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‘Claws’ Recap: Melba Meets Her Demise, Ann Walks Away + Toby Snitches on Roller

Claws Season 3 Episode 9

Photo Credit: TNT

Ann dreams of her family with Arlene.

The episode begins with Quiet Ann dreaming about raising a child with Ann. Ann awakens crying and in tears. Luckily, Desna, Jenn, and Virginia are around her for support.

When Ann falls back asleep, Desna expresses regret for what Ann is going through and tells them about having to kill Melba.

She tells them she doesn’t have a choice thanks to the Triads. Luckily, Ann agrees with her and offers to execute the hit after she awakens.

However, Desna insists on handling it on her own.

Meanwhile, Polly tries to get Joe to divulge information about Benedict. He reveals to Polly he snitched about Mac and Melba to Benedict due to jealously over Dean.

Clint’s body is found, spooking Toby.

At the rehabilitation clinic, Bryce is leading a session of hot yoga that Toby and Uncle Daddy are participating in. Suddenly, Roller stops the session to show a news clip talking about Clint’s death. He then calls Desna about the police finding Clint’s body.

After this, Polly reveals to Desna she helped Joe kill the Governor.

Dean’s in the casino and learns from Melba that Mac passed away. Dean tries to back out of the tournament but Melba cries and tells him he has to play to win the money. He says he will play for Mac and donate the money for the school. Desna comes by the office and Dean doesn’t want to talk to her.

Desna then manages to follow Melba into a bathroom, locking the door. She pulls out a gun, finds a stall that seems to have Melba in it and fires the gun. However, it’s just a dream. She didn’t complete Benedict’s request at this point and instead becomes a shoulder for Melba to cry on.

Back at the strip mall, Roller, Toby and Uncle Daddy get their stories together about Clint. Roller mentions he’d love to have the chance to take out the person on the motorcycle who shot at Desna, which causes Toby to choke.

Roller heads to the casino to receive support from Desna.

Desna kidnaps Melba.

It’s time for the mahjong tournament and Dean’s doing well. Dean breezes through his matches with support from Melba. Benedict appears at the tournament to remind Desna to end Melba’s life or else Desna will be killed. However, Dean doesn’t manage to win the tournament, losing out on the prize money.

After the tournament, Desna kidnaps Melba with the help of the crew, including Ann. The gang takes Melba to the nail salon. They knocked her out but she wakes up, revealing Mac didn’t kill Arlene. This angers Ann and their plan begins to unravel.

Toby’s unraveling himself as well, praying at a makeshift shrine in the rehab center. Uncle Daddy tries to console him, reminding Toby not to tell about who shot at Desna and Virginia.

Back at the salon, Ann’s angry with Desna and feels Desna’s only looking out for herself. She also blames Desna for Arlene’s death. Desna reminds everyone that Ann telling her brother about Governor Patel set this all off.

At the club, Roller reaches out to Dean about Mac and the Mahjong loss. Dean says he wants to talk to someone and Roller suggests he talk to Virginia.

Desna struggles to keep the plan on track.

At the salon, Polly does her best to keep Ann and Desna from fighting one another, telling a story. But this leads to Desna revealing Polly and Joe’s relationship. Desna questions Polly’s loyalty and reveals Joe sold them out to Benedict. Melba hears this and out of anger reveals Joe is married. Polly’s revelation derails everything. They head into the office to argue, allowing Melba to escape.

She runs into clowns, which scare her and she runs into Ken. The gang catches her and takes her back into the shop.

Meanwhile, Toby texts Uncle Daddy that he’s going to confess about Clint and shooting Desna to a priest.

Another wrench gets thrown into Desna’s plan when Dean walks into the salon. She manages to get Melba to confess to Dean about using him for the Mahjong prize money.

Uncle Daddy reveals to Bryce Roller killed Clint, who Uncle Daddy accused of shooting Desna and Virginia.

Back at the salon, Dean reveals to Desna and Virginia that they have to find another way to handle the Triads besides killing Melba.

He admits killing Zlata has vastly affected him. Dean doesn’t want Desna to endure the same hardship.

After this, Polly openly wonders to Desna if Joe would lie to her. Polly also helps Desna devise a plan to fake Melba’s death. They call in a favor with Linda at the morgue.

Bryce and Uncle Daddy head to the church and look for Toby in the confessional.

Linda’s happily offers help and gives them a body part; a hand.

Uncle Daddy eliminates a priest.

Uncle Daddy finds an open confessional and talks to the Priest. He asks if he spoke to Toby and the priest reveals he hasn’t talked to Toby in years. Uncle Daddy responds by shooting the priest in the head. He walks out and Bryce sees him cleaning the blood from his face.

Before Melba leaves, she tries to apologize to Dean. But he doesn’t want to talk to her. As Melba taunts Desna and the crew, a chicken truck runs Melba over, killing her.

As the ambulance arrives, Dean expresses to Desna he’s glad Desna didn’t commit the deed herself. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang decides to celebrate over fried chicken. As they return to Palmetto, Uncle Daddy pleads with Bryce not to reveal to Roller or anyone Toby tried to kill Desna.

Toby snitches.

After their ordeal, Ann and Desna are still holding on to their beef. Desna apologizes to Ann for everything that occurred. Ann isn’t sure if she can forgive Desna at this point. Desna reveals to Ann that she just wants to go back to how things were in the past.

Desna then heads to turn on the radio, playing a song that gives Ann a chance to visualize dancing with Arlene. Arlene reminds Ann that she can always build a new kite, symboling moving on with her baby. When Arlene fades away, Ann walks out, telling Desna she’s going to need some time away form everyone.

The episode ends with Toby confessing to detectives about shooting Virginia. However, Toby also snitches on Roller and says he killed Clint.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Barbee

    August 5, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    Toby gotta go.

  2. William Colon

    August 5, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    This show is the most idiotic of all shows on television. The writers of this show should not admit what their alma maters are. Are teenagers writing the script ?

  3. Mary Murren

    August 5, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Toby needs to go.dam snitch someone’s going to end up killing Toby

  4. andrea

    August 6, 2019 at 2:19 am

    This show is fun to watch like a soap opera. You can’t take it seriously as it’s so dumb. Toby gotta go can’t believe he snitched on roller. More drama for Desi she just can’t catch a break.

  5. Linda Boatwright

    August 6, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    I used to love this show but it gets more and more dumb every episode. I’ve been struggling to watch it this season and this is more than likely my last. The costumes the women wear are absolutely ridiculous and it’s amazing you never seen many customers in the nail shop. Polly needs to just go somewhere and Desna, please put on some clothes! This isn’t even soap opera worthy at this point. So disappointed in this season!

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