Moniece Slaughter Shares Audio of Jess Hilarious Making Serious Accusations About Apryl Jones


Moniece Slaughter Shares Audio of Jess Hilarious Making Serious Accusations About Apryl Jones

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Moniece Slaughter has taken the gloves back off.

And her targets are Apryl Jones and Fizz.

She hasn’t liked how the couple has been treating her while filming.

So the “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” star is getting even.

Comedian Jess Hilarious is friends with Apryl.

Apparently, they may have had a falling out not too long ago.

During that period, Jess allegedly called up Moniece to make some accusations.

She claimed Fizz was rude to her when she went backstage at one of B2K’s shows.

In what sounds like the comedian’s voice, no one was spared. Not even Fizz.

So Moniece decided to share the audio to her Instagram followers.

One of the things said is Apryl is allegedly on drugs:

And you want a b*tch who on Live talking bout everybody ran up in her p*ssy and sh*t. Get the f*ck out of here. And then as sad as that sh*t look, you feel me, this is the person you fighting for, Drew? That’s some clown sh*t, n*gga. She a f*cking lost cause.

The b*tch is wild. On all types of f*cking drugs. F*cking n*ggas can’t even remember the next day and shit, then keep kissing her kids in the mouth.

Moniece was told Apryl really wanted to be with rapper ASAP.

But she settled for Fizz.

It was also said Apryl allegedly uses Fizz as a baby sitter more often than not:

When I was living in LA, you know when I was there to do standup and shot this sitcom, this b*tch would go out every night.

Guess who the f*ck watched her kids? Your baby father. He had her kids more than she did. The f*ck? But every opportunity you get, you bashing Omarion.

This n*gga ain’t said nothing to you yet. Nothing about you yet. You look so f*cking stupid. And this is the b*tch you want to be with, Fizz? You’re stupid, n*gga.


Check out the audio below.


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