LHHATL Season 8 Episode 15 Recap & Video Clips
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LHHATL Recap: Mimi Attacks Stevie J + Akbar Clashes with Shekinah

LHHATL Season 8 Episode 15

Photo Credit: VH1

Ty and Stevie aren’t on good terms.

Pooh is shooting an ad campaign for her new beauty ventures.

Mimi comes by to chat.

She tells Poh that Stevie and Ty haven’t been getting along. Apparently, Ty got upset when she saw a photo of Mimi hanging out with Stevie and Faith.

Ty feels like Stevie is nothing more than an “Instagram Daddy.”

But Mimi feels it’s important that she gets along with Stevie since they have a child together.

The ladies then discuss the Trinidad trip.

Mimi says Pooh’s actions have turned off most of the group.

But Pooh says they just don’t like her because they are cool with Karlie.

Mimi stresses Pooh has to calm down if she wants to get along with everyone else.

Joc is interviewing stylists for his salon.

It doesn’t take long for them to become unprofessional.

One woman even shows up like she’s heading to a nightclub.

As the interviews roll on, Kirk and Scrapp come through. They notice that the women interviewing don’t appear to be professional.

The gentlemen decide to play a little pool.

“My hands weren’t touching nobody.” – Joc

All Joc wants to do is find qualified stylists. And Sharonda isn’t easy to get along with as a business partner.

Joc has to update his baby mommas.

Regardless of all the salon drama, Joc still wants to marry Kendra.

He just needs to tell his baby mommas his plans.

Kirk and Scrapp have a feeling this won’t go over well.

Later, Kirk invites Scrapp and Joc to his upcoming relationship seminar.

He tells them that Rasheeda and Jasmine met. And it’s unclear how things really went.

Joc meets up with his exes.

He hangs out with Alex (ex-wife) and Sina (baby momma).

They all meet up for lunch and he tells them he wants to propose to Kendra.

The two women start laughing.

“How long have y’all been together?” – Alex

Joc says that he’s been with Kendra for four years. Sina reminds Joc that he’s been with other women during those four years.

Regardless, Alex and Sina do like Kendra. They feel like she gets along well with the kids.

But Joc is disappointed she doesn’t want to have kids with him.

Both women urge Joc to be sure that he’s ready for that next step.

And they want to have a conversation with Kendra to make sure she’s ready.

Ty and Mimi talk it out.

The arguments between Ty and Stevie on social media are getting worse.

Stevie can be passive aggressive and Ty is not having it. She says Stevie doesn’t even pay child support and he barely spends time with Eva.

Mimi says it’s no need to go back and forth with Stevie because he’s stupid.

If things don’t get better, Ty isn’t sure they can stay together.

So Mimi says she’s going to have to confront Stevie about his behavior.

Karlie moved out.

She drops by Rasheeda’s store to vent about her issues with Mo.

“I’m not even myself these days.” – Karlie

She explains what went down at the session with Dr. Jeff.

Karlie says Mo is verbally abusive and gives her curfews.

She breaks down in tears and Rasheeda tells her that’s not how a relationship is supposed to be.

In a green screen interview, Rasheeda says Karlie really hasn’t been her fun and happy self anymore.

“Think about possibly moving on.” – Rasheeda

Pooh confides in Akbar V.

They meet after the studio session Hiram booked for Akbar.

Pooh says she doesn’t want BK and she’s tired of everyone having a problem with her.

She says Shekinah and Tokyo tried to gang up on her.

Akbar says that Shekinah doesn’t like her because she had a baby with Shekinah’s ex.

So both want to confront Shekinah.

Shekinah updates Karlie.

Karlie gets her hair done by Shekinah.

She explains how awful things have gotten with Mo.

Shekinah tells Karlie she needs to move on if she’s not happy.

They end up discussing Joc and Kendra.

Shekinah says she heard Joc is sleeping around with women at the shop.

“I just hope he doesn’t do Kendra how he did me.” – Karlie

Mimi confronts Stevie.

She pulls up at Steve’s studio session.

Mimi asks him why he keeps arguing with Ty on social media.

Stevie says that Ty came for the jugular. But Mimi reminds him that he has been throwing passive aggressive jabs fist.

As Stevie continues to be passive aggressive, Mimi gets fed up and attacks him. Security then steps in.

Karlie has her s*x education graduation party. She has a line of toys she’s going to sell.

Mimi, Spice and a very pregnant Erica Dixon show up.

After Karlie tells them things aren’t good with Mo, Mimi explains her issues with Stevie.

Not too long after, Sina comes by.

She tells Karlie that Joc is about to propose to Kendra. And Karlie tells her about the rumors she heard from Shekinah.

Akbar and Shekinah clash.

At the relationship seminar, Kirk and Rasheeda are speaking while Shekinah hosts.

Akbar storms in and then asks why Shekinah has beef with her over an ex.

They start arguing and security intervenes.

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  1. Jordans Memory

    June 25, 2019 at 9:19 am

    This show is a train wreck! But unfortunately nothing else comes on TV on Mondays at 8 worth watching.

  2. Anonymous

    June 25, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    I hope Faith is paying attention.

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