. It’s near her birthday and Briana’s a nervous wreck about it. For some reason, she decided to have a birthday party and invites Boogie.

She admits she was wasted at Twist’s listening party and Boogie is concerned. He’s seeing signs that makes him think Briana’s spiraling out of control. It doesn’t help that she admits to cussing out Tee Tee at the party.

Part of her frustration is having to fake the funk to hang out with members of the cast.

“I need to go somewhere and not be on TV.” – Briana

At this point, Boogie thinks Dame needs to use his calm yet stern words to talk sense into Briana.

“I think her birthday party could be the trigger for Briana.” – Boogie

JoJo’s looking for help from Angela and Vanessa to help him propose.

JoJo planned family time with Angela and Vanessa. JoJo wants to tell them he’s going to propose. However, the conversation turns to Briana’s antics. He tells Vanessa about Briana’s party but she’s not going to attend. The Simmons sisters don’t want anything to do with Briana or her energy and aren’t going to be in the same building with her.

When Angela showed up, JoJo didn’t even bring up the party. Angela did bring up her date she had with the NBA baller and recapped how she’s still not talking to Romeo. Vanessa’s going to have a heart to heart with Romeo as she still thinks there are romantic feelings there with Angela and Romeo. But Angela says Romeo’s never direct with his feelings.

JoJo asks them for help looking at engagement rings and planning a proposal. Angela says this is a big step for JoJo.

Romeo’s injured due to an accident on set.

At Romeo’s house, Romeo is nursing a neck injury and concussion. The injury occurred while filming a stunt scene for “I Got the Hook Up 2.” Romeo ended up hitting his head in the doorway of a car.

Luckily, the neck brace only needs to be worn for a short period of time. His friends ask if Angela checked in on him and he says Angela didn’t. His friends say he just needs to give Angela space.

So JoJo goes to see his guy Joel the Jeweler with Angela and Vanessa. He shows Joel and his sisters the ring that was on her vision board.

Meanwhile, Dame and Rocky are wearing matching outfits at the studio. Things turn serious when they talk about Briana. They haven’t see her in a while and Dame knows he needs to reach out. He needs to reach out to her because he feels Briana needs help.

Next, Dame and Rocky talk about marriage and their IVF process. Rocky isn’t pregnant yet but they will keep trying.

Tee and Tyrann are hanging out at home and Pepa is moving on from Aundre. She says she’s happy she moved on from him. Ever since, she’s been going well for her. In fact, her residency in Las Vegas with Salt N Pepa is back on.

Vanessa investigates what happened between Angela and Romeo, again.

Romeo’s back on the movie set and Vanessa stops by to ask about what happened between him and Angela. Vanessa thinks Angela isn’t seeing the signs about Romeo really being into her. When she asks what’s going on with him and Angela, Romeo says Angela loves playing games.

Romeo also explains his side of the double-date story. He says Angela blind-sided him with the double-date idea. Vanessa comes out and says that they both are playing games. When she asks if he has feelings for Angela, Romeo stalls.

As he toys around the question, Vanessa feels he’s stalling her. Overall, she feels he and Angela need to talk. Romeo says the timing has to be right.

“Is Ang’s phone broke?” – Romeo

Rocky’s with her friend Melissa and Damon at the studio. Melissa brought her baby to see them. Rocky says Melissa had trouble getting pregnant and she is seeking advice. Rocky wants to have the experience of being a mother, despite Dame having four kids already.

After suffering a panic attack, Briana goes off on JoJo and Lil Eazy-E.

It’s the night of Briana’s birthday party. Briana showed up but is having a panic attack. She’s in the car experiencing the attack when JoJo and the crew camera show up to the car. Her friend Jherri calls her and she hangs up on him.

Eventually, she gets out of the car angry, on ten. Before the commercial, she yells at the camera crew, telling them to get out of her face.

Once she walks in, she notices her family didn’t show up because the cameras were there. Lil Twist got a smile out of her with a bottle of expensive rum. It was all she wanted for her birthday. Well that and respect.

JoJo feels disrespected from the way Briana reacted when he approached her at her car. So he’s outside with Eric and Twist. Inside, her friend Jheri gave Briana a toast and got another smile out of Briana.

Despite Twist telling JoJo to calm down and be positive, he gets apprehensive but walks back in. Boogie’s there too and gives her a hug. Things begin to get tense again when JoJo confronts her about what happened outside. She apologizes but it doesn’t diffuse the situation.

Things go to level 10 when Lil Eazy E gets involved. This leads to another argument with Eazy and Briana. Things culminate when Briana throws a drink in Eazy’s face. Production and his friends have to remove Eric and Briana is on edge.

Boogie’s really concerned about what’s happening with Briana.

When this scene was filmed last summer, Briana was angry because production changed the seating arrangements and it sent her over the edge.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Ms. Jackson

    March 1, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    I’m sick of Briana sh-t. If she doesn’t like the way she’s being portrayed, she needs to stop showing her a-s every episode. She’s the problem.

  2. deb dyson

    March 1, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    I am sick of Briana as well, I want her to go away I have never enjoyed her on the show, she’s an addict, a drunk, a bully and a loser…. She needs to go.

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