LHHH Season 6 Episode 2 Recap And Video Clips


LHHH Recap: Moniece & Apryl Hash Things Out + Apple Clashes with Summer Bunni

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LHHH Season 6 Episode 2

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Apryl and Moniece continue the conversation.

Moniece says she doesn’t care who Fizz sleeps with. But Fizz was wrong to take their son to Chicago with Apryl without telling her.

Apryl says she was under the impression that Moniece knew. So she apologizes for that and both women agree they have more in common than they want to admit.

In a green screen interview, Apryl says she knows that this won’t be the last time there’s drama with Moniece.

Summer Bunni and Yo-Yo bond

Apple Watts goes to Yo-Yo’s event.

Yo-Yo has a hip hop school.

Apple feels like the female rapper is very supportive of her.

There’s a connection since both women are from Compton.

Apple says that she needs to focus on her music career now that her son is living with her sister to get away from the LA streets. Her family is depending on her to succeed.

She talks to Yo-Yo and tells her she has a drinking problem. So Yo-Yo invites her to hang out sometimes.

Lyrica’s bestie Sia is in town.

Sia wants to support Lyrica now that the Summer Bunni story is all over the blogs.

Lyrica breaks down in tears as they discuss the situation.

Princess is there too.

She relates because she thought Ray was stepping out on her while she was pregnant.

“A baby doesn’t change a man.” – Princess

Lyrica says that it’s been more issues than Summer Bunni.

Sia says they should go to A1’s next show and confront him.

Apryl comes by to the studio to see Moniece.

In a green screen interview, Moniece says she wants to keep things friendly with Apryl.

So she invites her to join her on tour.

This is confusing to Apryl and she shades Moniece in her green screen interview.

“This girl changes her mind like she changes her breast implants.” – Apryl

Regardless, Moniece figures a friendship with Apryl will keep her in the loop about her son Kam.

Apple clashes with Summer Bunni.

Misster Ray goes with Apple to see Yo-Yo.

They talk about Apple’s career and Yo-Yo gives her some encouragement.

Not too long after, Summer Bunni walks in.

Ray is friends with her.

Summer tells Yo-Yo that she raps and sings.

So she raps a verse.

Apple interjects with a couple of diss lyrics about Summer being in the blogs.

They start arguing after Apple realizes Summer is the woman who has been accused of sleeping with A1.

The women are restrained and Apple is taken outside.

Moniece’s plan isn’t approved by K. Michelle.

K. Michelle is having a listening session.

Her upcoming album is her fifth R&B album before she does a country album.

Brittany B, Moniece and Apryl are in attendance.

She tells the crowd that her surrogate is in the audience.

K. Michelle is confused to see Moniece and Apryl there together and getting along.

So she walks off awkwardly.

They later catch up to K. and K. tells them they will fall out.

So she asks Apryl if Moniece knows she kissed Fizz. Apryl says she hasn’t kissed Fizz. And Moniece says she doesn’t care what they have or haven’t done.

K. Michelle wishes them luck in touring together. But she’s convinced it won’t work out.

Brittany isn’t on good terms with her mother.

Later on, Brittany B talks to Blac Chyna about her strained relationship with her mother. Brittany’s mother put her out the house years ago and they don’t have a relationship.

In a green screen interview, Brittany says her mother even stole money from her.

But Chyna tells Brittany to reach out to her mother to hash things out.

K. Michelle gets some news from the doctor.

During a trip to the doctor’s office, K. learns that her surrogate is in great shape to have a baby.

But K. Michelle’s embryos aren’t strong enough. So she will have to work on it and use IVF.

This stresses K. Michelle out but she will move forward.

Fizz spent the night at Apryl’s place.

He says he moved out of his place before the tour. So he’s crashing with Apryl.

They talk about the B2K drama.

Apryl says Omarion said that Fizz and Apryl had an “affair” in court documents regarding the custody battle.

Fizz says Omarion is being ridiculous and jealous.

But Apryl and Fizz are considering moving in together.

When Apryl tells Fizz that Moniece invited her on tour, he laughs.

Summer and Lyrica come face to face.

Misster Ray has an event to celebrate his new role at Heritage Music Group.

Summer comes out to support and so does Yo-Yo.

While talking to Yo-Yo, Summer cries about the rumors. She says she doesn’t want to be known as a home wrecker.

Ray J and Princess show up. Minutes later so does Lyrica with Apple.

Summer and Lyrica look at each other and the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

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