'Fix My Life' Recap: Iyanla Tells Woman She's Bullying Her Daughter-in-Law


‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Iyanla Tells Woman She’s Bullying Her Daughter-in-Law

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Fix My Life Season 9 Episode 20 Recap

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Rita doesn’t like Remeesha’s parenting.

Iyanla greets Ms. Rita who wants to speak about her son’s wife Remeesha. Rita, her son, and daughter-in-law live in Germany.

Rita and Remeesha aren’t on good terms due to an argument they had. As a result, Remeesha is keeping her kids away from their grandmother. The argument stemmed from Rita telling Remeesha she’s not taking care of her kids.

During their conversation, Iyanla learns Remeesha and Rita’s son have been married since 2011 and Rita and Remeesha have argued multiple times over the years. Rita gives multiple examples of how she feels Remeesha isn’t taking care of the kids or their home, calling it filthy.

Iyanla also learns from Rita that Remeesha had a rough childhood. But Iyanla suspects things aren’t exactly as Rita’s making it seem.

Iyanla thinks Rita is throwing stones while living in a glasshouse. Things get tense when Iyanla holds up a stone that says, “divorced,” and asks if Rita wants to see the couple separated.

Rita’s exercise surrounds Iyanla’s belief Rita lives in a glasshouse. Rita, unsurprisingly, doesn’t agree with Iyanla.

Remeesha believes Rita didn’t want her son marrying her.

Next, Iyanla meets with Remeesha and learns she feels Rita wanted her son to marry a “Stepford’s Wife.”

During their talk, Iyanla presents a letter that Rita wrote. The letter details when Meesha first met her and playfully spoke in an English accent. Things get revealing when Iyanla brings Remeesha’s husband Christian into the room.

Christian says Rita’s very controlling and doesn’t like how her grandchildren are being raised. Iyanla tells Christian he should’ve been putting his foot down to stop his mom from beefing with his wife.

Christian didn’t know about the letter Rita wrote. Iyanla says Rita doesn’t have the right to criticize Remeesha in their home. A breakthrough occurs when Christian reveals he was molested as a six-year-old. Telling the story causes Christian to break down. He feels the incident caused him to become a timid and passive person.

Christian says the horrifying moment happened in a park by a man he didn’t know.

The man caught Christian’s attention when he asked him if he wanted to see a turtle.

At the end of their first meeting, Iyanla hands a copy of the letter Rita sent in to the couple. Meanwhile, Iyanla meets with Remeesha’s mom LaShonda. They sit in a dirty room to talk about Rita’s feelings of Remeesha’s managing a dirty home. LaShonda explains they let the kids play and clean up at the end of the day. Rita doesn’t like this.

LaShonda also feels Rita believes she was a poor mother to Remeesha. Although LaShonda dealt with substance abuse, her mom was there and helped.

Iyanla tells LaShonda she feels Rita made Christian her emotional husband and Remeesha is the “side chick.”

Iyanla calls Rita’s letter violent.

Day two begins with Iyanla meeting with Rita to go over the letter. Iyanla explains to Rita that there is a big breakdown between her and her son Christian. She also calls Rita’s letter passive-aggressive violence. Iyanla gives Rita a new assignment to pin down the emotions that led to her letter.

Next, Remeesha tells Iyanla she laughed at Rita’s letter. Meanwhile, Iyanla then tells them she’s going to meet with Rita once more to show her letter is bullying.

Finally, Iyanla has the mother’s join her for tea. Iyanla explains how she felt the letter is violent and Rita flat-out disagrees. Iyanla didn’t appreciate Rita making up her own assignment, writing down different words on the stones given to her.

During this conversation, Iyanla and Rita end up in a passionate disagreement over multiple things.

“This is a judgment from one of your prospectives.” – Iyanla

The episode ends with Iyanla calling Rita a bully.

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