'Fix My Life' Recap: The Brothers Learn if Neal is Their Father


‘Fix My Life’ Recap: The Brothers Learn if Neal is Their Father

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Fix My Life Season 9 Episode 17 Recap

Iyanla brews a special cup of “pain.”

The episode begins with Iyanla’s meaning with the brothers for a special breakfast. This features things such as dirt and screws add to their cups of coffee.

Cornelius is still reeling from their father Neal’s reveal that he doesn’t believe he’s the father of the three brothers. He doesn’t want anything to deal with Neal if they aren’t his biological children.

Iyanla says that Cornelius is refusing to accept Neal and even if Cornell and Cornelius are his kids, it won’t remove their pain.

Cornell and Nigel are aware of their hurt and also want answers. However, none of them could respect Nigel saying that it was his heroin addiction keeping him away.

But, Iyanla believes the brothers can develop forgiveness for Neal. She tells them that she wants them to find common ground with Neal.

Neil learns his cup of pain filled his son’s.

Next, Iyanla meets with Neal to perform the same exercise. Iyanla gives Neal a cup of nails and dirt signifying he gave his sons the same cup of pain. She gets also gets Neal to acknowledge the brother’s mom also had a cup of pain. Iyanla then has him acknowledge their mom’s past as an s*x worker.

Surprisingly, Neal reveals to Iyanla he was molested as a child. Neal says that it occurred when he was 10 and turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. He didn’t even open up about it until he was 40.

As revealing as it was, Iyanla believes he isn’t everything, specifically the paternity of the brothers. She tells him that he is just saying this because he was hurt by their mom and will have to face the consequences of telling his boys this.

Finally, Iyanla has Neal in front of all three of his sons and they are furious.

Cornelius is dead set on wanting to know if Neal is their father. Cornell asks Neal why he believes he isn’t their father.

Neal tells them that their mom slept with his friend while he was in prison. As they get older, the more the sons reminds Neal of his friend’s mannerisms. This further infuriates Cornelius.

Meanwhile, Neal wishes Nigel wasn’t so angry and is easier to talk to. Nigel expresses his anger towards Neal at this point. Neal points to this outburst as to why he doesn’t openly talk to Nigel consistently.

Iyanla notes how each son is pushing back at Neal as a result of their anger.

Neal is asked why he wasn’t around growing up and he says he was an addict and that just stokes the fire. When Nigel says he saw Neal smoking in front of him, it surprises Neal.

Neal reveals a dark secret to the brothers.

Despite the anger, Iyanla insists on Neal telling his whole story. At this point, Neal tells them he was molested at 10 and ended up in the streets afterward. Cornelius tells him that he doesn’t want to hear crazy stories about his mom. However, Iyanla tells Cornell and his brothers that their perception of their mom and Neal’s perception aren’t the same.

Cornell asks why Neal didn’t show up to their mom’s funeral and Neal says “drugs controlled him.”

“I should’ve stepped up but I didn’t.” – Neal

None of the sons are happy with Neal right now.

“There’s no connection to be built if turns out not to be our dad.” – Cornelius

Things get intense between Cornelius and Iyanla when Iyanla asks him if this was the same anger his ex-wife saw. As a result, Cornelius walks away from the session.

“Isn’t this what [Neal] did to you?” – Iyanla

When Cornelius walks off, Cornell continues the conversation with Neal.

After a breakthrough occurs, the brothers learn if Neal is their father.

Eventually, a breakthrough occurs with Cornell and Nigel slowly bringing their guard down with Neal.

Meanwhile, Iyanla got to see Cornelius. Cornelius tells Iyanla he’s scared in becoming “like this man.”

Iyanla gets Cornelius to reveal abandonment feelings that affected him greatly. Eventually, Cornelius joins the group and reveals that this paternity test could re-open feelings of abandonment.

Finally, Iyanla has DNA results and gives them to Cornell and Cornelius. It turns out all of the brothers are Neal’s sons. Neal tells them everything is on the table and asks them to be in their lives.

Everyone agrees.

After everyone finishes filming, Neil and sons continued their relationship building and they all hope Nigel gets the medical care he needs.

What is your thought on the episode?

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  1. Stphnrbns

    July 19, 2019 at 10:46 am

    The episode was AWESOME! THE Cup of Pain was a great visual to show how people trauma and pain can manifest into dysfunctional situations. The DNA test was a true testament for Neal to step up, and be in his son’s lives. Prayerfully, with counseling and being a family some of the anger, hurt, and pain can be a part of their past. And, love, respect and healing can be their future!

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