Friends And Family Hustle Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Clips


‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: Tiny Pops up on King

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Friends And Family Hustle Season 2 Episode 9

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LeToya and Tommi play some golf.

They discuss her focus on her music career. She’s not sure if people are interested in music while she’s in a happy relationship.

Most of her hits have been more breakup based.

But she can’t fight the itch to record again. She’s going to open up for one of Monica’s upcoming performances.

TI and Tiny discuss King touring.

Tiny isn’t known for being as strict as TI, but she says she will be quick to pull King off tour if he cuts up while out on the road.

TI doesn’t believe this but he plans to shut things down if need be.

Toya’s mom Anita is happy her book is finished.

The copies of the book have been shipped to Toya’s house.

They discuss the book with Reginae.

While Anita said it wasn’t easy to write about her life, Toya wishes Reginae would allow herself to open up about her emotions.

Nipsey’s death has really made Reginae go through a wide range of emotions.

Toya tells Anita to have the book release at Tip’s Trap Museum.

Anita thinks this is a good idea because she “used to run” a trap house.

Toya, Anita, and Reginae visit TI at the Trap Museum.

They ask him if Anita can have her book release there.

He says it’s cool and Toya says she wants Reginae to act out some scenes from her Anita’s autobiography.

Reginae is thrown off by this.

Tiny visits King’s tutor.

She’s actually helped the majority of the Harris kids.

Tiny wants to get a checklist of assignments King is supposed to be working on so she can pop up on him soon.

Monica catches up with LeToya and Toya over lunch.

She’s been trying to get around on her feet after surgery.

It’s been painful and she’s had to rely on a walker.

Her daughter can sense that Monica and Shannon are no longer together.

They switch topics and discuss Reginae’s latest Twitter beef with Lucci.

It’s been hard for her amid Nipsey’s death. So Toya wants her to go to counseling.

Tiny pops up on King.

King isn’t exactly happy to see her.

She asks the tour manager Will how King is doing.

Will says King is doing a good job and has been keeping up with his classwork.

King then shows off his grades and they are actually improving from what they were before the tour.

So Tiny is impressed.

Reginae and Messiah rehearse.

They go back to the Trap Museum to act out the scenes from Reginae’s grandmother’s book.

Reginae is portraying her grandmother.

She’s having a hard time getting through the scenes regarding Anita’s drug use.

Her acting coach tells her to get out of her own head and let down her guard.

LeToya and Monica meet in the studio.

With her divorce pending, Monica says she’s bee feeling a lot of emotions lately. She does’t really feel she’s usually an emotional person.

Although she likes to be private, she does plan on opening up more on her album.

She feels it’s the therapeutic thing to do.

LeToya plays her song and Monica is feeling it.

Tiny gives TI an update on King.

He’s happy to hear that King is doing well so far.

Anita has her book release at the Trap Museum.

Reginae does very well with the skits and impresses Toya and Anita with her acting skills.

While acting is therapeutic, Reginae isn’t complexly stress free. She’s still upset about what she’s been dealing with on social media, as well as her issues with Lucci.

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