Kiyomi Leslie Puts Bow Wow on Blast, Claiming He's Was Abusive


Kiyomi Leslie Responds to Bow Wow, Again + Puts Bow Wow’s Mom Teresa on Blast

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bow wow and kiyomi leslie

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Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie’s breakup left both with a nasty aftertaste.

Now, Kiyomi is responding once more to claims Bow Wow and his mom Teresa are making on “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

After last week’s episode where Bow Wow showed off his healing bruises to Angela Simmons, Kiyomi seemingly had enough.

It also seems their legal process may be ending for their February incident because Kiyomi went through a full venting session on Twitter Saturday night.

In a long series of tweets, Kiyomi revealed the police arrested Bow Wow because she also had bruises on her body. Kiyomi also claimed the scratches and bruising Bow Wow suffered was strictly due to self-defense. In fact, she claims that the February incident was not the first time police were called to his home.

She also claims again that Bow Wow was allegedly abusive towards her in the past, allegedly beating her while she was pregnant and allegedly causing her to miscarry her unborn child.

Bow Wow’s mom Teresa wasn’t free from the tweet barrage as Kiyomi claims she knew about his alleged abusive ways, covering it up.

Check out the tweets below.

Kiyomi Leslie Twitter Kiyomi Leslie Twitter
Interestingly enough, it seems Kiyomi may be moving on from Bow Wow and her past. Recently, she’s been spotted on Instagram following, liking and commenting on posts of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Justin Hardy. And the post she like, featured the following caption:

What Minding Mine Look Like 🐺🐺#StayInMyOwnLane #MindMyOwnBusiness

When Kiyomi and Bow Wow broke up last year, she was spotted in the Caribbean with Justin on the beach.

Justin Hardy and Kiyomi Leslie

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  1. Jordans Memory

    July 1, 2019 at 9:48 am

    I don’t get woman. If this dude beat you and made you lose ur child but yet you stuck around for him to be able to beat you again? I really would be keeping my mouth shut from here on out because you look mad crazy right now. That man showed you who he was the first time, I guess you didn’t believe him huh? smdh

    • Tiffani Young

      July 7, 2019 at 3:25 pm

      EXACTLY!!! Just like my ex when he showed me who he is I left him.

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